Thursday, April 07, 2016

Steam Engine with a Cold

MICAH:  Shhh, don't make any noise.  You'll wake the dogs. 

PERCY:  We kid around a lot in our post.  We hope we haven't given you the idea we don't like each other. 

MICAH:  Yes, we have our moments.

PERCY:  And here is one of them.  Marcus and Merci sleeping butt to butt in Sam's bed. 

MICAH:  Oops, Jan disturbed Merci when she got the camera, but they were both fast asleep before that.

MARCUS:   Zzzzz, snort, snick.

MERCI:  What?  Who snorts and snicks in their sleep?

PERCY:  Obviously Marcus does.

MERCI:  I was here first.  He should go snort and snick somewhere else.

MICAH:  He's sound asleep.  I don't think you're going to wake him easily.  Perhaps you could move?

MERCI:  No way!  I was here first and I'm very comfortable.  I'm not leaving.

MARCUS:  Zzzzz, snick, sneep. 


MARCUS:  Huh, wah, is there a fire?

PERCY:  Merci was just trying to wake you so she can get some rest without you making so much noise in your sleep.

MARCUS:  Noise, what noise?  I don't make any noise in my sleep.

MERCI:  You sound like a steam engine with a cold.

MARCUS:   I do no such thing.  On the other paw, you squirm and sniff in your sleep.

MICAH:  Guys, hey, guys, we're trying to tell everyone how well we get along.  Can you cool it?

MARCUS:  Yes.  I'll cool it right here.  Merci, you can cool it somewhere else.

MERCI:  If you're not moving, neither am I. 

PERCY:  We do, we really do get along some of the time. 

MICAH:  I guess we should be thankful for that this week.  Getting along some of the time beats none of the time. 

PERCY:  Do you mind moving over, Micah?  You're in my space. 

MICAH:  It's not your space.  I was here first.  

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  1. Hari OM
    Sharing and caring always comes with the need for compromise - and that tends to come with a little argy-bargy. Jus' the way it is! Being in a warm, dry home with a soft bed to share sure is a thing to be thankful for!!! Hugs wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. You both just need da cat on da bed !

  3. what does fighting like cats and dogs mean?

  4. Our cats have tussles with each other too. Not much sharing going on here!

  5. I love it when you guys are so is really touching.

  6. That's such a sweet photo. ♥ Bentley and Pierre never share a bed but they will hog the couch together.

  7. LOVE that Picture....

    And we SO understand the great SLEEP WARS... Somebuddy should make a MOVIE.. it would be a Block Buster... the Touching and the Sounds and the repawsitioning... YEP...
    SLEEP Wars...

  8. So very typical! Hope everyone gets some rest.

  9. Marcus and Merci look so cute together!

  10. You guys sound just like us! It's fun to cuddle sometimes but Sami snores, Saku squirms and Sasha puts up with it.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. It could be worse and be raining cats and dogs!

  12. How sweet to see you all comfy like that!
    We thought you were going to post something about Miss Jan having a cold...BOL! BOL!!

    Minko & Dog-guy are the snorkers here...


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