Friday, April 08, 2016

Did I Just Say That?

TAYLOR:  You look a bit upset, Merci.  Is everything okay?

MERCI:  Okay?  No, it's not okay.  That big, snoring tub of lard pushed me out of bed yesterday.

TAYLOR:  But I thought you two finally resolved your differences.

MERCI:  He snored like a steam engine with a cold but he did finally quiet down and I fell asleep.  I was dreaming about my younger days when I chased balls and had fun.  Next thing I knew his butt shoved me over the side of the bed onto the carpet.

MARCUS:  What?  I was dreaming you and I were walking Jan and a coyote jumped out from behind a bush.  I shoved you away with my butt to save you. 

MERCI:  A likely story.  If a coyote jumped out from behind a bush, you'd run for your life.  You shoved me out of bed on purpose so you could stretch out and have the bed to yourself.

MARCUS:  I saved your life and this is how you repay me?  I was a hero!

MERCI:  You were a bed hog!

MARCUS:  Will you forgive me if I let you have Sam's bed all to yourself today?

MERCI:  I'll forgive you when you tell the truth.  Maybe!

MARCUS:  Okay.  I didn't butt you out of bed to save you in my dream.  We both turned to run and I tripped over Jan's foot and knocked you into the coyote.

TAYLOR:  You ran away and left Merci to be killed?

MARCUS:  No, no.  You know how Jan carries that big water pistol to chase off territorial dogs since I kept getting attacked?  She squirted the coyote in the eye and it ran away.

MERCI:  So Jan saved me?  And you tried to take the credit?

MARCUS:  Well, I certainly don't want to admit I butted you out of bed on purpose!  Uh ... did I just say that?

MERCI:  Yes, you did.  I've heard enough!

MARCUS:  Wait, don't leave the room.  You said you'd forgive me when I told the truth. Can I take your silence for a yes?

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  1. You do look cute sleeping butt to butt.

  2. Snoring AND coyotes - my goodness, what's next?

  3. He he - fight nice guys. You know you'd miss each other if one were to leave.

  4. Oops Marcus, you blew it. I think Jan needs to buy another bed.

  5. Oh, you two. You are just like The Odd Couple except odder! So funny when you bicker and of course I know you love one another's company, no?

  6. Snoring and dreaming of coyotes, what a dream ! Not a sweet dream for the snoring part though. You look so cute sleeping butt to butt ! Purrs

  7. Y'all are so funny - always make me laugh!!

  8. Pierre is our bed hog, but it is our bed that he hogs! BOL!

  9. It's always bestest to tell da truth from da beginnin'.

    Luv ya'


  10. A bed hog is much easier to deal with than a hedge hog!


    Court Adjourned.

  12. Marcus, you know you have the right to be silent right? It might have been a better idea.

    Merci, we hope you get the bed all to yourself today. Have a good one efurrybody!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. Oops. Marcus, sometimes it's better to just not say anything... :)

  14. Hahaha...., opps sorry guys but you made our grey Sunday brighten!

    Momo & Pinot xo

  15. The share (not too well) the bed saga continues, MOL!!


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