Saturday, January 25, 2014

Marcus Blends Well

Sam: Here is our temporary resident hellion Marcus stealing my new toy.  Notice how well he blends into the background of dirt in sepia.  He blends well with dirt in color too. 

Percy:  We apologize for the lack of a cat interview for Mousebreath yesterday.  We didn't have anything to post and it turned out to be a blessing, as we had a computer problem yesterday that kept us off the internet all day.  We could send and receive emails, but it was a long hard day and Jan's fingers are still frozen from sitting at the computer all day trying to get things working again.  

We did do a Mousebreath post for Friday so you wouldn't think we forgot you - Nap Time. But no interview. We will return next Friday with a brand new interview with a blogging kitty family.

This is our first Sepia Saturday blog hop, hosted by Ruckus the Eskie.  Thanks for inviting us to join, Ruckus.   You're all welcome to join the sepia blog hop too.


  1. We saw the color picture too and agree he blends in well both ways.

  2. He blends perfectly in sepia!
    Happy Saturday,

  3. Haha! He is blending right in!!
    That's a great photo of Marcus!! He is just so cute!!
    ((Husky hugz frum da pack))

  4. Are you making a comment that Marcus matches dirt? ;) He is a cutey! Meghan from (#17)

  5. Hi Jan, you are too kind. Thanks for linking up with Sepia Saturday! And also, Sam, you are too kind for sharing your toy with Marcus! It looks like a fun Frisbee in which all can play together!

  6. Oh wait, is that the velcro ball with it too? If so, my sapiens use to pay with something similar to that as a child!

  7. I would steal your toy too, it looks like fun! Happy sepia Saturday!

  8. I had to look real close to find you Marcus!

  9. Nice camouflage, Marcus! :)

    Sorry to hear about the computer-related issues. That is SO frustrating; hope they are resolved soon.


  10. A sepia blog hop is very cool! Love the pic of Marcus! Hope all is good now with the computer.


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