Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Grab A Bag and Run

Marcus checking out package
Marcus:  Hey, look what I found, guys.  Wonder what it is?

Buddy & Marcus checking out package
Buddy: It's a Wag Pac, Marcus.  We had one last month, just before you arrived.

Marcus:  Is it for me?

Buddy:  No, it's a gift for me, but I'll share with you.  The collar is a pretty blue and it's got a zippered stash pocket.  Guess that's to hold all the money I don't have.

Marcus:  There are treats and a toy.  Can I have them?

Buddy:  You can have some of the treats and you can play with the Boney Squeaky Ball.  Just don't destroy it like you've been doing with everything else.

Marcus;  I'm sorry.  I've got really good teeth.  I have to do something with them besides smile pretty.

Sad Sam
Marcus:  Sam, why do you look so sad?

Sam:  Because there isn't anything in there for me.

Buddy:  Of course there is.  You'll get a share of the treats and you can play with the squeaky ball too. 

Sam & Buddy check out Wag Pac
Sam:  Thanks.  I was feeling left out.  I feel better now.

Buddy:  Actually, Merci is the one who is left out - of the pictures, anyway.  You and Marcus always show up when the camera comes out, Sam, but Merci is shy and doesn't like to pose.

Marcus:  Does that mean she won't get any treats?

Buddy:  No, she'll show up when a treat bag is opened.

Marcus:  And when will a treat bag be opened?

Sam:  Just as soon as Jan puts the camera down.

Marcus:  Will she put the camera down faster if I grab a treat bag and run?

Green Pets of America, Georgia is the charity we chose to benefit from our Wag Pac.


  1. OHMYPUG what a great way to wake up in the morning and find this big ole box a waiting for you and your sibs. Holey Moley.
    Angus McConnell

  2. great stuff you got there!
    So very thoughtful of you to share as well!
    I know whats its like to have a camera shy one. Mika does not like the camera at all!!!! So many times as soon as I grab it she just instantly puts her head. BOL! Silly puppies!
    ((husky hugz frum da pack))

  3. OMD would you just LOOK at All of THAT... It is just like Christmas in FEBRUARY... You LUCKY DAWGS YOU.

  4. Holy moly, look at all that stuff! You got SO lucky!

  5. Holy CAT! We agree Christmas in Feb!! WOOT!

  6. Wow, that Wag Pac is wag-alicious! We're glad you all got to enjoy a little something out of the box, too. :)

  7. hay...wearz all de treetz for de kittehz !! ???

  8. Wow that is a great stash and that you are all sharing is great too. Enjoy xx

  9. That's a pawsome box for woofies. Enjoy your treats and squeaky toys!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. I would show up when a treat bag was opened too


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