Monday, February 27, 2017

Cyndi Takes Charge

Cyndi:  All right, everyone, listen up!  Today is going to be a good day around here. There will be no bad behavior, no knocking things to the floor for Jan to not pick up, no breaking anything, no accidents, no arguments, definitely no fighting, and no backtalk!  Understood?

Buddy:  Don't you think you are overstepping your place, Cyndi?  You aren't in charge here!

Cyndi: I am snoopervisor for today!  So pull up your britches, slap a smile on your face, and try to behave for just one day!

Buddy:  What's the occasion?  Are we expecting a visitor?

Cyndi:  This house is a mess!  Marcus, roll the vacuum out of the closet.  No, never mind, you'll just waste time chasing and biting it.  Instead, grab the broom.  Buddy, can you reach the sink to wash the dishes?

Buddy:  What?

Cyndi:  Merci, tie a duster around your tail and dust the low furniture, such as books and bookshelves.  Taylor, find the small duster and do the taller furniture.  Percy, since you and Rusty knocked many of the small items off the desk onto the floor, you can pick things up from the floor and put them back where they belong.  Micah, you can stand by and use the dishwater Buddy splashes to mop the kitchen floor.  There's a brand new mop near the sink.

Buddy:  And what will you do?

Cyndi:  I will supervise.  Otherwise, Marcus will play bitey with the broom and the rest of you will goof off.

Buddy:  What's the occasion?  Are we expecting guests?

Cyndi:  I hope not! The house needs a good cleaning.

Buddy:  Cleaning is Jan's job.

Cyndi:  But Jan has been sick for over a week and someone has to whip this place into shape. It's looking more and more like a used tissue factory.  Do you want Jan to get well?

Buddy:  Of course I do.

Cyndi:  Then let's help her so she can concentrate on getting well.  Then we can go back to being slobs again and Jan can return to being our servant.

Buddy:  Okay, when you put it that way.  I'm tired of listening to her coughing and honking.  I haven't had a decent night's sleep since she got sick.

Cyndi:  None of us have, so let's surprise her.  The idea of Marcus wielding a broom and Micah mopping the floor makes me laugh.  Perhaps it will have the same effect on Jan.

Buddy:  And Jan keeps saying laughter is good medicine.  Cyndi, you're brilliant.

Cyndi:  I know. But remind me of that when Marcus sweeps the dirt under the washing machine, or Percy yells "lawsuit" because Merci hit him in the snoot with her duster, or Micah claims he should be on Disability because he slipped on some soapy water.

Buddy:  I guess your job is harder than mine.  I think I'll go wash some dishes so Micah can swab the floor.

Many of you know our old friends Dezi & Raena - service cats to their mom Audra, who is disabled but spunky.  Back in January they did a post on some expensive dental work Audra needs to alleviate pain and infection.  This is not cosmetic; it is a serious health and pain issue.  We decided to share a link to their first post on the subject - Put That Finger In My Mouth and See What Happens.  The post contains links to their youcaring fundraiser and to their paypal.  If you could spare a few dollars, it would really help toward the first step in the journey.  And please pray for them and their needs. 


  1. Cyndi you really are a take charge kinda girl!! I hope everyone does a good job of pitching in to help your servant..ooops Mom while she's sick.

    Mom's a firm believer in laughing during the hard times as well, but it's difficult to laugh when you're sick with a cold. We'll be sending prayers for your Mom to get better as well as to your furiends during their difficult time as well.

    Thank you for visiting us over at The Fast and The Furriest. We love new furiends.

    Molly and my Mom

  2. CYNDI... if there IS a LAWSUIT... Let us Know... Ernie the Attorney needs a good CASE to work on.

    OMD Miss Jan was Sickie? We hope she is better NOW.

  3. There is never bad behavior. It's the tree rat that sneaks in and causes trouble
    Lily & Edward

  4. When the sun came out yesterday, and flooded the house with liquid gold, instead of enjoying the moment, all I could see was dust bunnies and whafts of cat fur flying in the air! And cat nose prints on the glass too. We need a clean-up crew too!

  5. So sorry to learn you were sick for over a week! Love the way you have your persons conversing on the blog.

    Thank you for your post expressing sympathy to us for the loss of our dear Tabby. I really welcome the warm hug you sent!

    I really appreciate you taking the time to be supportive in this way!

    Debby in Arizona

  6. We hope you all do a good cleaning job and that Jan gets better quickly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. I hope you do not make too much noise helping Jan get well! We don't want our Mom to read this post or she will having us working!

  8. We can't wait to see what a great job you all do, Cyndi!!
    We are sending healing POTP to Jan!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. Jan, hope you feel well, soon!

  10. faaaaaaaaaaaa... tell jan ta wrap sum perch round her head....her will feel grate; smell even better, haza handee snax cloze bye N look sylish ! ☺☺♥♥♥

  11. Hey! That sounds like a plan for this den too!!!

    Sending purrs and doggy wags so that Miss Jan can feel much better.

  12. Leave it to a tortie/calico to take control and make sure everything is tip top! We hope your Mom feels better soon!

  13. Cyndi, that's so nice of you to take charge while Jan doesn't feel well. But I hope she's feeling better in no time! And we're definitely hoping that Dezi and Raena's mom gets the dental work she needs.

  14. Good for you Cyndi, we love a gal with a plan! Purrs to Jan from all of us.

  15. We're sorry to hear Jan has been sick. Get well soon!

    (My ghostwriter got a nasty bug from travelling. She had to call in sick at work today, something she hardly ever does.)

  16. We are sorry to hear that Jan has been feeling under the weather and unable to be the proper servant. We're sure she will appawciate all your efforts to tidy things up.

    Purrs to Jan.

  17. I hope Jan feels better soon. Good job Cyndi.

  18. We are sending get well wishes to Jan and hope that you get the house spic and span for her. If you do, can you please come teach Bentley & Pierre how to do it?

  19. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer abowt jan not feeling wel i am sending lots of tail wags for her to feel better!!! and wow cyndi yoo run a tite ship!!! ok bye


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