Monday, January 06, 2014

Treats for Cold Cats

Cyndi:  As cold as it is, Jan should be feeding us more treats so we're too busy chewing to notice how cold we are.

Cameron:  That makes sense to me, but try explaining that to Jan.  She's kind of stingy with treats.

Percy:  But we did get a few.  Jan managed to snag us a free sample bag was giving away.

Rusty:  Yeah, we each got a few.

Cyndi:  Here I am checking them out.

Percy:  Sniff, sniff. 

Micah:  Smells okay.  (Yes, I'm on the top of the gas stove.  It's warm here.  Jan gave me my treats and then she shooed me off again.  *sigh*)

Percy:  Excuse me, Cameron, but I believe these are mine.

Cameron:  Bug off, Percy, you already ate your share.

Cameron:  Scram!

Percy: I don't think so.

Cameron:  Go away.  These re mine.

Percy:  I don't see your name on them.

Rusty:  Sometimes it pays to find a quiet spot to be alone.  Treats in bed and no Percy to steal from me.

Micah:  The treats were the new Orijen original flavorfreeze dried treats for cats. made from chicken and turkey liver and boneless chicken, turkey and flounder.

Percy:  Have you seen any crumbs floating around here?  I think Jan forgot to give me my share and she says it was just a sample bag and there aren't any leftovers.

Cameron:  Don't you dare pretend you don't remember eating your share and half of mine, Percy!  Your nose is going to grow from fibbing.

Percy:  Well, it was worth a shot.  Do you think there's any chance Jan will spring for a full-size bag for us?

 Thank you for the sample, We did not receive any compensation for this post.  We just wanted to let you know if you have a chance to sample them, they're good.


  1. The look very happy with their treats. Have a lovely Monday.

  2. Nom nom nom! We really enjoyed our Orijen treats as well!

    Stay warm, furiends!!
    Maggie May and The Creek Cats

  3. yummy....enjoy your treats!
    ((husky hugz))
    "love is being owned by a husky"

  4. Our cat won't eat anything that isn't in a bowl. That includes rodents that she will only play with and kill but never eat.

  5. These treats looks yummy ! Purrs

  6. Judging by all the heads down they were very yummy. x

  7. Treat time could easily become a contact sport!

  8. Sure looks like everyone is enjoying them. Hope you are staying warm. We are having a really bad cold spell.
    Sue B

  9. Those treats look (and sound) pretty darned tasty, gang! In Percy's picture, they kind of looked like cheetos. MOL!

    Stay warm, dear ones. It's so, so cold out there.

  10. Those treats look quite tasty indeed!

  11. Oh sweeties, I love that YOU love and enjoy your treats. xoxoxox

  12. You certainly do DESERVE those delightful treats.

  13. You better sit her down and explain the importance of treats

  14. Its allus good ta have some treats on cold days!


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