Saturday, February 01, 2014

Canine Sniffing Schnoz

Cameron & Merci

Micah:  Why are we posting this picture?  Do we know these two?

Cyndi:  Of course we know these two.  That's a photo of Cameron and Merci.

Rusty:  Are you sure?  They look so young.

Cyndi.  They are young.  Cameron was just a kitten.  He used to come visit Merci and they'd hang around together. 

Micah:  But Cameron lives here.  Why would he need to visit and hang around?

Cyndi:  Because he didn't live here yet.  He wanted to 'cause he was lonely, but he lived next door.  He and Merci were very close.

Rusty:  Did he like you, Buddy?

Buddy:  I didn't know them yet.  I joined the Funny Farmers a few months later.  

Cyndi:  I'm the only one left who remembers Cameron when he was really young.

Percy:  *clears throat*  Ahem!  Have you forgotten me?  I'm only 2 weeks older than Cameron and I've lived here since I was a little pipsqueak.  Um, I mean a little squeaker ... a baby, I was a baby. 

Cyndi:  Sorry, Percy.  You're correct.  You did know Cameron when he was very young.  

Percy:  There have been so many changes around here in the last 9 years. We've lost Grayce, Jenny, Crystal and Cotton.  

Micah:  I haven't lived here as long as the rest of you.  Do I understand correctly, the only thing that hasn't changed is Jan?

Cyndi:  Yes.  We've tried to exchange her for a human with a better memory and more green papers so we can get an allowance or our own credit card.  The woofies even took her out and tried to lose her a few times - but she's like a yoyo; she keeps coming back. 

Micah:  Then shouldn't we give her an award for being able to find her own way home?   

Rusty:  No!  If we compliment her on finding her own way home without a canine sniffing schnoz to follow a trail, she'll get a swelled head which won't fit through the front door.  Who would shop for our food?

Buddy:  This is making me hungry.  I think we need to wrap this up and I'll use my sniffing schnoz to find us a snack.

Percy:  We are joining the Sepia hop.  It's hosted by Ruckus the Eskie


  1. Guess you all needed this MEMORY JOGGER.

  2. I don't think you really wan't to trade Jan for another human !

  3. Awww what a great photo!!!!
    Hope you have a PAWsome weekend!

  4. Love the picture! And you guys are too funny!

  5. That's great. Thanks for making me laugh! : )

  6. What a sweet photo :-) Cameron is a cutie. Happy Weekend. Golden Woofs

  7. We is glad to see you back, sure hopes the innernets problems stay away. Here, we has to figure out how to keep the mom bean at home. She keeps going away, silly bean!

    Cool picture and lots of memories. Have a great Caturday!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Whew, so glad you are back. Glad your mom let you post today.

  9. Cute photo. Enjoy your weekend.
    Sue B

  10. Sorry for being so late on my Sepia Saturday rounds. I just came back from a trip to Yosemite and had no internet there!

    So glad to see you made it in time for the hop. Look at the kitty cuddling the puppy. IT's always the right time for snack time. Thanks for the reminder!


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