Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Dogs and Cat Post

Uh, remember us? We're the good-looking woofies that live here - Merci, Sam & Buddy.  Well, you probably remember Buddy.  He was the guy wearing the lampshades in our last post.  But Sam and I get overlooked since we don't get to post as often and the Funny Farmer Felines hog our Friday post.  Well,  anyway, take a good look.  It might be a while before you see us again.

You can probably guess we're the dogs in the title.  We'll introduce you to Cat after a short, cute video.

We fell in love with the cat in this video.  He has such spirit.

Caffrey is a black Persian with only 2 legs, both on the same side, yet he enjoys life.  He even runs, unlike a two-legger we know and have to share this computer with.  We don't think she even knows how to spell the word run.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We recently met a new human.. Her cats and dogs have been blogging since 2010, but they are new to us. . Her name is Cat (short for Catherine, so don't confuse her with her blogging cats) and the blog is Weez Da Bad Cats & Da Meen Dawgs. She hails from Geneva, Switzerland and also has an Etsy shop called Hamlin Design that sells some kitty items -among them little zipper cats in different colors she sculpts out of polymer clay ..

**Oh, Jan is grumbling someting about they are NOT zipper cats, they are key fobs/zipper pulls.**

Cat makes other animals too - dogs and rabbits, for example - and sends them all over the world, so there might be some living in your country already. 

You can read about the zipper pulls here. And you can check out other items while you're there.

We're not doing a review.  We're just introducing you and Cat to each other, if you haven't yet met.  


  1. Caffrey gets along quite well! So great to see you woofies. Hope you have a happy Wednesday. XOXOXO

  2. Hooray for Buddy !!!! It's good, isn't it ? 100 % yourself : )
    I'm so happy for you !
    Happy Hug

  3. Hello doggies! Tell your mom that you deserve extra pats on the head today!
    Oh that poor kitty! But he sure is getting along fine, isnt he?

  4. Well, Merci and Sam.......guess you guys just need to wear lampshades and you'll get to post too! BOL

    That kitty is amazing. Don't feel bad about Jan. My Mom can't run either. Some days she can hardly even walk! :)

  5. I sure am glad you are doing better Buddy! That cat in that video is really super special and amazing.

  6. You guys look so cute posing all together
    Benny & Lily

  7. rock on caffrey...ewe rock dood....N thanx merci, buddy N sam for de link ta meet sum mew pals :)

  8. We think that cat is absolutely amazing - what an achievement for him to do what he does.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Hi Merci and Sam. It's so nice to see you (and of course you, too, Buddy ... even though we saw you yesterday). :)

    Caffrey is amazing. And we bet he doesn't even think of himself as being different. Animals are so great that way.

  10. What an amazing kitty!

    We will have to check out Hamlin Designs. WE love Etsy!
    We just love all the stuff your Miss Jan shares with us!

  11. What an incredible kitty! He don't let anything get him down! And Cats sculptures is very cool too!


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