Monday, February 04, 2013

6 Flags and 5 Fruitcakes

As many of you know, Mr. Pip has been unwell for some time and has decided to live his bucket list on a world tour with his nurse Puddles. We are privileged they agreed to come to our small Georgia town for a visit. We didn't think just a tour of local historic buildings would be of much interest to world travelers, so we decided to do something fun.

They arrived very early, as we dogs had a full day planned and we wanted to miss the morning rush hour traffic.  They came bouncing over the curb onto the lawn with big smiles and a trunk full of munchies. 

We piled into the car, bounced over the curb, and headed for Six Flags over Georgia, about 75 miles (1 3/4 hours) away.  It was a very uncomfortable trip, as huge Sam and big Buddy had to ride with their heads out opposite windows with little Merci squashed between them in the back seat. (The cats wisely declined to ride in the little car with all of us.)

However, Puddles' reputation as a .... a ... what is the word?... driver preceded her, so we figured we could make it there in less time.  Were we ever right! We only caused two accidents that we know of.  One as we were rolling to a stop at a light next to a couple in a heated argument and Buddy stuck his nose in the passenger window to suggest they get counseling.  The other when ... no, you really don't need to hear that story. Let's just say, Sam nearly swallowed a big bug but manged to spit it at a passing motorist instead.  (We were passing the motorist, not .vice versa)

When we arrived, we had to wait a few minutes for Sam and Buddy to unfold from the back seat and stretch.

We took a quick look around, then decided to start off with a tame ride, the Superman Ultimate Flight, which riders take lying on the stomach traveling head first.

Puddles:  This is too tame.  What do they have more daring?

Pip:  Well, we could let you drive it, Puddles.  That would certainly be daring.

We tried the Ninja  Rollercoaster next. Whee-hoo!

Disclaimer: The following 2 videos were not taken by us but by two-leggers who shared their rides with the world.  

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Puddles: That's more like it but it's still too tame.

Merci:  Are you out of your mind?

Pip:  It wasn't too bad, Merci.

To make Puddles happy, we then rode the Georgia Cyclone, a wooden roller coaster.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Puddles:  Whee!  That was bone-jarring fun.  Let's do it again.

Pip:  I think it jarred my bladder into my tailbone.  I need to find a tree.

Actually, after that ride, we all needed to find a tree.  And then a smiling Japanese tourist snapped a photo of us in front of the Ninja Rollercoaster as a memento of this day.  As if we ever could forget it.

Back: Sam & Buddy
Front: Puddles, Merci & Pip

We rode the Mindbender, Batman, Goliath, the Log Jamboree and even visited the Haunted House.   Pip didn't want to miss anything and Puddles couldn't get enough of the exciting rides.  Amazingly, none of us barfed on any of the rides or riders, although Puddles did manage to spill a bag of Cheetos on the head of a guy in the seat ahead of us. (We were racing straight downhill at the time.)

The ride back was .... well, eventful.  But we survived.  And so did the cow.  She is likely traumatized for life, though, and will never try to cross a road again.

Our next adventure was a leisurely ride down the Flint River. 

At least it was leisurely while Buddy was driving.  Then Puddles said she has always wanted to drive a boat. Merci protested, but too late.  Puuuuuuuuuuudles, slow down, you'll get us arrested!  Poor Sam is so tall and top-heavy he nearly fell overboard.

We returned the boat and headed to our last stop - Riverbend Restaurant.  Surrounded by woods and with a beautiful view of the river we had just survived, we sat down to an all you can eat catfish dinner.  We had a few strange looks.  Our napkins were neatly tucked into our collars and we used our claws to de-bone the fish..  Seriously, you'd think the diners had never seen dogs eat in the restaurant before. 
Boy, were Pip and Puddles surprised and happy to find as long as they kept eating, plate after plate of piled catfish would keep appearing on the table.  Pip put a stop to a rather loud disagreement at the next table.  Two boys were arguing over who got the last catfish on the plate.  Pip walked over over, grabbed it and tossed it to Puddles. End of problem.

Then we headed home so they could visit with our cat siblings, the Funny Farmer Felines.  We stopped on the way for some primo nip so they would soon forget about missing the catfish deal.

All too soon, Pip and Puddles had to leave. We traded sniffs and pawtaps and then waved good-bye as Puddles hit the gas pedal and the low car spurted across the lawn, bounced over the curb and raced up the street.

Pip and Puddles, thank you for visiting us on your world tour.  We wish you could have stayed longer, but we know you have so many other places to travel.

Mr. Pip, we hope you have lots and lots of time to complete your bucket list. We love you - and Miss Puddles too.

Nurse Puddles, thank you for not driving up a wall or off a cliff while you were here.  (We'll keep mum about some of the events of the day so you won't be arrested.) Please continue to take good care of Pip.  We know you will, but have you considered hiring a chauffeur?  We're not sure a dog with a heart condition should be riding with you. On the other hand, Pip has evidently become so accustomed to your driving, he barely noticed those wild, heart-stopping rides we went on today. 

We hate to end a fun post on a sad note, but our dear friend Asta will be having surgery Friday. 
Asta can use your prayers for a positive outcome!  Her mom and dad are very worried about what the surgery might find. We hope for good news.


  1. Awwwwwwww what a great tour but those rides are SCARY!!!

    Another fun trip with Mr Pip and Puddles!

    Take care

  2. Good to have visitors!

    So sad about sweet Asta. We are purring and praying for good results on Friday. :((

  3. Only two accidents ...that's not bad, right? Who could blame Sam for spitting that big bug out the window ...wasn't his fault that other car was in the way.

    Poor little Merci crammed in the back time you sit up front with Puddles.

  4. Remind me next time not to eat 3 cheeseburgers before the next roller coaster ...the guy in front of us should have been glad it was just Cheetos that spilled on his head of us could have mistaken him for a tree. Bahahahahaaaa

    Aren't there any calm rides like maybe a nice Merry-go-round I could take a ride on ...

  5. Pawsome we love scary rides. Have a marvelous Monday. Our paws are crossed for Asta.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. OH that was too funny!! I cant believe you let Puddles drive that boat!! Least you all are still alive!! Sounds like a fun visit!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  7. What a great visit. Hats off to all who went on the roller coaster rides. Yikes!

  8. Sounds like you got plenty of wild rides Puddles. What a fun time all of you had. At least Puddles didn't get arrested this time.
    We sure are sorry about Asta and hope her surgery goes well.

  9. I brought the kitties a doggie bag full of catfish.

  10. What a great time at the amusement park! We would not like those fast rides at all.

    Pip and Puddles have some good shananigans going on. After all that, we're surprised that the Po-Po didn't show up.

    Thank you Jan's Funny Farm for hosting Pip and Puddles on their Bucket List Tour.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. Our paws are crossed for Asta. We will stop over at their blog.

  11. WOW what an exciting time you showed Mr. PIP. I think I would have barfed for sure on the coasters. You know Puddles should be an amusement ride.

  12. OK We think you have hit upon somethingy Grrrreat... take Pip and Puddles to a THRILL PARK and it gets some.. SOME .. of their wild ways outta their systems!!! Heck they didn't DESTROY your home... or STEAL any of your stuffs... OR.. WAIT..I just realized that after they Chipped the Curb.. you QUICKLY PILED into the car of death and destruction... and NEVER LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE.. GENIUS... BRILLIANT... GOOD THINKING!!
    You just SAVED your HOME and STUFFS by not lettin them NEAR!!
    Glad you didn't have the PoPo Picking you up and Puttin you in the Pokey!!!

    OMDs mom and i will be back after we take a box of Dramaine!!!
    Jumpin' Catfish that was the roller coaster ride from he double hockey sticks. If that ride didn't satisfy Puddles need for speed nothing would.
    great tour you Georgia Peaches sure now how to have a good time.
    Hugs madi

  14. We wanted to say that PIP did a wonderful job of solving the Catfish Problem in the restaurant. THAT was a good way to end the dilemma and drama that was SURE to come.
    You REALLY DID show P & P a super FINE TIME.

  15. drivin' is AWEEEEEEESOME today...only 2 accidents...go me...go me...go me!

    Dang, I can't believes I wasted them Cheetos whn I spilt 'em. Maybe we should looks fur 'em.


  16. I tolded Merci to sit down in da boat but nobuddy ever listns to me...and I prolly shouldn't has been tryin to jump da dock bad.

    Nows lemme gets dis's fish dat be called catfish but it really ain't a cat, it's fish...mind blowin' but dog gone it is delish.
    Pip, pass me some of dat tarter sauce stuffs.


  17. CATFISH ????

    CAT FISH !!!

    hay, looks like everee one hada sooooper grate time....

    we wooda loved de flint river :)

  18. Wow, you guys sure are brave! Looks like a lot of fun :-)

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  19. See now??? This is just what I'm talkin about... Puddles thinks it is a GOOD DAY... when she ONLY causes TWO (2) wrecks.
    RiverBEND Restaurant... Perfect place to take Pip and Puddles beclaws...
    those two have definately... Gone AROUND the BEND... and it was not a Safe Journey!!

  20. This is the best bucket we have ever heard of. So happy you are having so much fun!

  21. Such a fun trip! I am sure that Puddles is not used to going that slow!

  22. Weeeeeeeeeeee ...let's jump another dock! Docking could be a whole new sport.

    Oops, hope that guy didn't mind that we took out all his fishing gear AND lookie here - more catfish! Finders keepers, losers weepers

  23. What a fantastic tour and what fun.. I loved seeing all the fun pictures.. Hugs GJ xx

  24. OMD you let Puddles drive a boat!! I can't even imagine what that was like. The catfish sounds yummy and good old Pip sure knows how to fix and argument, just give it to Puddles, problem solved. What a great day you had with all those rides. I can't believe nobody left and any "packages" on the rides when they left. That was a pawsome day and I can imagine you are all exhausted.

    Loveys Sasha

  25. Whoa that was some roller coast ride!

  26. What a fun time. We didnt know y'all lived here. We should have a real fur play date sometime.Sally Ann would love to meet y'all. Andy isn't the most social outside of doggie day care. We live in Atlanta. Our Mommy has many memories six flags from growing up here. Many school trips there. Perhap we could meet up with Pathes and d her Mommy
    Sally Ann an Andy's Mommy

  27. Guys!! That was crazypants WILD!! We would have gone on those rollercoasters with you all no problemo! And all that yummy food.Yummy! A good time was certainly had by all..:)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  28. Well that was indeed a roller coaster ride of a visit.....I can imagine a pawsome time was had by all

  29. Whoaaahhh... I can't believe you took P & P on these rollarcoasters! Looks like they had tons of fun though! Thanks for sharing these fun rollercoaster rides! It'll take me a while to walk straight now.. lol.

  30. That sounds like such a fun visit with Pip and Puddles! Rollercoasters and FOOD? Pawsome! We especially like the part about the FOOD! :)

    We're purring and praying for Asta.

  31. What a busy fun day you all had. You couldn't pay the mom here enough $$$$ to get on one of those coasters. So glad that you could spend the time together.
    Sending purrs and good thoughts to dear sweet Asta as she gets ready for her surgery on Friday. My heart is heavy as I think of her having to have an operation. I pray that the results will be good and she will have a speedy recovery.

  32. That was some roller coaster ride!

    Great adventure!

  33. Me has so enjoyed Pip's Bucket trip and Boy oh Boy this installment is the bestest!

  34. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I regret we couldn't watch the videos cos TW has vertigo and her verti went. HAH!

  35. Our purrs to Mr Pip for a happy bucket journey...

  36. oh my CAT! Mommy loves rollercoasters but we kittehs HATE them! *shudder* Purrs for Asta - any news yet?


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