Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Chief of Pee

Cyndi:  Has anyone seen Micah since this morning?

Marcus:  Yes, he was talking to Jan while she wasn't here.

Cyndi:  No, that was yesterday when she went out to lunch.  I haven't seen him since Jan yelled at him earlier.

Micah:  Pssst, I'm over here.  Under the bed.  Is Jan still upset with me or is it safe to come out?

Marcus:  I don't know.  I'll go ask her.

Micah:  No!  I'm waiting for her to forget why she's upset with me.

Cyndi:  I must have missed something.  What did you do to upset her?

Micah:  I don't know.  We were talking while I was practicing breathing exercises.  It was part of training my brain to do more than one thing at a time.  Buddy and I discussed that yesterday.   (Micah Trains His Brain)

Marcus:  Oh, so that's what that strange conversation was between you two when she came home.

Micah:  I thought that went okay.  But this morning she suddenly turned on me yelling, "Don't you ever disrespect an officer like that again!"    When did Buddy become an officer?

Cyndi:  I didn't know he is.  Let me think.  Jan was chattering on about a chief of police in another county and -

Marcus:  And then Micah said, "He's not anything special.  Most males pee with one leg raised."
Micah:  Chief of police?  I thought she said the "chief of pee".  I assumed she was talking about Buddy.

Marcus:   I can't wait to see Jan's face when you try to explain this.

Cyndi:  I can't wait to see Buddy's when he hears he's been publicly called the chief of pee.

Marcus:  What I'm thankful for this Thursday is that, for once, I'm not the one in trouble.

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  1. We need to call Timmy the Chief of Pee because he pees on everything taller than he is...which is almost everythibg.

  2. Chief of Pee! That's one job no one will be applying for!
    That's Purrfect

  3. Chief of police.... Chief of pee... yep, I can see how that would be easy to make a mistake. ;-)))

  4. Buddy, you just stand your ground around these rascals you live with and remember, a Chief of Pee has a GREAT weapon, haha. Love, Loulou

  5. After what HE did to ME.... I should be calling SARGE Chief of PEES instead of Pawlice Commissioner...
    Butt I digress... We can understand how you could misunderstand Jan's remark... we all know how PEEp Speak is so Jumbled .... PEEp THAT's a PEE PUN fur you... BaaaaaWaaaah

  6. Dang, for the longest time I was the Chief of Pee but I'm glad someone else has the title!

  7. Chief of Pee?!? That's a new one! Position not filled in this house.

  8. Oh, MY!!

    Dog-guy would just love to be the chief of pee...but whenevfur he meets up with his doggy cousin, well, doggy cousin is fur sure the chief of pee and then some, MOL!

  9. We dont pee around the house, but we DO hork without embarrassment. Hey, Beins sneeze, we hork.

  10. PepiSmartDog: not everyone can claim they are the Chief of Pee! Do you get a sash and a badge with that? Sounds very official to me. Hee Hee! Besides, who wouldn't want some cologne thrown around?? BOL!!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. We love reading what you get up to and so happy you join us each week. Hope to see you again this week. *waves paw* :=o)


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