Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Quarter Bribe

Marcus with his ice-encased stick toy.

Buddy:  Hey, how come Marcus gets another post of his own? 

Cyndi:  Well, he is cute and mischievous.  And he offered Jan a quarter to turn his picture sepia for today.

Sam:  A quarter?  He doesn't have a quarter. 

Merci: He did after he borrowed one from Jan's wallet. 

Buddy:  Wow, a pup after my own heart.  No wonder Jan has been calling him " Buddy Junior."  He's a brilliant.student. 

Cameron:  You mean it's okay with you that Marcus gets today's post?

Buddy:  Of course it it.  As soon as he pays me 50 cents for the inspiration.

Rusty:  But Marcus doesn't have fifty cents.

Buddy:  He will.  He just has to borrow the quarter he returned to Jan and borrow another while he's at it. 

Percy:  Don't you think Jan will start to get suspicious?

Buddy:  Naw.  Half the time Jan can't remember which day it is.  How would she remember how much change she has in her purse? 

Micah:  Just don't borrow any bills.  She does count those. 

Marcus:  Here's your fifty cents, Buddy.  What are you going to do with it?

Buddy:  I'm going to bribe Jan to make me a special picture too.. 

Percy: It's the Sepia Saturday blog hop with your host Ruckus the Eskie.  Your sepia post does not have to be pet related, so jump in and join.


  1. You mean to tell us that a mom can be BOUGHT fur 50¢ ???? THAT is amazing. We gotta give this a try.

  2. Well, that is a great pic. PS: you've given us ideas.....

  3. Thanks for the idea about the 50 cent , cold work over here too since my mom-person have a furry bad memory too :)

  4. Happy Sepia Saturday! That ice encased stick toy..where can I get one?!?

  5. I've never played with an ice covered stick before. Sounds fun!
    Happy Sepia Saturday,

  6. Looking good Marcus and Buddy! Your idea wouldn't work for us, 'cuz the mom bean rarely has cash on her.

    Plus she wouldn't know how to color the picture too, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Gee, we'd pay our mom NOT to take and post pictures of us... but, you guys seem to have the perfect system. Happy Sepia Saturday from 2catsandacattledog (18)

  8. That icy stick sure is pretty cool MOL!

  9. You'd better count your bills twice! Thanks for the laughs. : )

  10. Vewy clever Buddy! I like your style. I might try that on my mum and see if she notices!


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