Friday, January 10, 2014

Chewy Luke and the Purries

 Today is Funny Farmer Feline day over at Mousebreath but before we introduce the cat bloggers we interviewed, we have some very good news!

Luke the Pee Machine
Yesterday we posted a story with this photo of Luke the Pee Machine, taken during the weeks he stayed with us this summer.  He was in boarding and from what we could understand was going into rescue because his ex-owners didn't train him and he's so strong!  Jan came home to a frantic phone message on the answering machine from the rescue lady who is trying to help get Luke's "siblings" out of the shelter.  "Where's Luke?  Is he okay?  Is he at the shelter?  Do we need to get him out too?"

So Jan walked over to ask the guy who helped her feed the 2 abandoned pups Tuesday if help is needed with Luke.  And guess what?

Chewy Luke
Meet Chewy Luke.  (One guess why he's now "Chewy" instead of  "Pee Machine.") Yep, Luke was in the yard of the neighbors who helped him when his original family kept him tied out or locked in a shed.  He was fresh out of boarding (because of the extreme cold weather) and a trip to the groomer.  They had a quick reunion and Jan hot-footed it home for the camera.  Luke is about 7 months now and as a Basset Hound mix, he's big.

Isn't he a big handsome boy? And such a shiny black coat. He remembered Jan and tried to climb over the fence.

Hey, Jan, pick me up!

You used to pick me up and carry me around.  Come on, pick me up! 

This is Luke and Teresa, the lady the neighbor sold Luke to (and then wanted him back).  Sorry about the laser eyes but Jan had to use flash to get the photo.

Teresa just happened to be there when Jan went by and Jan had a nice visit with the family.  Teresa aleady has several dogs and can't keep him at her house.  Family who live near us would like to keep him but one of their chihuahuas doesn't like him.  (I suspect that would be Peanut, who used to escape the fence and come visit Merci. He wouldn't allow Buddy or Sam near Merci while he was here.) 

They brought Chewy Luke in to visit Jan and she says he nearly broke her nose in a greeting.  She could tell the family loves him and they don't want to part with him, but they are looking for a good home.  There is someone who might want him, but Jan wouldn't be surprised if he ends up staying with this family.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, Jan is relieved to know he is finally safe - and happy!

And when Jan got home?  We ALL checked Luke's scent on her clothes.  Yes, we remember Luke too.

We enjoyed our interview with all the Purries of Purrchance to Dream -  Little Isis, Daphne, Bella, Jack, Sonora, Chili, Angelo, PJ, Diego, and Spooker - and we're sure you'll enjoy reading their story.

Stop by Mousebreath, the ezine for cats by cats, for the story of  The Furry Purries of Purrchance to Dream.  

Today is Rascal & Rocco's Pet Parade blog hop #23.  If you have a blog, you can join them.


  1. Such wonderful news for Luke. Chewy Luke sure was due for a break and looks like he finally got one.


  2. Me too keep paws crossed for Luke !
    Now of to Mousebreath :)

  3. Paws crossed. Jan is such a wonderful person to try to help all those doggies. Because of her they are all headed for a better life. YOu ROCK Jan.

  4. Glad to hear Luke is safe and hopefully home. Chewy Luke sounds like a real handful.

  5. So glad you interviewed this popular family!

  6. Chewy Luke looks like a character. Wishing him all the best!~xo~

  7. I think all the kids should live with momma Jan

  8. Chewy you are one gorgeous pup! Although probably a little big now to be carried around huh? Lol
    ((Husky bugz))
    "Love is being owned by a husky"

  9. we reely due hope luke finds hiz for evers home...that wood bee rockin awesum anda nother grate interviews guys ...we loves mo & de purries !!!

  10. He really is such a cutie. I read your other posts about him & so sad that he wasn't trained. Praying for the perfect forever home for him!

  11. Chewy Luke is a unique boy !
    Like his white color : )

    Purrs and Paw Crossed for him.

  12. Glad to hear these news ! We cross our paws for Luke ! Purrs

  13. Well, things are looking up for Luke, aren't they? What a big and handsome boy he's growing to be!

    Paws crossed that he finds a loving forever home, and soon.

  14. Bowsers, I love good news stories.



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