Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Funny Farmers Planning to Backup

Romeo's Staff requested some volunteers for a campaign she's working on and Jan stepped right up.  Remember the Bill Gaither fur-lebrity creation we fired Jan over?  She should have learned a lesson from that about volunteering.  And before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at us, please understand Jan would be the first to admit she's a techno-idiot.  What would she do without us to come to her rescue?

She couldn't access the site.  Yes, you read that right, she could not access the necessary site to do her research. When she'd click on the link, her antivirus would refuse to let her visit.  While she was still scratching her head, we googled the link and found it was a simple problem:  the http url automatically redirects to https, which means it is secure. The same thing happens with a PayPal link in email, but PayPal is well-known to our antivirus and SurDoc is a fairly new company. But our av thought this strange link was redirecting us to a different site. (This is protection we're really glad to have!)

This is our blog and we want to use the computer, so we pushed Jan out of the typing chair .. um, we suggested she have a late lunch, and took over the project so we can get this posted before Christmas. Here it is, furries!

SurDoc, an online document storage / backup company, has a marketing director who learned a lesson from a cat. We cats like to sit, sleep, walk, and on occasion hack up a hairball on a computer keyboard, which can result in a deleted file or more.  So the company would like to remind all of you to backup, backup, backup.  No, don't back up on the keyboard.  Backup your computer files.  And catproof your computer.

** If your cat doesn't type (unlike us), you might want to keep them away from the computer.  Give them a safe zone - a basket or a cat tower nearby.

** Turn off the computer when finished with it. This is to void the invitation a warm computer waves at a kitty.  This will not deter a Percy, though.  Our Percy likes to dump the DSL modem and camera and sleep on the tower even when its cold. 

** Use a keyboard drawer (preferably one that doesn't pop open like ours does cause the floor isn't level), stand the keyboard on end, or cover it with a long basket when you leave the room.  Otherwise, pick up the kitty and take it with you.

**Close CD / DVD drive and printer tray.

**Jan keeps a clean, soft paintbrush and a can of compressed air handy to dust the fans and components every few days before turning it on.. (We help by shedding profusely so these items do not go unused.)

** Don't party on the keyboard or invite your furry friends over to do this. All crumbly edibles and niptinis should be consumed on the human's pillow.

** Auto-save often!

Is your human like Jan? She has external storage but she'll get busy and forget to backup regularly.  External storage media can fail so a lot of folks turn to online storage sites.  We signed up (us, not Jan, she couldn't even find the site, remember!) and we're taking advantage of a special offer during this educate the humans to move the cats off the computer (as if!) campaign.

Jan has been hogging the computer again, but we hope to soon be able to do automatic backups of our photos and Jan's designs. We have over 15 gb of photos on the computer so we figure it's going to take a year to upload them to our new storage.  Yes, we're exaggerating but we've got a senile computer with slow internet so it will take a good while..At this time, Mac users need to upload their files manually.  Romeo's Staff says she did it and it was "easy peasy." 

We have been corresponding with a nice lady from SurDoc who has confirmed --
  •    When uploaded SurDoc converts files into visual files so they maintain their formatting. Your files are always uploaded unchanged. If you want to view and edit them online you will see them in our special "VisiDoc" format, however, for backup purposes, when you download them back to your computer they are exactly the same. 
  •    With the premium account you get with the code "catproof" there is no limit on file size so you can upload your biggest files.
  •    Once you have the SurDoc program installed on your computer, you can adjust the upload settings to tell it how much bandwidth you want it using. (This is called 'throttling.') You can lower the upload speed so it takes up less bandwidth and won't affect your computer. Yes you can upload files on your own.  You could also use the web upload feature instead, so you are uploading when you're not busy with other things.
SurDoc has 3 options: 50 gb or 100 gb storage at affordable prices, and 10 gb at our affordable price - free.  For a limited time our readers can use the code CATPROOF when you sign up and get 30 gb of free storage.  

Check it out at https://www.surdoc.com/.

Remember to use the code CATPROOF when you sign up to get 30 gb of free storage with SurDoc.

UPDATE: You would only have to pay if you wanted to purchase 50 or 100 gb, but the 30 gb is FREE with the promotion code. We were not asked for anything but our human's (Jan) name & our email address. We were not asked any financial information for the free account.


  1. wow that was really good information..now if mom could just understand it!
    Stella Rose

  2. mom is gonna have to check this out. now, the laptop is generally safe cause she shuts it down after using it and leaves it in the case - so it is away from cat hair and cat toes. :) She does have an external harddrive, but this might be even better.....never know when she might break the external drive.

  3. Looks like a good ide and I will get mum to check it out.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Awwww these are wise words to help protect our furrkids from potential computer hazards!

    And thank you too for the info about Surdoc!

    Take care

  5. …… or if you have a Mac, use icloud!

    Guys I think it is very unwise to allow Jan anywhere near a computer. She’s starting to sound as if she knows what she is doing and you know what that means? It means she will hog it all the time!!! Oh yes!

  6. Boy all of you are so smart!
    That was fabulous information.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  7. Great information here. Our keyboard always gets drool all over it...plus Mom's donut crumbs!

  8. Interesting. A new online storage site? We don't have reliable internet connection because of the heavy rains and typhoons in our country so we usually end up to offline storage.

    By the way, I remembered something when you mentioned about the kitties who love sleeping on top of keyboards and laptops. I used to have one who'd usually curl up on top of the keyboard.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  9. We have no idea what you are doing, but we support you on the idea.

  10. WE heard about this from Brian and it looks like a good program but we are out of green papers right now. But it does look like a good idea. Thanks for the info.

  11. Wow, that was a great -- and helpful -- post! We are going to check this out for sure!

  12. Wow, that was a great -- and helpful -- post! We are going to check this out for sure!

  13. Sounds like a good way to avoid a cat-taz-trophy.

    Essex & Sherman

  14. Oy! Our heads are spinning! Did they mention mancats who pee on the tower? We have one of those (the tower and the cat).

    Thanks so much for your condolences on the loss of my mother. I had no idea how hard it would be without her, but the support of so many people makes it easier to bear. Thank you and God bless you.

    Paula & The Twinkletoe Tails Gang

  15. Mom has a 3 terabyte external hard drive which her computer backs up everything onto it once a day. Without one of her sons being here to make it so, it would never have happened. MOL


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