Monday, February 11, 2013

Fish and Gifts

 You know those little edibles with fins that swim around in tanks all day to tease us?  When one became disabled and couldn't remain buoyant, the owner fashioned a little fishie harness for it.  What a caring heart this person has!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We're way behind on posting, so we'll share a couple of things with you today.

An anonymous (not to us) human sent us a Pawalla box 
We kitties have been enjoying this and the treats can even be shared wit the dogs.

Here is Percy checking out the bag we won in a drawing at Brian's Home.

And we got a similar one from Mousebreath.

The back is the same on both of them.  (Sorry it's a bit wrinkled.  Jan hid them until she could take the photos but we found them and took turns napping on them. 

Things have been a bit hectic and we haven't been able to post very often, but we're still here.  Timid Micah is slowing blending into the family since his illness. He moved himself from his perch in the living room to the kitchen once he was up and around, but Jan still closes him in the bedroom at night to be sure he gets enough to eat and has a chance to play. 

Buddy's skin was healing nicely until last week when Jan discovered the plastic cone (ecollar) had torn up the underside of his neck again so he's chewed himself bloody since the cone came off.  The company that made the collar was supposed to send an inflatable collar since their "padding" is inadequate for a big dog running into things, but it has not arrived.  So things are not great with Buddy but Jan is working on him.  Thanks for the suggestions and help some of you have given. 

We think Jan's leg is healing but since she's not screaming when anything touches her, we're wondering if she's still alive.

Enough news.  Have a good day.


  1. we iz tellin ya...if yur mom puts a trout round her leg N walkz round with it on for a week ore two, de nastee infectshun will bee heeled N gone N her will be amazed how good her smells :) way awesum goodz evereee one getted...buddy...sorree dood bout de collar mess :(

  2. It's so nice to see a post from you, friends. Thank you for cacthing us up on stuff! :)

    That fish harness is pretty amazing. You're right ... that person must have an incredible heart. And that Pawalla box and those bags are FAB!

    Continued prayers and purrs for Micah's continued integration, Buddy's skin ad Jan's leg.

    Oh, guess what? Sammy gets to come home today! We are picking him up this afternoon! :)

  3. RE: Micah's continued integration, Buddy's skin ad Jan's leg...

    Purrs, purrayers, and healing vibes, from

    Nikita, Elvira, and Daddy Kiril

  4. I am glad to hear your human is starting to get better - they are so much trouble when they are incapacitated! That was very cool that you got the Pawalla box!

  5. You all have a good day.. Love and hugs to your mum GJ xx

  6. I'm glad you like the bag, and yes, they do make purrfect nap spots. I am glad Micah is giving it a go and that you and Buddy are doing some better.

  7. Awww glad to read you are all healing and getting better!! Keep getting better please!!

    Awww that goldfish is so lucky to have such a caring human! Yay!!

    Hoorah for your treats and lovely bag! Take care

  8. Lots of goodies for you. Hope you get the ecollar thing worked out.

  9. Those were some pawsome goodies. We are glad Jan is starting to feel better and we hope Buddy is doing a bit better too.

  10. Awwwww, so nice to help the little fishie out. I would have like to see the human put the floatie on the fishie.
    Glad that Rusty is doing better and that Micah is settling in a little better. I haven't been to Mousebreath to read the latest interview but will head there tomorrow. Mom is a slacker, what can I say.

  11. We are sorry that Buddy is having trouble. We are so happy that the gold fish is able to move around!


  12. Poor Buddy. We hope that inflatable collar gets there soon.

  13. Purring for you all, especially for Miss Jan (she's very special to us)

  14. Buddy ! Be good !,,I send more purrs to you and your mom. It's pawsome to hear you get better, and looks you guys got lots of treats and bags !.and Buddy, repeat ! Be good !!,
    Take care

  15. As Sparkle says it is tiresome when humans get incapacitated. They tend to ignore us too much. Glad she is feeling better .... trusting that she actually IS still alive!!??? >^,,^<

  16. We are glad to find the report on how you all are doing. We are keeping the prayers going and hope all will be doing perfectly fine very soon. Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Sending super speedy healing vibes your way!


  18. Oh how I wish I had thought of that when our goldfish Herbie was on his side, instead I held him upright for over and hour while instructing my kids in what to bring me. After adding a bit of salt and an hour of keeping him up, he was able to hold his own, we bought a bigger tank, better filter and some smooth rocks. Herbie lived for 8 years and my kids had a burial in the backyard. All life is precious!
    Glad that Micah is better, poor Buddy, we hope he heals soon and Jan's leg too=^Y^=

  19. FaRADaY: well, I totally understood your "if she's not screaming we wonder if she's alive" comment, but then Maxwell told me I was insensitive. MOI?!? HRMPF.

    Allie: we're very glad things are beginning to move in a positive direction. At least for Jan & Micah. (BUDDY! Stop chewing!!)


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