Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Perfect Failure

MICAH:  We have been missing Cameron so we thought we would post one of his artistic photos for our viewing pleasure today. 

MERCI:  Today's post is going to be a little different.  As we have mentioned on a rare occasion or two over the years, Jan is old and falling apart.  She needs all the help she can find to take care of us, the house and the yard. 

CYNDI:  So Jan was thrilled when she unexpectedly found a Limited Edition Bissell Powerforce compact vacuum at Walmart Monday. The doors and windows of this old house leak dirt.  The last two or three months, Jan rolls out of bed in the morning and vacuums the whole house first thing.  

SAM:  She has a very lightweight vacuum that is versatile but it has poor suction and a very heavy upright with hose extensions and good suction that is hard to drag around.  Even though she had already vacuumed for the day, she tried the new one.  Wow, look at that dirt.  It sucked up a full load from the area carpet.  She would have done a happy dance, if it weren't for her ankles.  And the fact there was dust blowing out both sides of the machine.

MICAH:  The hose was nowhere near as long as it is pictured on the box, so it was really worthless for cleaning; however, she could easily lift the vacuum to clean our beds - top and bottom. 

RUSTY: When she went into the kitchen and popped out the container of dirt, dirt fell everywhere from the top filter area!  She cleaned everything up, washed the sink she'd rinsed the rag in, put everything back together and vacuumed up about 2/3 of another container in the rest of the house.  And then she took out the container of dirt and dirt fell out all over the place again.  On her, the dryer, the floor.  She washed everything again, including the sink and the floor.

BUDDY:  The container is upside down in the photo above to show how it was totally covered in dirt.  She tried to wash it out but found she could not reach the bottom.  She tried a toothbrush, a cotton swab, a rag.  She removed the black filter from the paper filter in the black bottom and tried to wash the parts.  She took the upper filter out, ran water through it and washed the plastic inside as best she could while loose dirt fell about. 

PERCY:  Tuesday morning she decided to give it one more try.  Nothing changed.  She cleaned up the machine as best she could with a dry cloth, cleaned up the loose dirt from the dryer, changed her shirt, wiped the floor with a damp rag and washed the sink.  And parked the vacuum, ready to pack up for return!

MERCI:  Then she decided to give it one more chance to act like a vacuum CLEANER.  And if it didn't, to take photos of how filthy the machine is after every use.  Jan has no intention of trying to wash it again before returning it to Walmart.  She grumbled about not paying to use something that takes twice as long to clean up after as it does to vacuum the whole house.

MARCUS:  Okay, can someone explain why Jan has been upset with me over a little spilled water when she has just spent two days spraying dirt around the house?  At least my mess was clean!

PERCY:  This is NOT a review.  Jan purchased this vacuum "cleaner".  If any of you are using a lightweight, full-service, not-too-expensive vacuum that works, would you share the name of the machine with us?


  1. Oh NO:(
    That is horrible. And not the fault of anyone in your furmily be it furry or unfurry. That so called cleaner is non functional at best...and if you are given a hard time when retuning it, you should have Jan write to her ombudsman to correct the get all the green papers back in her pocket. Sheesh, as if you needed anything else to happen.

    We use a Dyson canister, but they are quite pricey, we got it at a huge discount about a year ago, it's least for our furmily. We had an old Hoover upright, but it was awkward to say the least.

  2. OMC, it sounds like Jan spent more time cleaning up that thing than cleaning up the house. :-(

  3. Hari OM
    Hmmmmmmm.... some thoughts;
    this vacuum was actually picking up what may have been left by previous models;
    this vacuum resembles mine, which is a Hoover, and there is a tendency for the plastic barrel to act like 'static' on the fine fine dust particles;
    with this style of vacuum, after my first (similar) disaster, I learned to empty the barrel INSIDE a large bin bag, which I would hold with my other hand tightly around my arm, thus containing 'the cloud';
    this style of vacuum is best cleaned but taking to the bath and using the hand held shower on it;
    the filter of this style of vacuum is best immersed in a bucket of water and swished around half dozen times - then said water used on garden plants;
    this type of vacuum will never be as clean as when it left the box. Ever.

    I would not be so hasty to return it. After persisting with said style of vacuum, the dust/dirt definitely became less and less, because it was doing exactly what it claimed 'on the tin'... (previous residents of this flat had two cats and one hairy dog and I don't think they had a vacuum. Certainly not a good one! The fleas are gone now too and I didn't have to use poisons.

    Does any of that sooth Jan's 'savage [dust covered] breast'???

    Hugs, wags, and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. oh dear Jan. We use a Dyson too and I must tell you Mom was thrilled with the new lightweight vacuums. We sure hope you can get this one working like it's supposed to!

  5. That's a nice one of Cameron. Hey, we're glad Jan adopted a homeless sucky monster!

  6. We got a Dyson on Overstock a few years ago and it has been great. We got a rebuilt one for 50% off the new price and it was totally like new. Then we subtracted the amount to repair our old one and the new one was free.

  7. Yay, it worked like it should.

  8. We have an old Kenmore. All the attachments have broken off and we definitely need a new one, too!

  9. Great picture of Cameron!
    Wes gots an evil dyson. Mommy hates it, it is a canister NOT an upright and it is always falling over ehen Mommy goes around corners. In Calgary we has a Hoover Windtunnel Pet Bagless vacuum that she got at Sears. She LOVES it and can't wait to bring it back to Midway.

  10. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ two ewe cameron ~~~~~~~

  11. That is a lovely picture of Cameron. The vacuum sounds like it making more work than helping.

  12. OMC So sowry Jan be havin' twubbles. We have a Shark lift away and mommy sez she wuldn't wanna live wiffout it. By our standards it wasn't all da cheap, but mommy bought it fwum QVC a kupple years back on their easy pay day. She planned fur it and budgeted fur it. (before our rent went up and she got da puter, so she used hers grocery money to make da mumffly payments, 5 of them. Now she's usin' hers grocery money to pay fur da puter, She sez groceries have gone upso much since da last time she was actually able to buy any dat hers grocery money be duin' her more good where it is cuz it wuldn't buy much more than a loaf of bwead and a gallon of milk or box of cereal these days.) Anyways, mommy sez da Sharks awe pawsum and da company dat makes 'em has gweat customer service. (we have lots of their products.) You can also get one at Fingerhut and pay it off mumffly) Good luck.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. Hmmm. We call our vacuum "broom and mop"! Fingerhut has some interesting vacs. Mommy wants a floor cleaner for tile floors. Well, she has a "broom and mop". That's about what we get....

  14. Just tie a broom to the funny farm tails. That should clean everything up.

  15. Mom bean has two sucking masheen, one is an upright and heavy so she uses that for cleaning carpets - it was a Walmart special but doesn't get as dirty as that one did. She got another one, a Dirt Devil Featherlight at a garage sale (for $30). It doesn't have the suckshun of the big one but is way easier to carry and empty. But they both get dusty, just not as dusty as yours. We hopes Jan finds something that works well and doesn't make a mess!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  16. OMC, that's maddening! That vacuum sounds like way more trouble than it's worth. We have a Shark upright, and are very happy with it. It's amazing how much dirt and hair it picks up.

    It was nice to see Angel Cameron today. We sure do miss him. <3

  17. You should see TBTs closet. He has 4 vacuumers. And he hardly ever uses one...


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