Thursday, September 08, 2016

Calamity Jan

Marcus: Why have you been sitting there so long staring so intently out the door? 

Percy:  I'm looking for Jan's calamity.

Marcus:  When did she lose it?  Come to think of it, what is it?

Percy:  I'm not sure  and I'm quite confused as to whether she lost it or she's expecting it.

Marcus:  What brought it to your attention?

Percy:  I was just reading some old comments and I came across one from the last time Jan flew across the room and crashed.  It read, "Oh Jan, do we need to add an "e" to the end of your name and start calling you "Calamity Jane"? LOL! Furniture is evil. You can't fight furniture. Furniture always wins. Love & Biscuits, Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them"

Marcus:  Did you search the internet to see what a calamity is?

Percy:  Yes.  Evidently it can be anything from an inevitable accident to a hangnail.

Marcus:  You're waiting for a hangnail to walk through the door?

Percy:  Don't be silly!  I'm waiting for Jan to walk through the door so I can see if she is okay.

Marcus:  Well, I'd suggest we move the basket and box so she doesn't trip coming in the door.  I don't think we really need to worry about her.  She's already had her calamity quota for the rest of this week.

Percy:  She has?  How?

Marcus:  Remember when Jan was brushing Rusty Sunday morning and Rusty turned to give her a love nip like he always does and her forearm collided with his fangs?

Percy:  That was an accident, and fortunately, Rusty didn't lose his teeth in that accident.

Marcus:  Two holes in her arm count as a cat bite.  And the same day she sliced her finger open with the lid on a can of tomato sauce.

Percy:  Oh, that's right.  She's thankful both injuries are healing so quickly since she still hasn't been able to find the new box of bandages.

Marcus:  Now that you know Jan is okay, come with me.  I can use some help filching a dog biscuit from the open package.  That's it.  Just push the box off the cat tree and -


Percy:  Uh-oh, we forgot to move the basket and the box out of the doorway before Jan came in.

From all of us:  Don't worry, the story is true but the ending is sprinkled with fairy dust.

We're joining Pepi Smart Dog for today's Thankful Thursday blog hop.


  1. Hari OM
    Not so much calamity as clambering then, with those boxes and crates? Mind you, they do provide a most convenient lookout post, Percy! Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Ouch! I'm glad she's healing up nicely from her two little wounds. Perhaps you should stock up on bandages for her.

  3. Oh dear, poor Jan really is a walking disaster area. I am glad her latest mishaps are healing well.

  4. Don't ne making fun of the food lady gang MOL!

  5. The funny farmers may be trying to help but we think they cause the calamities.

  6. OUR momma is a lot like your Jan. stella rose

  7. well, food trax mindz heer....we looked at de post title sew quik lee we think it said clam....we wuz gonna tell ewe guys ta tell jan.... due knot eat em raw; ugh....even we canna handull raw clamz......seer thoz crustationz over an open flame for like 54 minitz......troo lee ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  8. Ouch! Can slices are the worst, I would take a cat bite any day.

  9. Poor Jan, if it weren't for bad luck she might have no luck at all! We're sure you all do what you can to nurse her back to good health.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. Percy, you and Marcus had better sharpen up your memories when it comes to removing OBSTACLES from Jan's path. And that goes for ALL OF YOU. And Fang, you be nice when brushed!!!

  11. Bless your heart. I always find bruises and scratches that I have no idea how they got there. LOL!

  12. Poor Jan ! We hope you all are gentle nurses for her ! Purrs

  13. Calamities present themselves to some Beins. Sort of like rollerskates on stairs.

  14. We know all about those oops and ouch that follows the oops here too...
    Hope your Miss Jan is ok.

    Maybe somefur there needs to be in charge of the furst aide box so its always ready to be used for whatevfur calamaty drops in:)


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