Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

Hey, it's me, Cyndi.  You do remember me, don't you?  I'm the beautiful kitty, the only female feline now that Cotton is gone. I have a few minutes so will try to type fast to finish this before Jan sits on me so she can use the computer.  (She is absent-minded, you know.)

 We were very surprised to stop by Alasandra, the cats & a dog blog (Scylla, Socks, Artemisia & Fenris) and find we'd received the Thinking of You award from them. 

We're supposed to tell you 7 things we love and think about daily.   Hmmmmm.  In no particular order -

1.  Food.  We love to eat.  Is it time for dinner yet?

2.  Treats.  We seldom get any but we think about them anyway.

3.  Blogging.  We love blogging but Jan doesn't let us do enough of it any more.  Is there an award for being a computer hog?  If there is, Jan should receive it.

4.  Our friends - especially those that are sick and the families of those that leave for the bridge.

5. We woofies love to walk Jan.  Maybe we should get her lost and sneak off so we can use the computer while she's finding her way home. (Yes, we really do think of this and love the idea!)

6. I (Rusty) love to go outside and be king of my doghouse ... um, cathouse.  Please, Jan, open the door!

7. We all love to nap.  In fact, it's time for another one.

We're supposed to give it to 7 bloggers.

Gracie - Percy & Rusty say she should get this for starting the Tabby Cat Club, which they belong to.
Amber deWeenie - She always makes us laugh.
Puddles - She just about makes us laugh puddles.  Not a good thing, since Jan would have to clean up.
Frankie Furter - Mayor of Blogville and personal teacher for his brother Ernie.
Quill - He is young but he caught on to blogging quickly.
Katie Isabella - She stole her mom's broken heart.
Hunny Bunny -Quiet, pretty, understated.

Mom Paula of Twinkletoe Tails has become caretaker of her mother, with help from hospice.  Her mother has AML, or Acute Myeloid (or Myelogenous) Leukemia.  Please pray for Mom Paula and her family, as they gather to spend time comforting her mother - and each other.  

The Zoolatry Human, Ann, who has made so many purrs and prayers graphics for others can use yours now.  His Y90 cancer treatment was Monday and he has not done well since. Vic was admitted to ICU yesterday.   We can imagine Ann is stressed and worried.

Our thoughts and hearts are with Ann and Paula.

Mr. Emerson has not posted in months.  We had hoped he would resume blogging, but he has passed away.  We are very sad for his family.  We send them purrs and pawhugs.


  1. Awww yay for your gorgeous award -it's so pretty! Enjoy your naps - you all deserve it! Yay!

    We purr and pray for Poppy Vic, Mum Paula's mum and send hugs to Mr Emerson's family. Very sad. Take care

  2. Concats on the award! Food and naps occupy us a great deal too. :-)

    Yes, we're purring hard for Paula's mother and for Vic, and Mr. Emerson's family too. It never rains but it pours.

  3. Wow thanks Jan!! An award!!


  4. Concatulations on your awardie. I did indeed mend mommy's broken heart. She loves Admiral but she also loves me just as much. Fanks you for the awardie. .

  5. Congratulations on your award and I feel so honored that you passed it on to little ole me! Thank you so much.

    We will be trying to catch up with our posting soon so we can tell every buddy about our wonderful award!

    Sending prayers to all who need us right now.

  6. What a lovely award and well done!!!

    We are so sorry to hear about Mr Emerson...we do remember him. Now he is an angel.

    Our purrs for Paula's Mom and Ann's Poppy Vic.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  7. Hooray for the nice award! We sure are purring for Poppy Vic too.

  8. Concatulations on your award! It was well-deserved.

  9. You deserve an award.

    Essex & Sherman

  10. Concats on your award. It looks like you, like us, often think of your bellahs! (great minds think alike- mol!)

  11. Concatulations!!! Yous guys deserve it! Yous rocks!

  12. Congratulations on your award.

    It's a tough week on the CB for some of the humans. We read that Poppy Vic is in ICU and that Paula's mom passed away on Tuesday.

  13. Oh I is blushin'! Thank you furs bestowin' dis award on me. I feel all kinds of specials.
    We has been thinkin' good thoughts fur Ann and Vic.

    Puuulease be carefuls and don't let Jan squish you.



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