Friday, August 08, 2014

Pet Parade Giveaway

Rusty:  Have we ever got an exciting post for you today.  A double header. 

Micah:  First, we want to be sure to present Annie & Pierrot from Annie @ Lucy's Lounge blog.

Cameron:  We interviewed them for Mousebreath, the ezine written by cats for cats.  Oh, and for cat lovers too.

Cyndi:You might remember Lucy and Simba.  They were the cat bloggers before Annie and Pierrot.

Percy:  We hope you will take a moment to stop by Mousebreath and read the interview, California Annie and Philadelphia Pierrot

Buddy: Hosts Rascal and Rocco wanted to celebrate the first anniversary of the Pet Parade with their co-hosts  - Bionic Basil, Barking from the Bayou, Love is being owned by a husky and yours truly Jan's Funny Farm - with a big giveaway.  So we all barked and meowed and ... check it out!  R & R's mom Leah did a terrific job of making most of the graphics for today.

Merci:  We'll begin by giving you the list of included items and offer a few photos for your perusal.

1 Beautiful Chalcedony Pearl & Silver Necklace on 16" Chain
1 Paws N' Claws wooden Coin
1 Bright Blue Beaded Dog Charm Bracelet
2 framed original ink drawings by L.E. Mastilock
1 Ceramic Cat Refrigerator Magnet "Dogs Have Masters, Cat's Have Servants!"
1 Signed Copy of 'The Returns' by M.K. Clinton
1 Box of Louisiana Alligator Natural Dog Biscuits
1 Box of Louisiana Alligator Natural Dog Jerky
1 Jones Gourmet Dog Chews Natural Beef Rib Bone
1 Mini Purse Dog Bag Dispenser
1 Bag of Mardi Gras Beads
1 'My Dog Brings Me Summertime Fun'/Bentley Wooden Coin
11 Pet Parade Bookmarks
1 Elegant Royal Blue Tassel Bookmark
1 Beaded Clip-on Charm with Bells and Cat & Camera Charms 

Marcus:  Here is a photo of the entire giveaway collection.  We wouldn't mind winning these items but since we're a co-host, we're not eligible.

Sam: The giveaway ends on 8/21/2014 at 12:00 midnight.  You must be 18+ to enter.  Items can be shipped worldwide.The winner will be notified by email and announced on the Pet Parade on Friday, 8/22/2014.  So be sure to enter using the Rafflecopter.  You can come back and tweet through the Rafflecopter for additional entries daily. 

Graphic by Deziz World
Merci:  We would like to thank Dezi and Lexi of DezizWorld for the lovely anniversary graphic they made for all of the hosts.  Rascal and Rocco made a banner with all your hosts and we were all surprised at how many there are among the five blogs.

Buddy:  We have had t-storms rolling through here tonight so we're unable to finish this post.  It's 1 am and we're exhausted!  We'll finish in the morning.  Meanwhile, you can visit one of the other hosts to enter the blog hop and giveaway.

Percy:  We're sorry we had to publish the post without being able to finish it, but we're back now.  Remember there are two parts to the blog hop, the usual link and also social media.

Enter the giveaway and join us for the blog hop with hosts Rascal and Rocco with their co-hosts  - Bionic Basil, Barking from the Bayou, Love is being owned by a husky and yours truly Jan's Funny Farm

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  1. The link is up! :)

    It's very strange that when we open Mousebreath on Firefox, the lines get kinda cramped up and makes reading really difficult. But the spacing is perfect when we open it on Chrome. Weird.

  2. Thank you so much again for interviewing us. Lots of fun today!

  3. Nice interview. Look at all that loot!
    Lily & Edward

  4. Happy Anniversary to the Pet Parade ! You do a great job co-hosting the parade ! Have a great pawty ! Purrs

  5. Looking good! Wish we could keep all the goodies ourselves. Happy Pet Parade Anniversary to our first amazing co-host! ~Rascal and Rocco

  6. Happy Anniversary. Bailey can catch a frisbee. Katy clears out the rascally rabbits and squirrels.


    wow WOW look at the LOOT. WOW!

  8. Aroooooo! Happy PP anniversary! I am so glad to be co hosting this fabulous hop with you and the rest of our pet parade clan! So sorry about the thunderstorms!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. No special talents in our house.Thanks for the nice giveaway.
    Sue B

  10. nother grate interviews over at mousebreath two day guys !!! anda happee annie fursary ta de pet parade :)

    heerz two a grate week oh end with de hopes plentee of smelt & salmon iz on yur plate ♥

  11. We sure did enjoy that interview!!!

  12. We are proud to be your co-hosts!! I hope your power is up and running with no problems! Happy first anniversary ♥

  13. We hope your power is on and your internet up. Storms can be very scary. We are off to read Lucy and Pierrot interview. Two of our favorite bloggers!

  14. Weez luv, luv, luv da Pet Parade. Fanks fur co-hostin' it. And what a give away!!!!

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  15. This is a fun day in bloggerland...or we think its called Blogville??

    Thank you fur all the fun things going on.

    Meowmy said Aug 22 is a good day...its our unfur-the-younger's birthday! MOL!! And she has that day off from work, Yippee!

  16. Thanks and Unfur-the-younger says thanks too!

  17. Happy Anniversary!!!! The loot looks wonderful. New to your blog, but really enjoy it.


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