Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Forget the Goat, Marcus

Cyndi:  Here I am reporting from inside my space ship.

Percy:  You are not.  You're sitting in a basket inside a plastic storage bin.

Cyndi:  You didn't need to tell everybody.  I was trying to add a little spice to our post.

Percy:  You've been reading too many of Marcus's posts, only he calls it "fairy dust".

Marcus:  Hey, aren't you guys going to tell everyone what a good job I did snoopervising Jan cutting that new grass by hand again?

Percy:  There's nothing to brag about.  You watched her work.

Cyndi:  She wasn't going to let it get over knee high again, so she went out Monday and cut a strip down the inside of the sidewalk with those grass shears.  Then she went back to the property line and started cutting the rest with the grass whip.

Marcus:  It was hard work.  She was huffing and puffing and-

Percy:  She thought she was going to have to quit because she could barely breathe and had a lot of pain.

Marcus:  And a knight rode up on a big white horse wearing a suit of armor.

Cyndi:  Are you on something, Marcus?  A guy rolled up in a white truck, jumped out, and came around the back of it waving his arms and saying, "Stop.  You can stop now.  I'll come back in the morning and finish this."

Marcus:  Jan fainted. 

Percy:  She did not.  She stared at him.  Then she took a second look at the truck.  Yep, there was the city logo on the side.  The city doesn't mow private property, not even a strip.  They do, however, send a county jail crew around occasionally to cut the curb side of the sidewalk, which they own. 

Cyndi:  The guy said, "Here, I'll give you a card with my cell number.  You call me tomorrow to remind me and I'll have this taken care of.   They (meaning the contract company installing the new water lines) used too much fertilizer."

Marcus:  Early Tuesday morning there was a man on a riding mower that cut the curb side of this block and then went across the street.  Jan was so relieved she wouldn't have to cut it all by hand she called the cell number to say thank you and said she'd finish our side.

Percy:  "No, no, I'll give the guy (on the riding mower) a call and he'll take care of it."  And he did.  "Someone will be along to blow it off the sidewalk,"  the mower guy said.  And after a while, here came the work crew down both sides of the street.

Cyndi:  She learned after the first grass cutting adventure that she is very allergic so she is grateful for being rescued again.

Marcus:  And thanks to a very sweet blogger who wanted to help Jan purchase a weed eater so she wouldn't have to cut that fast growing grass by hand again, but after this second "adventure", Jan realized she couldn't handle one with a cord.  (And she remembered the fiasco when she borrowed a power tool and accidentally cut the cord.)

Percy:  The only electric one someone recommended was too expensive and Jan isn't sure her shoulder could handle a cordless.

Cyndi: So she'll continue to entertain us.  And probably the neighbors.  She  liked the idea made in several comments earlier this month, but she doesn't think the city would be too happy to see a goat grazing in the yard.

Marcus:  I think that would be such fun.  I could chase it and we could play fetch and soccer.  I could have him for lunch and - 

Percy:  Forget about lunch, Marcus.  We're not getting a goat.


  1. Aww I wish we lived closer! Military Husband would totally help!

  2. I'm glad Jan had some help from the city guy. Wish we lived closer I had some my dad over to help ...of course, he is way behind on our yard so maybe you wouldn't want his help.

    XOXO, Ruby

  3. Hari OM
    ...but this all goes to prove that there is help available - I'd be encouraging Jan to ring that number next time the grass needs cutting and see if the young 'knight' has any suggestions ... there may just be a surprise in it!!! Hugs wags, whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. You could disguise the goat as a dog. Put a speaker on his collar so he can "bark" when the neighbors are watching.

  5. Who says space ships can't be make of plastic?

  6. We wish the city guy had come along before sweet Jan worked so hard cutting that grass by hand. We think that is a pretty good lookin' space ship. Hopefully there can be a solution to help Jan with the grass cutting so she won't have to try to keep it done herself. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. We would offer up some of our grandpeeps but I believe we live a long ways from Jan, although with fairy dust anything is possible. I am so glad someone came along and helped Jan.
    stella rose

  8. I pray someone or something happens to help.

  9. I am glad that Jan had help with her grass.

  10. Hey, my Dad has been called an old goat!!!

  11. A white Knight arriving in a truck. I love it. And I hope more White Knights arrive regularly.
    Although that goat idea isn't bad...
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  12. A goat would have been fun. I am glad Jan got some help. Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog about Spooky. XO

  13. Yep, a goat would have been furry entertaining.

    We hope Jan kept that phone number and calls it again and again, and again and again. We don't want her to hurt herself trying to cut the grass by hand.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. I am so glad that someone was able to help you. There are still a lot of kind people in the world. ♥

  15. We're glad Jan got some help ! It's a pity she doesn't want a goat... Purrs

  16. That is good that someone helped get the grass cut down to a lower level...but at this timeof the year it sure does grow fast, Oh My!! We need to get our grass cut here too....some of it is quite long, other areas not so much..go figure.

    Take care! Now a goat?? That might be a good idea, and you can get a lady goat then drink milk as a side benefit...

  17. Marcus, did you mean to have the goat IN for lunch or have the goat FOR lunch? Big difference, Marcus. Big BIG difference.

  18. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am totaly in fayvor of gitting a gote!!! my kuzzin susan has gotes in fakt so perhaps i kan huk yoo up let me see wot i kan doo!!! watch the mail for a pakkidj wot is mayking bleeting noises!!! ok bye


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