Monday, February 06, 2017

A Clock and A Calendar

Cyndi:  As you all know, Jan is almost always late for events such as birthdays, Gotcha Days, Bring a Veggie to Church Days -

Merci:  I don't remember ever seeing a Bring a Veggie to Church Day on our calendar.

Cyndi:  I don't either but I'm sure there is one and Jan just forgot to write it down.

Merci:  What brought this up?

Cyndi:  I was just about to tell everyone that Jan is just as lousy at telling time as she is at reading a calendar.

Merci:  What makes you say that?

Cyndi:  Jan has been trying to reach our friend Miss Pat for some time but every time she calls, she gets Miss Pat's answering machine.   Last week Jan emailed her and asked Miss Pat to pick a time and she would call.

Merci:  So they finally connected and had a good chat?

Cyndi:  Actually, Miss Pat suggested any time after 9:30 A.M. the other day.  Jan waited until 9:55 to give her time to get home from a morning errand.  She called again about 10:15.

Merci:  Why did she call Miss Pat twice?

Cyndi:  Because she got the answering machine.  She decided to try once more just after noon and Miss Pat answered.  Jan mentioned having missed her earlier and Miss Pat said, "I was here waiting for your call."

Merci:  Do you think Jan dialed a wrong number?

Cyndi:  No, it wasn't a wrong number.  It finally occurred to Jan she was supposed to call at 9:30 Miss Pat's time, which is two hours behind ours.

Merci: I guess its a good thing Miss Pat didn't suggest Jan call at 8:00 A.M..

Cyndi:  It's also a good thing Jan didn't write it on her calendar.

Merci:  Speaking of the calendar, I noticed Miss Pat has a birthday on the 12th.  I think we should wish her a wonderful celebration now because you know how Jan is with a clock and a calendar.

Cyndi:  You're right.  Happy Birthday, Miss Pat, from all of us at the Funny Farm!


  1. Ooh, the dreaded time zone mix-up! I missed my niece's wedding being broadcast live from Las Vegas because I mis-calculated the time change from Michigan to Nevada...grrrr....Happy Birthday, Ms. Pat!

  2. BaaaaWaaaah... Scheduling seems NOT to be among Miss Jan's Skill set.

  3. And happy birthday, Miss Pat, from an admirer of the Funny Farmers and their Illustrious Leader Who Can Do No Wrong, JAN!!! I hope you finally had your call. Mama does that all the time with people in the USA who are 7 hours away and so on....

  4. I bet she never misses your meal times!! And really, isn't that what really matters? ;)

  5. You guys keep your mom so busy that is why. stella rose

  6. MOL ! Time zone is so complicated ! For us in Switzerland, we have to remember that our Aussie friends are Swiss time +9, and our US friends Swiss time -6, -7, or -8, and so on.. We can almost reach everyone during our evening ! Purrs

  7. Time troubles trip up the best of us!

  8. I have one of those atomic clocks that is set by a time signal. It worked fine until last Spring's time change. Now it sets itself on Atlantic Standard Time. If I manually reset it to Eastern Standard, it goes right back to AST. I don't even KNOW anyone in Newfoundland.

  9. Time zones can be tricky! My mom and brother are an hour ahead of me and our kids are two hours behind. It is very difficult to remember when to call. 😊

  10. Our mom bean has issues with time zone differences too 'cuz we never change our clocks like some other places do.

    Glad Jan finally figured it out and got to have a good chat with her furriend. Maybe you kitties and woofies need to tell time. MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. Your post illustrates why I detest daylight savings time.... not all states use it, though Florida does... thus, I'm always confused how many hours difference there is.

  12. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay hyoomans hav sutch a komplikayted reelayshunship with time!!! it is too bad they kannot liv in the now like us dogs and kitties!!! my dada has like fore diffrent kalendars he has to keep trak of on his fone and his wurk fone and his kompyooter sumtimes i think it is a wunder he gits ennything dun at all!!! ok bye

  13. Oh-oh!!! The dreaded time zone issue. Yup, we deal with that here too...furmily in Europe, some on the west coast,a nd some in other US states or Canadian provinces. Ack!!! Makes petcretary's head spin, MOL!! At least on a confuser the recipient can respond when they are awake:)


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