Friday, February 01, 2013

A Panther & 2 Tigers

This week we Funny Farmer Felines interviewed the happy trio of Abby Normal, Stygian Panther & Styx. A good-looking family with mischief behind those innocent faces.  You can read their story, including why Stygia's name is actually Worm, in 2 Tigers & A Panther on Mousebreath.

As to yesterday's post Casa de Buddy Has No Reverse, we'd like to thank you for your prayers.  Micah is doing well.  He went exploring again last night and climbed to some new spots.  Jan's thought this was wonderful.   He always just stayed wherever he was placed in the living room unless Percy chased him off and has only started scoping out the rest of the house since Monday.. Guess almost dying gives a fraidy cat courage.

Buddy is ... well, Buddy.  Still attacking everything with his ecollar.

Jan's leg started to drain last night and she finally got a little rest.  However, it's 12 noon and she's late with our breakfast again.  We're going to have to go see what her excuse is this time.  Have a good weekend.


  1. Glad to hear the purrs and prayers are working for Micah and Jan. We will keep them up, and throw in some extra ones that Buddy can get that cone off soon!

    Off to go read your interview of our pals Abby, Stygian Panther and Styx.


  2. yay, yay, yay N yay !!!!! and tell yur mom ta put a slice oh trout on her leg..her will bee amazed at dee ree sults !!! hope everee one haza grate week oh end :)

  3. Oh my stars! :-( Just read about Micah and his respiratory problems, then Buddy and his collar and toesies and Jan... oh dear!!:-(

    Please all of you get better and stay well!! And look after yourselves and purrs and prayers for all of you!!

    Take care

  4. I am glad to hear everyone is improving!

  5. We're so glad to hear Jan is doing better, and Micah too! And that Buddy is, well...Buddy! MOL! Also very happy to hear Spenser found a home!


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