Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snow on the Nose

Cameron:  A Sunday Smile is always fun to post because it makes us smile too.

Sam:  And we have a video guaranteed to make you smile today. 

Cyndi:  Here is one energetic, hilarious dog that can't wait to start the sled race.  He leaps up and down yelling, "Run, run, run, run."  And when the dogs are released, run is exactly what he does. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Percy:  Buddy insists he paid Jan 50 cents last weekend to make him two photos - one sepia and one black and white.

Sam:  Yesterday was Sepia Saturday and Jan thought what she wanted to do was more important than letting us use the computer to post Buddy's handsome face, so today is Buddy Duo Day.  Two pix for a single post.

Cyndi:  Here is yesterday's sepia picture.  Doesn't he look handsome?  *Okay, Buddy, I said it.  You can pay me the quarter now*

Merci:  Cyndi!  Buddy didn't offer to pay you to say something nice about him.

Micah:  Cyndi is kidding, Merci.  You know how she's always telling him what a handsome dude he is.

Rusty:  That's what Cyndi tells me too.  I thought I was the best looking guy here.

Cameron:  No, Rusty, you're just the handsomest long-haired dude around here.  I'm a tuxie.  We're all good-looking.

Marcus:  What about me?  Aren't I handsome?

Buddy:  Not yet, Marcus.  You're still young and considered at the cute stage.  You have some growing up to do before you're handsome.

Marcus:  So how come I'm Merci's size and she's considered good-looking and I'm only cute?

Rusty:  That's because Merci has a lot of years on you, kid.  When you're her age, you'll be considered a distinguished older gentleman dog.

Marcus:  That's a good thing?

Percy:  Yes, a very good thing.  It will mean you're still alive.

Marcus:  Okay, that's what I want to be, then.  Alive.  I like the sound of that better than handsome.

Buddy:  *clears throat*  Ahem, aren't there supposed to be two pictures of me?

Buddy:  I remember the day this was taken.  I was in my prime.  Now my face is white and age is creeping up on me.

Merci:  Well, just because there's snow on the nose doesn't mean there's lint between the toes.

Buddy:  Thank you, Merci.  I think.  *Does anyone know what that means?*

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  1. Yep, being a distinguished older gentledog is good thing.


  2. You are a very handsome boy! And that dog was funny. He was definitely ready to run.

  3. Funny video. Sounded like he was saying run too. Beautiful photos. Really love the top one. Have a great Sunday.
    Sue B

  4. I think very handsome in both sepia and black and white. I loved the video

  5. You FINALLY got your 50¢ worth. WHEW.

  6. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel he wanted to run and run is wot he did!!! i kan simpathizer!!! ha ha ok bye

  7. That poor dog was definitely ready to run!!! Haha that was awesome! Thanks for the smile!
    ((Husky hugz))

  8. Ha ha ha! Run! Run! Run! That's too cute. And by the way, my cousin Molly Dog has snow on her nose too. She's 12 now.

  9. The video was very cute!!! And we think you are a very handsome woofie!!!

  10. 'Run, run, run'... a very funny and cute video!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  11. Thanks for the video laugh and the rest of your story had me laughing as well!

  12. Another funny Sunday video :-) Golden Thanks for sharing. Happy Black n White Sunday. Golden Woofs

  13. I like that sepia picture a lot! VERY nice.


  14. Buddy, you are indeed looking handsome. Of course, we think you look great in ANY color. :)

    And yes, that dog was SO ready to run, run RUN!

  15. MOL, you're handsome in ALL colours!

  16. Wew had "snow on the nose" today too. There were lovely silent snowflakes falling while the sun was out all bright and stuff. We were out in it. It was weerd but also so amazing.

  17. OMC !
    It really sounds like the woffie is saying RUN RUN RUN :)

    Buddy you look furry good both in sepia and in black and white <3



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