Thursday, February 13, 2014

We Are Still Here

Cyndi: We're not sure yet what we're thankful for today, but we hope it will be because we came through the overnight ice storm okay and still have electricity.  We know thousands across the southeastern states don't have any, so many have no heat and no well water.

Cameron: This is what our area looked like Wednesday morning.  Bleak and wet.  You can't tell from this picture there is ice on the trees, but trust us, there is.  And this is before the ice storm, so we're a bit apprehensive about what this same view will look like tomorrow morning.

Merci: Jan played with this photo a little so some of the ice (white) on the limbs would show. 

Marcus She went outside with me just before sundown to take some photos and the view is quite different from these.  The ground and the trees are turning white with ice. The front handrail is coated with ice, as are the back steps, which have no handrail.

Micah: She's been outside throwing kitty litter on all the steps, hoping no one falls.  We don't think anyone will be visiting, so she must mean she hopes she doesn't fall. *looks at Buddy*  Unless she thinks you dogs are clumsy.

Rusty:  Hey, that's our kitty litter.  Shouldn't she be throwing our used litter instead of fresh?  What if we run out?

Percy:  Well, if we run out, there's always the bathtub.  But I don't think Jan would be very happy about that, so she must have a stash somewhere.  Oh, yes, I can find two full bags. That should hold us until the ice melts on Friday.

Buddy:  The expected ice and snow will melt by Friday, won't it?  Jan didn't pick up any dog food Monday and we're running low.  She forgot how quickly four dogs go through a bag of food.

Rusty:  Well, that was fun.  Percy was typing, there was a click and everything went dark but the monitor.  (We have a UPS.)  Fortunately, the electric came back on quickly but we were knocked off the internet.  We're back.  Going to finish this and quit for the night. We're not even going to worry about posting the graphics for the two blog hops.

Micah: Be warm and safe, all of you.

UPDAT -: Thursday 1:30 pm:  We lost power about 1 am this morning and just got power back after 12 hours.  Nothing like the three days or so some have been without, but Jan sure was delighted when the desk lamp and the radio went on.  (She's a bit strange.  She turns on the light so she'll know we have electric again and then turns on the radio so she'll hear it in case she's in another room.  Seriously, how big does she think this house is?)

Good thing she brought us dogs in when she did because shortly afterward our pen was attacked by the neighbor's tree and damaged. Better the pen than one of us.  

So we have lots to be thankful for today.  We are all safe and Jan can finally have her morning coffee after she takes us for a short walk.  We've been cooped up since Monday afternoon.  Have a great day.

Cyndi:  Hopefully, we will still be online when this auto posts tomorrow afternoon.  Regardless, we'll still participate in Pepi Smart Dog's Thankful Thursday blog hop.

Merci:  And Thoughtless Thursday, co-hosted by Ruckus the Eskie  and Love is Being owned by a Husky.   


  1. Whoa Jan those pictures gave me the chills! I feel the cold weather at the farm. Good thing there's so much love around to keep everyone fired up. Thanks for linking up to Thoughtless Thursdays!

  2. I am sure glad your power is back on! We never lost power, but we had 7 inches of snow and some ice. We are not too happy with that goofy groundhog down this way!

  3. Oh we are sorry you lost power. Our Mom was a bit on edge over that possibility - we are in Fayetteville NC - but we got lucky. PS: our mom now wants to put our litter on her steps.

  4. I'm glad no one was hurt when the tree came down! Yikes. Stay warm. Happy Thoughtless Thursday and Valentine's Day. FireBonnet and 2catsandacattledog

  5. I'm glad the power is back on - I hope it stays that way!

  6. We hope your power stays on too, and that you all stay safe. Make sure Jan stays home and off the roads. Even in winter climates like our own, an ice storm is nothing to mess around with or take chances with.


  7. We are glad that you now have power and that no one was hurt... THIS is a really BAD ONE... A winter to remember fur YEARS to come.

  8. Sorry for the loss of power, but glad to see it's back ! Stay safe and warm at home ! Purrs

  9. Glad you have power back! We lost ours too in the storm before last, then the phones!! It is the strangest weather we are having!!

  10. Hopefully, you'll keep the power. Ice storms are wicked. We survived ours without many problems but we didn't get too much.

  11. Winter has been too darn long no matter where you are located! We have no idea where all the snow is going to go when it melts here!

  12. Thank goodness. Although those ice storms can be pretty, they do tend to break the trees and power lines. Glad you made it through

  13. Ice is the worst. We are so sorry to hear that the tree came down but happy you weren't out there. Hope the power stays on. All paws crossed for you.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Phew! All the woffies are safe!
    P.S: What's ice? MOL!

  15. I hope you all are ok! I'm so glad that the tree didn't fall while you guys were in the pen! That could have been horrific!!Stay safe stay warm and we are wishing you a verynHappy Valentines Daymfrum us here at the pack , ♥ love is being owned by a husky ♥

  16. Oh boy!! Please stay safe and warm!

    ♥♥Happy Valentine’s Day♥♥
    ♥♥.•*’ (¸.•*´♥`*•.¸)`*•.♥♥
    Love from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  17. Please stay nice and warm and snuggle together.
    We hope your power stays on!

    Lots of warm melty thoughts coming to you from me..


  18. Ice storms are no fun. Stay safe and warm.
    Sue B

  19. PepiSmartDog: Good Lord! Looks like you live on an ice skating rink! YIKES. Lucky you guys have night vision for when the power goes off. Sorry your going thru such stinky weather. Hope it's settled a bit better now. Thanks for supporting Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop and hope to see you this week too. :=o)


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