Friday, April 29, 2016

Kitty Hit List

Taylor:  What is that?

Rusty:  That is a view through Jan's reading glasses, the ones she uses around the house.

Cyndi:  I never realized her head is so lopsided.

Micah:  I don't believe it is.

Percy:  So why are her glasses lopsided?

Rusty:  Because one of us kitties - and I won't incriminate myself, just in case it was me - knocked a bunch of stuff off of the computer desk. Again.

Micah:  What does that have to do with her glasses?

Rusty:  Well, the one of us who slept on the desk Tuesday night also knocked Jan's reading glasses onto the back of the typing chair seat and -

Cyndi:  Oh, yes, I knew Jan sat on something Wednesday but I didn't know what it was.

Taylor:  Can she still see to read with them?

Rusty:  I'm not sure if she has to tilt her head or just close one eye at a time but I think she can still read with them.

Percy:  She can probably see better with them than the time a month or two ago she thought she was going blind in one eye because she couldn't read as well with her left eye.

Micah:  Right.  After a couple days, she held the glasses at arm's length and discovered the left lens was missing.  She found it under the desk when she cleaned. 

Taylor:  I rarely go into the living room, but I did hear her telling someone on the phone she now buys two pairs of reading glasses at a time from the dollar store. 

Percy:  She only uses her prescription glasses when she is away from the house because glasses are on the kitty hit list around here.

Taylor:  Hit list?

Cyndi:  Yes, it's something like a demolition list.  I don't know why she blames us, though.  We only push them off the desk.  She's the one who sits or steps on them. 

Rusty:  To be fair, since one of us is distantly responsible for the condition of her glasses, perhaps we should do something to help her glasses fit better.

Percy:  Okay, but won't plastic glasses break if you try to bend them back into shape?

Micah:  You're right.  We'll have to bend Jan's head to fit the frames.  Any suggestions?


  1. Hari OM
    I'd be no help on this one kitties... I can do this sort of thing to my glasses with no assistance whatsoever from any other paws...I took the leg off one pair which got to wonky and they worked just fine. Just had to keep my nose in the air is all... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Mmm, at least you don't have a doggie (a/k/a Dougie Dog) who chewed them to "demolition style destruction" within two days of joining the household! Thankfully Walgreens supplied cheap substitutes ... which are now kept well out of paws reach.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is too funny! My glasses look the same way. Our cats like to knock them off the bedside table to wake me up in the morning. Oh, and when we first adopted Pip, way back when, he chewed up one of my glasses.

  4. MOL OMC! The P.A.'s glasses are the same! MOL

    Must be a cat thing!



  5. Makes note to always blame the purr things around here for when things get knocked off of tables - thanks guys for the tip - snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO - Bacon

  6. OMD OMC OMJ this is SOOOOOOO funny... We think all she needs to do is COCK HER EAR and they would fit just Fine... That is what WE would do. RIGHT? Not a problem fur US.

    OMJ... she thought she couldn't see outta one eye... when the LENS Was actually on the floor?
    BaaaaaWaaaaah... what a CARD. What a Crack Up. We are Rolling on the Floor... hope we don't roll on a LENS.

  7. What is it with cats knocking glasses off things. That happens a lot here too.

  8. so is there a prollem wif her respositiong her ears?

  9. I suggest you get her prescription from the eye dr. and go to The first pair is under $10, including shipping. I have gotten some from them for my hubby and they are really good.

  10. Every couple years, I get my eyes checked to verify the prescription, in between years, I buy reading glasses at You can get a basic pair for less than $10 or pay a bunch for designer frames.

  11. OH, you kitties are at it again. Bend Jan's head, INDEED! Just don't go knocking about in places you are not invited, okay.
    As for the Dollar Store, mama loves those close-up glasses and she laughed her glasses off when she read that Jan had gone blind in one eye. Mama did that with sunglasses and she thought maybe she was blind in the sunglass eye, not the one that had dropped under the refrigerator.
    YOU BE NICE, NOW, y'heah?

  12. If Jan could move her ears like we do, the glasses would fit purrfectly ! Purrs

  13. Of course you could try chewing the glasses….I do that to Dads….oh, wait a minute, he does shout at me…, maybe not. Stick to the adjust Jan's head scheme!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  14. guys....tell jan ta add a slice oh perch ta de other side; sew it matches de funkee side....noe worreez !!!! and...... her COULD bee startin a new fashion trend ~~~~ yea...think bout it !! heerz two an earthworm eel kinda week oh end everee one ♥♥♥

  15. We totally understand how this can happen. Stanley likes to wear the reading glasses mom keeps by the bed.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. You kitties have our utmost admiration!
    We could learn a lot from you.

  17. Tucker, our Golden Retriever used to eat glasses. I think we lost about 4 or 5 pairs to him over the years. It is the only thing that he couldn't seem to resist. BOL! I hope that you can straighten yours.

  18. Jan shouldn't have sat on them. That was the problem in the first place! That and her crooked head :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  19. If she tilts her head, it's no longer lopsided
    Lily & Edward

  20. You seriously mean we're not supposed to knock things over and off?????

  21. OMG! That's how our humans glasses look too...and she thought it was just her.
    Have a happy lopsided weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  22. Human ears are so limited in what they're able to do. Sad that Jan can't just move her ears like a cat! :)

  23. oh deers... that happened to the Mom's glasses and the fixed them at walmart fur free... we hopes you can get them fixed...

    btw when you knocks stuffs off you ams supposed to say "That Fell Down" so your mom will know to picks them ups and not sit on them! I tells mom alla time that fell down... but i forgot the other day and her couldn't find the car keys... mol.
    -Katie Kitty Too

  24. Oh WE know. Glasses are unbalanced cuz Beins HEADS are unbalanced.

  25. Oops...looks like you need the glasses-r-us hotline.

    Ellie and Allie say thank you for stopping by their Birthday Party!

    The Florida Furkids

  26. When Saku wants the mom bean to get up in the morning, he knocks her glasses off the bedside table. Works efurrytime! She can't see well enough to use the dollar store ones so she is furry careful with hers...most of the time they are on her face.

    Not sure what you can do to bend Jan's head. But if anyone thinks of anything that would work, it will be you kitties and woofies!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  27. Hi! This is funny! TW wears her reading glasses all day or she'll lose them. She doesn't give me a chance to knock them around. She wears the ones she buys from RiteAid when she goes shopping cos a pair of her good glasses fell outta her pocket and got run over by a truck. True story.

  28. tee...heh.. me have to say me do agree with Percy. She can probably see better ! Ha..Ha..Ha
    thanks for your good wish
    Happy Weekend

  29. Mommy had to get some new readers da other day. Walmart had a 3 pack fur like $6.00 and so mommy splurged and got 'em. 2 days later she put a pair on her face and da ear piece broke off one side and da poimty piece left behind dug into her skin. She was not a happy camper. MOL Least Jan can still use hers.

    Luv ya'


  30. Now that really is unfair. I mean, if you ONLY knock 'em about and someone else sits on 'em or steps on 'em or whatever, it's really not your fault at all. MOUSES!


  31. This made us giggle, but meowmy has had that happen too...sometimes residents bash them off her face when they are agitated and thrashing about...and no they don't realize what they are doing...once a knee came up and bam...her glasses were under the resident:) And intact...well except fur the nose pad...
    And in the yard, branches bash them off...but then she thinks, good thing the glasses prevented that branch from poking me in the eye:)

    Hope no more glasses get pushed to the floor...or the chair. Our angel Groucho used to do that everything has to be i=on the floor thing too, MOL!


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