Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chasing Your Tail

Cyndi:  What is cuter than a litter of kittens?

Merci:  Two litters of kittens running, leaping, and having fun.

Sam:  Yes, double the cute factor.  Well, as long as they're not running, leaping and having fun here.

Micah:  Sam, you're becoming an old grump.

Cameron:  Sam does have a point.  Micah's still fairly young, but most of us are seniors now.

Rusty:  Yes, older, creakier and more inclined to nap more frequently.

Marcus:  Well, since you all need a nap, I guess I'll introduce today's Sunday Smile.  These kittens will wake you up and get you chasing your tail.  Oh, sorry, humans, you won't be able to participate, but you can watch.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Percy:  Molly the Wally does a Share it Sunday post on a different blog each week as a way of giving back.

Buddy:  We're not guest bloggers, so we didn't write a new post for our appearance, but this Sunday we're featured.  Stop by Molly the Wally's and say hello.  

Sam:  Are you using the new Facebook messenger app on your phone?  Nick Russo (@Kingnickrusso on Twitter) has posted a short article on why he deleted the app because of strong  privacy concerns - Facebook crosses the line with new facebook messenger app.

Cyndi:  Oh, really?  We thought they crossed the line years ago!

Rusty:  Nick Russo followed it up with Response to my facebook privacy concerns.  He shares a response he received to the first article.  This is not an official statement by fb.  It is reality shared by a fb employee.

Micah:  You humans are giving up more of your privacy every day and even handing over private information of your friends and contacts to every website that wants to find all your friends on the same service.

Buddy: "Find your friends" is a polite way of saying, "we want a copy of all your friends and family's personal information so we can spam them to join our site and (possibly) to sell the email addresses.

Percy:  Jan has turned off everything she can in her fb account because she wants as little of her personal information as possible to be handed over to apps.

Merci:  Can someone please explain to us why every app you use on fb would need to collect personal information on you AND all your friends?  Doesn't that seem odd, suspicious, malicious - whatever word you want to use?  If we dogs want to learn about another dog, we just sniff their butt. And we don't niff and tell.  So whatever we' sniffed out about another dog stays with us.  

Cameron:  That's not to say dogs don't sit around on occasion and have a butt-sniffing discovery discussion.  I've heard these dogs having a good gossip session.  It just doesn't go outside the family. But the way things are going, one day soon we'll be able to go online and view all our human friends' personal information, maybe even view their naked airport scans.

Marcus:  Hmmm, I wonder.  If we could find a way to wrap privacy in aluminum foil so no one else could see it, we could make a fortune. Who's with me on this?  Uh ... guys, where are you all going? This really is a good idea.


  1. Very cute. Have a serene easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly


  2. OMD...those kittens are adorable!! Thanks for sharing them!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. I LOVE this video, from the vantage point of a kitten. They are so cute!

    I haven't downloaded messenger, and have no intention of doing so. Thanks!

  4. Maybe it is all beclaws Some Folks like US... don't LOVE FaceBark much at all... and they are needing MORE FURENDS.

  5. We love those kittens! We won't be getting FB Messenger either and we are quite okay without it.

  6. We love the video, those kittens are so cute ! We won't get FB Messenger ; Eureopean were know to be a little bit "touchy" about privacy, and were glad to see that our US furriends are fed up too with FB always asking more and more private informations ! Purrs

  7. First LOVED the video. It put a great big fat smile on my face. Nothing like kitties to do that. Second, it's not just FB. Our friend MrGoogle is monitoring and storing and sending to the GoVt everything single things we do on line. It's not just MrG, it's also our cuzMicroS and SisFFox and BroChrom, the only way I have read not to be tracked like a bloodhound is through TOR.

  8. Kittens always bring smiles. Fb not so much. No one shares blog posts anything anymore unless you pay to play :-(

  9. Awwwww what a great video!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. How cute!

    We are more like the kitty in that big green chair...yawn...MOL!

    And now meowmy says she has yet another good reason fur not doing anything in FB...or twitter or any of those...
    Blogs and regular Email is about as social as we get here, MOL! It is plenty, trust us!

  11. Happy Lazy Day and Easy Sunday! WHat could be better! Except purrhaps a mice cream sundae on Sunday!
    And mes does gets confused about the oneness too!

  12. Those kittens were crazy! And yeah, my human refuses to download the FB messenger app. She says there are limits (she pretty much lives her life transparently so hers tend to be wider than most) and this crosses it.

  13. Kitties know how to have fun! Me and Stanley are now scared that Mark Zuckerberg will know all our secrets! Probably the whole world knows the Stanley USED to eat poop. We better take action on this!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Mayorz For All Paws

  14. They are adorable! Thanks for the cute! Kittens don't so much run as bounce along don't they?
    And if that Scottish Fold is Mom Cat, she is a beauty and such lovely big paws!

  15. Great video! Scary Facebook!!

  16. All those kittens running around wore us out. We are all gonna go take a nap again...

  17. MEOW!!!

    Wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  18. Crikey ...... cute kitty cats. I'd like to sit on that green chair with the big bloke and pounce when one of the little ones went by.

  19. We had so much fun and laughter when Alice came to live with us at two months old. The kits on the video are sure cute! I loved it when they managed to have all four paws off the ground as part of the run!

  20. Yep weez not like evewpawdy snoopin' in on us and ow furiends eevew. Mommy dusn't like those "apps", ifin hers can't block or hide then hers twies not to use it. And sumtimes hers just uses us kittys info. stead of tellin' 'em 'bout hers. Weez not know why they fink they need to be so nosy. anyways, this is sumfin' weez kuld want and wave 'bout fur a long time, so weez will hush.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  21. Love that video and the way it was filmed...very cool!


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