Thursday, January 31, 2013

Casa de Buddy Has No Reverse

This is a challenging time at Casa de Buddy-Has-No-Reverse.  We've been busy.  Well, Jan has been busy and Buddy has been busy beating her up.  But we've just been trying to keep out of Jan and Buddy's way.

Last week we almost lost Micah.  He'd only been here 4 months and suddenly he had a horrible respiratory infection.  It came to where Jan was trying to figure out how she was going to dig a grave in the cold, hard ground because he wasn't responding.  Last Friday night he started to rally.  Just a little and he picked up over the weekend.  Jan kept feeding him a little at a time and he ate every bite and lapped up the water with it. 

He's lost some weight but he started spending his evenings investigating the house.  He was getting really brave until Percy went after him again last night.  Time will tell whether Micah will go back to hiding or stake a claim in the house.

Buddy chewed and licked himself back into the 2 soft ecollars so his skin can heal.  But they didn't stop him, so he had to go back into the HATED plastic ecollar.  (Hated by Jan and anyone / anything that gets near him.) 

Yep, he's terrorizing the furniture, the house, us furries, and especially Jan again.  He has no reverse.  When he runs into an obstacle, he just keeps banging against it until it moves, the cone bends or he knocks things over.

Jan is so concerned about him beating the light protection off the collar and cutting his neck again that she contacted the manufacturer.  Who said the same thing always said about Buddy - We never heard of such a thing before.  That's cause they haven't met Buddy!

The company has kindly offered to send him an inflatable collar to see if that helps.  We can't wait!

While wearing the cone, Jan notice when she'd remove it so we dogs can take her walking, Buddy would immediately start chewing on a front paw.  It looked fine.  Then she removed the collar and he started chewing and crying.  So Jan took him out on the front porch so he'd be closer to her old eyes, twisted his paw and practically stood on her head, and finally found the problem.

 That was only part of one dew claw.  It had curved back so tightly and grown faster than the other one.  Right into his paw.  And the side of his paw had swelled over it so it couldn't be seen except from an uncomfortable angle for both Jan and Buddy.  The only dog clippers Jan has have to go over the end of the nail in order to cut it.  Fortunately, Jan had an old pair of cat clippers that made the cut without cutting Buddy.  But he screamed to loud someone across the street stopped to see what abuse Buddy was getting. 

You're thinking this is the end of the post now, aren't you?  Well, it's not.  It's Jan's turn. 

A small cut on Jan's leg started getting infected.  She isn't able to go walking with us dogs and screeches like she's being killed if any of us even get within sprinting distance.  But Buddy keeps sneaking up and ramming / scraping the ecollar on the infection site.  (Do any of you have any spare ear plugs?  We could use some.)  If any of your humans would care to pray for her Jan, we're sure she'd appreciate it.  So would we.


  1. Purrs from the boys and universal healing Light and prayers from you all.

    Enough's enough....You're all due for smooth sailing in calm, peaceful waters, as it were.

  2. My goodness - this is certainly enough injuries and illness at your house. Sending mega purrs for you all. Still smiling at your description of Buddy going forward with his collar until he got thru! Glad he is there to make us all smile!

    cats of wildcat woods

  3. Oh Jan! I'm so sorry you're having all these problems. Sending purrs and prayers for all. Please all get well soon.

    Jan and Milo and Alfie xxxx

  4. Mowzers! You guys are having a rough week for sure! So very glad Micah's doing better!

  5. We will add our Crossed Paws fur some smoother sailing....
    And WAY fewer owies.

  6. Poor Jan and Buddy. We're purring that things will get better soon.

  7. Yikes! Purrs to Micah and to Buddy...and to Jan too!

  8. Hi Hope things improve there for your leg and the furries. We also had a dew claw that did this and had to use a wire cutter the cut it in the middle before being able to trim it. Hope you are all feeling better by now. Big big hugs to you all.

  9. Wow, all three of you need some purrs! I hope you all continue to get better.

  10. Oh boy do you have your hands full! Hugs!!!! It's just one thing on top of another over there! Hope you get some relief soon!

  11. We send our purrs to Jan, Buddy and Micah and hope you are all soon better.

  12. Oh dear Jan we are so sorry. WE hope everyone heals and recovers soon.

  13. I use children's clear pedialyte when one of my boyz is out of sorts, ICE gets it to if he starts showing signs of a seizure coming on, it is the best thing I have found to help when one is not feeling well.
    Also for calming, the Thundershirt....
    is great! It really does work but is not meant to be worn all day.
    Our neighbor's little Rosy, was always afraid of dogs and our ICE gets so excited when little people are around so I bought the Thundershirt and her Mom couldn't believe it was the same dog. Needless to say, Rosy and ICE are now best friends! I hope you get a well needed break of good luck JAN. =^Y^=Holly

  14. OMD...Where do I ever begin! Guess the best thing is to just say me and my pack all have our paws crossed that things get back to normal and all the ouchies in your house go away soon.

  15. Yikes! That is way too much confusion fer US ta even contemplate! We will just go nap in the quiet of the bedroom!

    But our Best Purrs to everybody, hoping things get all better pretty fast!

  16. Healing purrs to all who need them, glad Micah rallied. We are sending an extra dose of healing purrs to him.

    Comforting purrs for all the Funny Farmers including Jan.

    We hopes everything gets back to OK soon.

  17. Sending comforting purrrrrrrring to Micah, Buddy, and especially Jan. You could all use a little break.

  18. Yikes. That's a whole lot of badness going on there. We're purring for you all. Especially Buddy, Micah and Jan!

    Much love and big hugs!

  19. Oh No Mom Jan,
    This is chaos ! I'm so sorry, I send many many purrs and paws crossed for Buddy, Micah and You !
    I hope this is the end of trouble, and I hope you all get well soon
    ((((( hugs )))))))

  20. we can not even believe all the bummer mews you guys have right now! more than any farmer should have to go through. poor kitty Micah ... so glad he is rallying a little bit. Buddy sure had a time of pain until you found the problem...such a claw should be outlawed...what good is it anyway? extra stuff no creature really needs....
    POOR Jan...please take the greatest care with that infected wound...keep it clean and watch it close...Vitamin E over it helps healing.
    We are sure concerned for all of you and wish you all a mighty quick recovery!
    love from all of us at the cozy cottage

  21. Wow! It sounds like it could be a wild time over at your place. We sure hope everyone is on the mend asap. Sending many purrs your way.

  22. You guy'z are sure having a bad week, sending you big hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  23. OMC, you all have been going through some terrible times. I will send good throught and purrs and you all will get better and be back to your ole selves soon. I hope Micah is doing better and poor sweet Buddy. Not only is the horrible cone with him but his poor foot. That had to really hurt. And Jan, hope you take things easy and your leg gets better soon. Each day you will all get better, I hope, which mean next week will be a better one.

  24. micah N buddy: pleez ta tell jan ta chek out this site...

    seer ee iz lee...

    tell her ta check out like GNC ore a similar shoppe and get sum pure unrefined coconut oil for her OWN in fect shunz

    tell her we gotz purrayerz a plentee ta pass round

    tell her trooly it could be werst;

    sam coulda eated hiz hole hat; dee sided him likes wool N mewved on ta chewin de bed coverinz

    percy N merci could be playin de name game; non stop; percy percy merci foe fee fi percy, mimi my merci...percy

    cyndi coulda taked de masterCAT card N went on a onlinez shoppin trip that ewe bee un awarez of til next month's billin

    and cameron N rusty coulda took de car, drove it cross state, purchased ill legal nip N iz now on de lamb which brings uz bak ta sam N hiz thing for wool

    haza grate week oh end !!

  25. We are sending lots if good thoughts your way
    Benny & Lily

  26. LOts of purrs that everyone gets better and things settledown.

  27. holy moly and how scary.....

    purrs to Micah and Jan and Buddy and everyone else for quick healing. we have heard about those inflatable collars and that they work pretty well.

  28. My things have been pretty hectic at the Funny Farm from the sounds of it.

    Glad to hear Micah has recovered, under Jan's careful Nursing care.

    Maybe you just need to tranquilize Buddy for awhile - so everyone can heal up and get better.

    Purrs & headbutts for Jan.

    I'll tell Pellie to say a prayer or two for her.


  29. Purrs to Micah and Jan. Lots are happening at your place. Hope things will settle nicely soon. Thinking of you all.

  30. Bowsers, it is a good thing your Mom loves Buddy.


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