Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sniffing and Laughter

Marcus & Sam sniffing leaves
Marcus:  What are we looking for, Sam? 

Sam:  Nothing in particular.  Just sniffing around for buried treasure. 

Marcus:  What's buried treasure?

Sam:  Whatever makes one feel rich.  I'd be happy with a pecan the squirrels buried.  Jan would like us to find a stash of cash. 

Marcus:  Oh, I see.  So if finding a great big ham bone with meat on it would make me feel rich, I'll find it?

Sam:  Sorry, kid.  If you're looking for a buried ham bone, you're looking in the wrong pen.

Marcus:  Oh.  Too bad.  I was hoping to feel rich for the day.

Sam:  Let's just tell everyone about our Sunday Smile of the week.

Marcus:  Okay. I have to admit I don't get what is so funny, but Jan was practically rolling on the floor with tears coming from her eyes.

Sam:  Yes, since we don't grocery shop, we don't get the humor, but we figure your humans might understand this and get some exercise rolling on the floor laughing.

Marcus:  This is someone named Jeanne Robertson, a professional speaker with a Southern sense of humor, explaining why a wife should not send her husband to the grocery store. Maybe that's why we don't get it, Sam.  Neither of us are married?

Sam:  Could be, kid.  Guess we can keep sniffing while the humans grab a tissue and enjoy the video.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We're joining Black & White Sunday, co-hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever.


  1. My mom-person laughed so hard she started to cry !
    I guess she the Southern sense of humor work´s in southern part´s of Sweden too :)


  2. Ah, yes feeling rich is a state of mind.

    Have a pawsome day


  3. They make a great team of sniffers :P

  4. That was really funny! Dad was rolling!

  5. You are Super Sniffers... butt the bestest pawt of this post was the Grocery Store story... BaaaaWaaaah.
    Epidemic.. BaaaaaWaaaah.. \\\\

  6. You are Super Sniffers... butt the bestest pawt of this post was the Grocery Store story... BaaaaWaaaah.
    Epidemic.. BaaaaaWaaaah.. \\\\

  7. MOL! I think that sounds too familiar!

  8. A great laugh on Sunday. Hope you find buried treasure x

  9. Too funny!!!! I loved it!!!
    Great pic as well! :))
    ((Husky hugz))

  10. That was fantastic! Too funny!!!

    Hope you both find the buried treasure you're looking for.

  11. we live in that part of the world, and that is JUST like how we do it!

  12. Our buried treasure will have to wait until spring!
    ; ) Katie

  13. LOL, we came to say Happy New Year and we're leaving you laughing. Thanks!

  14. MOL! That was hysterical! Thanks for the laugh to close out the weekend.

    We sure hope you sniffers found some treasures!!!

  15. Thanks for the Sunday evening laugh! I'm a very good pig sniffer :-)

  16. As soon as she said she had numbered the list, I just fell on the floor... TBT

  17. Hope they find something good! Onyxx found part of a pastry today and ate it before I could get to him.

  18. Our neighbors sure must think Mommy is crazy. She laughed so loud!
    Oh, well, better a crazy laughing mommy than a sad silent grumpy one!


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