Monday, April 11, 2016

Flashback Fun

CYNDI:  Do you remember this picture?  It was posted a year ago. 

MARCUS:  I know you are all thinking that I look guilty and I caused this accident, but if you remember (Revenge of the Furniture) I was totally and completely exonerated!  Jan did it.

CYNDI:  Of course she did.

MARCUS:  No, Jan really did do it.

CYNDI:  I know.  I said, of course she did.  Are you deaf?

MARCUS:  No, but I thought you were being facetious.

CYNDI:  You should get a poster made of this to hang on the wall.  This is probably the only time in your life you were caught next to a disaster that you didn't create.

RUSTY:  He's just a photo bomber.  Always has to be in the picture.  It's a good thing Jan isn't a  photographer for the coroner's office.  She would have hundreds of pictures of Marcus posing with a dead body.

BUDDY:  I think you guys have forgotten the planned theme of our post today.  It's about flashback fun.  We also want to flashback to a cat named (Angel) Alex from the blog Feeling Beachie.  

RUSTY:  Lucy is the resident kitty now and back in 2012 her hu-mom, Hilary Grossman, published a book titled "Dangled Carat".  Jan has wanted to read it ever since she first heard of it.

MARCUS:  And then one day a couple of months ago, Hilary was giving away free copies of her book.   Hey, that was right in our price range!  So Jan "bought" it.

BUDDY:  It was a fun read, so we thought we would share a little about the book with our readers since so many pet bloggers know Hilary.

CYNDI:  You know how you read a whudunit and every time the detective thinks he has found the killer, there's a plot twist and you're left still wondering whudunit?

BUDDY:  Well, this book is a "whendunit".  You hope you know the couple will become engaged and marry but every time you think the question is about to be popped, it doesn't happen.

RUSTY:  We guys applauded Marc's ability to stand strong and not commit, but the gals here were rooting for Hilary to capture that dangled carat.

BUDDY:  Does she?  We aren't giving away the ending.

CYNDI:   Jan said she now knows how to tell true love - when a guy allows his gal to move her 500 pair of jeans and her shoe collection into his closet.

MARCUS:  Fifty, Cyndi.  Fifty pairs of jeans. 

CYNDI:  Okay, so I exaggerated a bit, but 500 sounded more romantic.

MARCUS:  Not more romantic!  More crowded.

RUSTY:  Think about it, Cyndi.  Forget the shoe collection, 500 pair of jeans wouldn't fit in this house!  How would they fit in a closet?

CYNDI:  Full of wrinkles?


  1. Hari OM
    BMOL... oh I love your rambling conversations.... great flashbacking! Hugs wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. I do luffs flashback photos, they bring back wonderful memories
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. MOL! That was a fun review. I like the flashback too.

  4. BOL!!! Thanks for the flashback laughs!

  5. We dont understand somethingy.
    We let Mom read this post... which is a very serious treatise of great magnitude... and we were hanging on every word... When MOM Read it... she was LAUGHING. WHAT is UP with wimmen?

  6. NO ONE mentioned a thank you to Marcus for folding the contents of the very-well-arranged drawer so neatly!!! If I did that for mama, she would give me kibble all day long. Maybe we should get a Drawer Dog! Marcus, you are a treasure. And you can pull out any drawer you wish, organized like that one.

  7. Flashback Fun is new fun for me since I wasn't around at the time of the original post. Too funny!

  8. Actually we thought the drawer looked pretty neat, other than its positioning!

    Happy National Pet Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Nobody has fun like y'all do!

  10. Mom bean laughed out loud at the thought of Marcus posing with dead bodies. Somehow we could see that happening.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  11. We are touched by your kind and comforting words.
    Thank you. Purrs and headbutts from all of us.

    Our human loves that innocent look on his face!

  12. HA HA HA HA
    WOW! What a fun post.... you guys had me cracking up (and wondering if I could manage to get 500 pairs of jeans wrinkled and all) somewhere...

    I am so glad you liked the book :)

  13. Wow, 500 jeans and you would be wearing a pair a day fur a long long time, BOL!
    Even 50, OMD!!

    Is that a picture of some kitties on Miss Jan's sweatshirt in the drawer??

    Thanks fur the giggles you gave us here today!


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