Monday, January 13, 2014

Brothers, Luke and Marcus

Abandoned pit mix brothers
These are the abandoned pups we blogged about last week.  Two medium-size male pit mix pups approximately 6 months of age.  The one on the left of the photo is brindle, the one on your right is chocolate, most likely from the same litter.  They have not had a good life so far but they are good dogs that just need some training and lots of love to help them get past the trauma of being left in a freezing house (went down into the single digits during the time they spent in a home with broken windows and no heat) for days with no food or water.  If you haven't read their story - Luke, Pups and Marcus.

They are on a rescue list being circulated and need to be pulled from the shelter ASAP. 

They are at the Upson County Animal Shelter. 2371 Yatesville Hwy Thomaston GA, 30286. If interested contact the shelter at 706-647-5586 or email       Pet ID: 14-48 &49 .

 Also our old friend Luke is in need of a new home.  He is not as urgent but he does need to be re-homed or fostered soon. 

He is a black and white Basset Hound mix, approximately 8 - 8 1/2 months of age.  He stayed with us for six weeks during the summer.  He was owned by the same family that abandoned the pups but, fortunately, was sold to a neighbor family before that.  They love him but sadly can't keep him. 

With all that went on last week, we forgot to keep mentioning Marcus is ready for adoption.  We'll let him tell you about himself in our post Marcus Speaks.

All four of the animals mentioned above are good dogs who need and deserve a good home. 

Public Service Announcement:

Our friend Evelyn sent us a link to this important video yesterday and although we shared it on facebook and twitter, a lot of our friends are not on either, so we decided to add it to our post today.  This is a very good message for both children AND adults on 9 volt batteries, something most of us have several of in our home and many humans recycle them.

This man lost his home to a fire (his family and pets all got out safely) and wants to warn everyone how to be safe with 9 volt batteries in the house.  Such a simple way to save lives!  Takes but a few seconds.

You might want to share this with your family and friends too.

If the video doesn't play, click here.


  1. Gosh, hope they find a good home

  2. We PRAY that they all have furever homes or good Fosters before Valentine's Day... THAT would be LOVEly wouldn't it?

  3. What cute puppers!

    We hope they find a home real soon...


  4. Those pups are adorable. I do hope they find a home real soon.

  5. Hope all the pups will find new homes !
    Smart thing to do with the batteries !

  6. I hope they all find homes. I just don't understand people who leave them abandoned.
    Sue B

  7. Our thoughts are with all you pups for finding your furever homes ASAP! Good luck in your search!!
    ((husky hugz))

  8. We so hope they all find happily ever afters, and SOON. We shared your post on Facebook, and tweeted it on Twitter. We sure hope it helps.

    Thank you for all you and others are doing for these pups.

  9. I really hope they find a new home soon.

  10. Heartbreaking. We're purring they all find good homes.


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