Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Writing Jan's Funny Farm

Rusty:  We were nominated to be part of the Writing Process Blog Tour by Dolly and The Lady She Rescued from the blog Dolly the Doxy.

Micah:  Their blog began as a fun and creative record of their life together in Chicago and expanded to include reviews, giveaways, resources and information.  The Lady had back surgery with complications in June and  is still not back to 100%.  You can read Sandra and Dolly's writing tour post here

Merci:  We have to answer three questions and then pass on the tour to three other bloggers.

Buddy:  Now here is where things become a bit delicate.  Jan claims the blog is hers so she should get to answer the writing questions.  But she turned over the blog to us and we have done all the work, so we will answer the questions.

Marcus:  So what are the three questions?

Cameron:  1) What are we working on?

Cyndi:  Well, that's easy.  We're working on more blog posts.  There's a group surprise post later this month.  We did a guest post on Team Beaglebratz last Friday.  It might be fun to write more guest posts, but we're not sure we'll have the time.  We will be doing more reviews, which are always interesting to write.  We don't have specifics yet, but ideas for other writing adventures are percolating around our heads while we maintain the blog.

Sam:  Percolating?  No wonder I feel like bobbing my head in time to music I can't hear.  I would suggest the concept of swimming, but Buddy would complain he's got water in his ears.

Percy:  And of course we Funny Farmer Felines are always working on future cat blogger interviews for Mousebreath.com.  Those are fun but a lot of time and work.  And we not only put together an interview but we volunteer Jan to make an original graphic to publish with each one.

Micah:  Of course, she might not do any more for us after we cut her out of this interview.

Rusty:  2) Why do I – strike that.  Why do we write what we do?

Merci:  Hmmm, we never thought about that.  Possibly because readers enjoy what we write?    What do the rest of you think?

Sam:  Well, of course we wouldn't write the blog if we didn't have readers with a sense of humor.

Cameron:  There's also the need to express ourselves.  We needed an outlet and writing the blog fills that voice.

Cyndi:  Don't you mean writing fills that void, Cameron?  No, guess voice is correct.  We do talk a lot!  And how would we meet so many nice furries and humans if we didn't write a blog?

Percy:  3) How does our writing process work?

Buddy:  Pretty well, actually.  We tried to write this like the other writing process posts we read but we drew a blank after the first sentence.  So we decided to let the creative juices flow and write in our own intimidating style.

Percy:  Psst, Buddy.  I think you mean inimitable style.  Defying imitation or matchless.

Buddy:  Yes, perhaps, but intimidating works too.  You'll notice when we told Jan we were doing this writing process tour on our own, she didn't argue, just left us alone.  She's intimidated.

Marus:  She is?  I thought she's leaving us alone because you locked her outside in the dog pen – without a key.

Buddy:  Never mind.  Let's carry on without her.

Merci:  We work best as a team.  We start with a photo or an idea and throw out comments while Percy, our nimblest typist, tries to keep up with our chatter.

Cyndi:  Of course, it isn't all tossing ideas at each other.  We have to research, check blogs and details and figure out what photos, if any, we want to use.

Rusty:  We are nominating these three blogs to carry on the Writing Process Blog Tour.

 1) We have followed Mark's Mews for years.  We cried when TBT (The Big Thing) lost Skeeter and then LC, and rejoiced when Ayla, Isa and Marley joined the family.  They always have great photographs and stories. 



2) The Whiskeratti. The theme of the Whiskeratti blog is “A Tale of Two Tails: Toby & Leia meow on life and current events.” We enjoy their photos and tails … er, tales. Toby has a problem with an Ebil Introoder in his yard. We're still scratching our heads (claws sheathed, of course) over Leia's nickname, Queen of the Q-Tips. But don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of it.

3) Elvira and Sneakers are the main writers of The Opinionated Pussycat.  Daddy Kiril is their human companion, but he has a lot to say too.  Daddy Kiril has been through some major life changes since we began reading this blog.  Health problems, a broken ankle from rescuing a kitty, a move from California to Texas, the loss of Nikita, and a new job.  He's rather like the Energizer Bunny, he just keeps going, despite continual setbacks and roadblocks.  We can't help but be inspired by his tenacity.


  1. Thank you for sharing ! We love reading you multi-paws-and-hands writing process ! Purrs

  2. Yes we have enjoyed popping over even though we are relatively new. We have really enjoyed reading about how everybody writes. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Guys let Jan out of the dog pen now...naughty!! sheesh...thanks for sharing your process and it seems it works just fine :) and what great choices for nominees guys :) hugs and loves Fozziemum xx

  4. You locked Jan in the dog pen and took away the key? MOUSES!

    Nissy #Niss4Senate - tell the PM, today.

    Note to self: Order one peep-sized dog pen. No need for keys.

  5. You guys do a great job...and I still have the giggles. Locked Jan in the dog pen, huh?


  6. You guys rocked it! And locked it too...mol...very good and we always enjoy your great writing and talking style!

  7. That was fun to read, and we too, giggled and guffawed when we read the part about the dog pen...we detect a payback?? BOL/MOL!

    Woofs & Purrs!
    MJF & WBS

  8. Loved this post! It's great to hear what others are up to. And you passed the tour along to a couple I have never heard of!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. Well done! We like hearing about the typists behind the blog! Oh, sorry . . . they're calling us back into our meeting to sign contracts.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. That was fun gang! We got to spend some time with Daddy Kiril at BlogPaws 2013 and he is a real winner!

  11. We always enjoy coming here. Thanks for thinking of us!

  12. Loved reading this, its great to know what other bloggers are up to!
    ❀Siamese Smothers and Tuxie Tickles❀ from Mikko and Jax at Happiness is Siamese!

  13. Great job at sharing your writing process. Now, go let Jan out before y'all get hungry!

  14. Thanks for sharing your writing process. We always find your posts entertaining.

  15. Love you guys! Oh, and Jan too!

  16. That was great! We always love the creativity, humor and goodness you bring to your posts. So it was a real treat to learn about your writing process. Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. That was outstading! An thank you fer nominating us to participate. We will get at that RIGHT NOW!

  18. What a pawsum posty. Weez luved learnin' all 'bout yous writin' purrawcess.

    Luv ya'


  19. We just loved the way the funny farm took over for you and answered the questions! It was very clever but you were still able to answer the questions and we did learn about your process. Thanks so much for taking the challenge. Love Dolly

  20. Love this post and meme!

    The girls & I thank you for the nomination and they and I will be doing posts on our blogs. :-D


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