Monday, February 18, 2013

Thankful Buddy and Funny Farmers

Remember Buddy in his ecollar to try to keep him from licking and chewing so his skin could heal?  The collar is heavy and a very thin layer of non-soft material wears off, the plastic and digs into the dog's neck.  This happened with the last one but this is the only ecollar sold in this area. And the only size that covers Buddy's nose so he can't reach any part of his body.  It wraps about 1 1/2 times around his head.  Can you imagine walking around with that heavy thing dragging your head down?  Jan asked the manager at Petsense why they don't carry a softer collar and she said she'd never heard of one.  ????

After walking into things for a time, this is what the outside edge of the collar looks like.

And this is what the part that goes around Buddy's neck looks like. The edge that's all scruffed is not soft. But even though his skin was getting better while he wore this,  his neck and the back of his ears became raw and bloody while waiting for Cardinal Pet to keep their word and send Buddy an inflatable collar to prevent this from happening again.  He has been waiting since January 28th.  .

Of course the moment Buddy was out of the collar, he chewed himself raw and bloody everywhere he could reach. Jan tried pinning him in a towel or in a t-shirt - nothing worked.  He'd pop the pins or get a leg through.

So imagine Jan's surprise when she opened a package Saturday and found this inside.

 It's not a hard plastic and not too thin/soft. It's thick, sturdy and uses velcro.  Can you see how happy Buddy is to be modeling it?  hehehe

Percy:  Buddy, is that you in there?

Buddy:  Of course it's me.  Who else would Jan make wear one of these?

And this arrived with it.  It's a post surgical suit with rows of snaps.  Neat!  Jan asked Buddy to model it but he said not if he has to put his feet through the legs!  (He does not like to be "dressed.") He's been through so much lately Jan didn't make him model it.  But if he was doing as poorly as he was a week ago, he'd have been in the ecollar while his feet were slid though the legs. 

We are grateful to the Slimmer Pugs & Purrs for sending these items.  They will be so useful for Buddy's recurring skin problems.  Buddy isn't happy about it but Jan now has an ecollar to put on him for a bit after she puts the Zymox on his skin so he can't lick it off immediately.

This is supposed to be a photo of all the items we received last week.  You will have to imagine 3 6-pound bags of Whiskas cat food included.  Jan forgot them because they are well-hidden. to keep Percy from opening all the bags and throwing food to the rest of us. 

We are so thankful for each of the items, as well as the funds deposited into PayPal.  Jan was able to order some items which should help Buddy internally.   Buddy doesn't mind Jan putting the Zymox on his skin, as it doesn't burn or make him itch more.  Hopefully, he is on his way to healthier skin.

We learned today that we were supposed to get an email address for each of the items shipped, but we didn't get a single one.  We did get a few pieces of paper ("gift cards") with a name, some with a message, and a couple with the name on the packing slip, but we received 4 boxes with no name and no paperwork at all.  One box had broken open at the bottom.  If there was a "gift card," it was lost.  So if you have not received a thank you email from us, it's only because we aren't aware of your name.  Please let us know if this is the case.  We are not ungrateful.  And we would like to thank you.

Pete was too young to die from thoracic thrombosis, but he did.  And Mo is missing him terribly.  Stop by Purrchance to Dream to leave a comment.

Sanjee of House of the Mostly Black Cats has mouth cancer and Mom Robyn is sad.

Selina of One Eye on the also sick and could use some encouragement.


  1. How nice to receive the packages from caring furriends. We hope the new collar helps Buddy heal.

  2. Oh Jan, it makes me so happy that you received the flexible ecollar. I know that Laure and I searched for lots of things for you on Amazon for the list and am so glad you received so many good things.
    And bless you for posting about Pete. I'm just devastated.
    We are sending tons of love to you, and praying for Sanjee and Selina.

  3. Buddy's gotta consider the new collar and onesie a kinda mixed blessing. But he should be more comfortable and heal up a little better now.

  4. Awwww sweet Buddy!! Let's hope this wonderful amazing collar will do the trick! Take care

  5. We hope Buddy starts to heal now in his new collar. Those are great packages you received.

  6. OMD those are PERFECT fur you Buddy!! It is gonna be a bit like that furst time you gotta put a coat on in the winter.. Not FUN butt when you suddenly feel BETTER.. it makes it all worthwhile.

  7. That is so wonderful!!!!

  8. Hooray for Buddy!

    Take care, dude!

    Yes, Pet Bloggers is the greatest!

    Nikita and Elvira

  9. Oh Buddy! Now you have a super duper lampshade
    Benny & Lily

  10. That is sooooo cool Buddy and that will be much better for you!

  11. Buddy, your mom is so smart ! I'm glad she found out the better way for you ! Purrs more for you Buddy !

  12. We are thankful that Buddy has a new, more user friendly cone! We sure hope this helps with the healing process. :)

    How neat that you got so much stuff. Are blogging pals not the best?


  13. This is wonderful! We hope the new, softer and hopefully more comfortable cone will help Buddy's skin heal.

  14. What wonderful gifts you've received!

    We are also very happy that Buddy is going to have a chance to heal properly. It's too bad he doesn't care to model his suit--it looks very smart!
    Sincerely, the gang at Talk With The Paws

  15. I hope Buddy has a chance to properly heal now!

  16. hope yur new collar werks out for ya buddy !!

  17. That is terrific that those pugs sent you that nice package and I am sure Buddy is much happier. Wow, look at all those treats and food. That is just great. Enjoy.

  18. When we saw the post that pete had been rushed to the emergency vet, it was like a repeat of what happened to us, to the letter, 2 years ago.

    We were just heartbroken about it and dreaded hearing what we knew was coming. Our hearts hurt extra bad for Mo and family because that's how we lost Ryker.

    It's never easy to lose a beloved family member, but there's just something about the shock of this kind of sudden loss. Our hearts weep for them.


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