Monday, November 30, 2009

Zeppelin Eureka

We're going to be a bit different today and show you something really neat. It made Jan a little airsick, even though she's still on the ground, but even so she enjoyed the photos too. These are photos from a flight on the Zeppelin Eureka, the only Zeppelin in the United States. We think you'll enjoy the pictures. We did.

Just click here.

Please keep Rocky & Bear's mom in your prayers. She's having a full body PET scan this week to find out if the cancer has spread. We hope not!

We hope you will bear with us if we just do short posts and little or no visiting for a while. Jan is struggling with trying to figure out Photoshop Elements on her own so she can open our Zazzle store. She really has to get some green papers coming in or the Funny Farm will no longer exist. We kind of like it here.Two round meals a day, part time computer access, furniture to shed on, a maid and a chauffeur. So if we don't get to visit your blog for a while, we hope you won't forget us or think we're ignoring you.

Percy: We're practically offline again and it's all Jan's fault. Are we going to have that much trouble learning new things when we reach her age?.

Sam: I don't think we can live long enough to be as old as Jan. She's ancient!

Buddy, poking Percy in the ribs: Quick, Jan's coming. We don't want to be totally banned from the computer. Delete that last part. Nooooo, Percy!!!! I said Delete, not Publish!


  1. She really needs to keep a better eye on all of woo!

    I would nevFUR paw things like that about my mom ;-)

    Tank woo fur sharing the Zeppelin pikhs!

    PeeEssWoo: We are sending SibeVibes fur Rokhky's mom

  2. Purring for Rocky & Bear's Mom.

    The Zeppelin Eureka made us smile but our Mom knows exactly how Jan feels she got airsick too (beans). ~S,S,C & F

  3. Lots of purrs for Rocky and Bear's mom!!

    Best of luck with the zazzle store, we can't wait to see it!

  4. Don't you just hate when you click publish too soon? ;)

  5. We will be purraying for Rocky & Bear's Mom.

    Oooops, don't you hate when communication goes wrong????? xxxxxxxxxx

  6. We will purr for Rocky and Bear's Mom.

  7. We are wooing very hard for Rocky's Mom, we really want to hear a good report. Mom says good luck with photoshop - it is very hard to learn. Thanks for the ride on the Zeppelin too.

    woos, the OP Pack

  8. Wow! I shall send Alex over to see the Zeppelin (when he awakens from his latest nap).

  9. those Zeppelin pics are cool. my mommy doesn't like being in the air. we will be patient while your mommy figures stuff out. our mommy isn't quick with things like that either.

  10. I would be very scared on that flight, but not sick. I feel for Jan. I struggle with Photoshop Elements as well. I've thought about Zazzle, but it's hard to think of neat things when the green paper shortage is on my mind. I hope all of you stay at the farm. I give my best positive energy towards you all.

  11. That ride makes us want to snag that Good Year Blimp the next time it flies over our balcony!

  12. The Zeppeling pictures are pawesome!
    Paws crossed for Rocky's Mom!
    Good luck to your mom on that Elements thing! My mom has it and... and... well... you know...
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Thank you for sharing those pictures! Very interesting and cool!

    We hope that your mom can figure out elements. Mom has that.... she is still figuring it out.

    We will be remembering Rocky & Bear's mom in our prayers.


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