Sunday, February 16, 2014

Two For A Quarter

Marcus with his stick encased in ice/
Buddy:  Hey, wait a minute!  How did Marcus get his picture posted again today?  He said he paid Jan a quarter to make him a sepia picture yesterday and here he is again -  in black and white. 

Marcus:  Well ... um, I guess I forgot to mention Jan made me two pictures for a quarter.

Buddy:  But it was supposed to be my turn.  I paid her fifty cents to do my picture.

Marcus:  Don't worry.  I'll tip her another quarter to make sure you get a turn next week.

Buddy:  And where will you get another quarter?

Marcus:  The same place I got the last one.  Out of her wallet.  

Percy:  I think it's time to tell readers about our Sunday Smile for the week.  This is a video of outtakes from Pets Add Life videos.  It's sure to give you a smile.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Cyndi:  We're joining Dashshund Nola for Black & White Sunday blog hop, co-hosted by Sugar the Golden Retriever.


  1. Glad you gots electricities... dats furry impawtant. da Mom still gots a hurted shoulder. it am sum better parts of the time. den starts hurting again. da nurse dr purrson gaves hur an rx to gets yucky pills buts day helps sum. me dont likes pills neever so glads i not taking dem.... mom am watching me snooze right now... purrz, lil bear.

  2. Oh THANK you for the smiles this morning. My mom sure is. She loves that he took that quarter out of his mom;s wallet! And that he paid a quarter to begin with!

  3. Wonder where he is finding those quarters?

  4. Always love the videos and for the Sunday smiles.

  5. OMC! You made both me and my human laugh with that video!

  6. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay those are the best owttayks i hav seen sinse the wuns frum the faymus dokyoomentry rush hour 2!!! and that wuz a long time ago!!! ok bye

  7. Made me smile today and you get cuter by the moment. Love the funny video.

  8. That made me smile. Have a great Sunday.
    Sue B

  9. OMD! I am subscribed to the person that makes those videos, funniest videos I have ever seen!!! I laugh at ever single one of them!!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh guys!
    ((Husky hugz frum our pack))

  10. Thanks for the smiles on a cold, damp day. We enjoyed them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. sunday smiles work on a monday too!


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