Monday, August 27, 2012

Merci Forgets and Remembers

Oh, dear, oh, no!  We're all very upset to find we're getting more and more forgetful.  That's Jan's department!  We've been forgetting quite a bit lately.  If we keep this up, Jan will fire us instead of the other way around.   We can't have that. 

Oh, sorry, I forgot to remind you of who I am.  Or was.  I used to be Merci, but I might have forgotten and borrowed another woofie's name.I'm pretty sure I'm who I think I am, though.  If not, let's just pretend.. 

A couple weeks ago we interviewed ex-Presidential candidate Cheysulli for Mousebreath magazine. Her human trained to use those long acupuncture needles and she gave us some interesting information.  We put it in a new post form so we wouldn't forget to add it to our own post on the interview.  However ... sigh!

To put the information in persepective, the Funny Farmer Felines asked Chey -

Your mom has worked with Acupuncture. Has she ever used it on all of you? For any particular disorder … um, illness? And, Chey, in your case, was this before or after you began to have problems with the law? In other words, what affect does acupuncture have on the feline mind? We’ve heard it can relax one, so we figure this was a sneaky method of curtailing your adventurous side before you ended up in prison for the remainder of your nine lives.

You can read Chey's answer in the interview (link above). Chey's mom (the Woman) added -

Acupuncture can help people with mood disorders like anxiety and depression. It is not, however, a pill like Prozac that just takes it away. If there are issues to be resolved, they will still need to be resolved. If a person is anxious with good reason to be anxious, the acupuncture may make them more able to deal with the anxiety but it does not change the outward situation. A really great program called Acupuncturists Without Borders works with acupuncturists who travel to disaster areas and give treatments. In Haiti, after the earthquake, they were in a tent doing ear needles with people who had lost limbs and were dying. There was a lot of screaming and crying. After the needles were in, the tent was silent. Relatives who were caring for their injured family were saying this was the first time many of them had slept since the quake. It was hugely powerful and profound, and the healing went way beyond the expectations of the practitioners.

It's a small charity that does rely on donations, so if you are so inclined, they can use your support. They've been to tornado areas, they've been to Aurora CO and many major disaster areas. The idea was born of acupuncturists wanting to find a way to help after Katrina. In addition to sending people to disaster areas, they also help acupuncturists under their non profit status set up non profit centers for veterans suffering from PTSD, where they can give away their services or serve for donations only.

So yes, acupuncture affects the mind--but in a good way.

We think any group of humans who will volunteer their time to help others is worth a mention, even on a pet blog.  And thanks Chey's mom for this information.  There might be some humans interested in trying something new for stress or depression.

Prayer request: Katie is having eye surgery for a detached retina today.  We hope the surgery goes well and is successful.

And don't forget the Furriends of the CB auction for Zoolatry is still on.  Khyra and her mom donated a transport to be dedicated to the winning bidder.  Jewelry, clothing, cat items, Peggy's blankies, 40 Paws' ham-micks. Lots of good items to check out. 

Okay, I think that's all I need to post today.  If I forgot anything, don't blame me, blame Jan.  I just know somehow it has to be her fault!  We Funny Farmers all had a good memory till we met her.


  1. Howdy Merci, that is you and I shall not forget that!

  2. that was very interesting reading we didn't know that about acupuncture treatments.....
    have a good day
    stella rose

  3. Ah we just figured that it didn't seem to figure into the blog at all. We thought it was sort of an intentional thing and not forgotten! Ha you should never have told us...

  4. Memory loss happens to furries when they are around humans for very long.

  5. This is good informashun. Me knows anyone that eases another's pain is truly blessed. Me not knows that Chey's mommy does this!
    You are sweet to tell us.
    Your furend, TK

  6. Beautiful Merci!! Not to worry - you are totally unforgetabubble cos you are just too cute!!!

    Acupuncture is fantastic therapy! It has been around for a very very very very long time and has helped so many!

    Take care

  7. Not to worry Merci, we won't forget you. That sure was interesting reading about the acupuncture.Hope all of you have a terrific day.

  8. A couple of those who came before us had acupuncture and did very well. Maybe it could help with memory? If so, please sign our Mom up!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Merci, we could NEVER EVER forget you, sweet girl! Thanks for sharing that fascinating information about acupuncture.

    We're praying and purring for Katie! And the auction seems to be going well! Lots of great items. We sure hope someone bids higher on the PetSmart gift card we contributed. We got it in sort of late, so maybe people haven't seen it yet. :(

  10. Hiya Merci. We can’t forget you!! Have you got a sister called Goodness? xx

  11. Hi Merci!
    Thanks for reminding Jan to remind us all about these things!!!
    There was some great info on acupuncture and we appreciate that.

    ✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

  12. Memory....bad word around here. Sometimes Mom FORGETS to feed us and that is NOT good!

    Prayers and Crossed Paws fur Katie!

  13. My assistant forgets more and more everyday!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. We think you did an excellent job today. Our mom is getting pretty forgetful lately, too.

  15. Wonderful post! We had no idea about Acupuncturists Without Borders. What a great idea. Have a happy Tuesday, furriends. XOXO

  16. Hi there, Merci! We relax with friends in the pub. Works efurry time! But sadly dogs are not allowed. It's not fair :-(

  17. Very interesting, but you can keep the needles.

    Essex & Sherman

  18. Beauitful post! And don't worry--the needles aren't as bad as they look. You'll do great! Lots of luv xoxo Sherlock

  19. Our mom has used acupuncture for stiff necks, back problems, headaches and even colds. Our Girl is studying to be a certified equine massage therapist and thinks it would be great to use it on horses too.

  20. Again, another great read from you xo


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