Saturday, November 28, 2009

Furry Random Keywords

Did you notice our new holiday header? No, Jan didn't make it. She's still Photoshop Elements ignorant. Most of you can guess who did. Yes, the very talented Zoolatry Human.

ZH, we are very grateful for such a lovely surprise!

We were checking recent keyword activity for JFF and found some more interesting ones.

passed out gave him a makeover -- Buddy was not passed out, he was sleeping when we gave him a facial..

furry random blogspot -- Well, we're furry, a random mix of cat and dog breeds, and our journal lives at blogspot. But what does furry random blogspot mean to the one who was searching for it?

funny military animals-- We didn't know military animals are funny. Did you?

Mama took those batteries tabs -- Jan just takes aspirin when we get on her nerves. Are these batteries over the counter or by prescription only?

funny family portraits -- Well, we are the Funny Farm. We probably do take funny family portraits. Or we would if Jan could get us to pose together.

old skhrap -- We have no clue!

abuse of a public animal -- We have never abused a public animal. Not in public or in private. By the way, what is a public animal?

Hope you of you in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Jan did finally share some turkey with us before the day ended. Reluctantly. But she refused to let us have the skin. If we caught a turkey, we'd spit out the feathers but we would eat the skin. But would Jan give us any? Nooooo.


  1. I knew THAT!

    PeeEssWoo: We've not been brave enough to check out OUR key words!

  2. That's a very cool holiday header!! I don't know what keywords were used to come to my blog either...hmm, maybe it's time to go check it out. Heh!


  3. Zoolatry is very talented!
    We love your new header too :)

  4. Yes, we knew military animals were funny. Then of course we know a lot of military animals.

    We love the header too.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. We love your holiday header, it is lovely. ~S,S,C & F

  6. great header. is buddy camera shy?

  7. WE are soo behind in our reading but now we are all caught up and we have to say that you have the most interesting posts all the time!! Love A+A

  8. I just love that header.. Beautiful.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Umm... I think that politicians are public animals. Have you been abusing me? Or maybe Sarah Palin for killing wolves? :)

    Like your new header!

  10. Cute header! I've never been to visit Zoolatry, I'll have to get around to that!

  11. Those are some strange keywords!

  12. Your new holiday header is very beautimus. We are having our turkey dinner today, as The Shepherd takes in as many college footsball games as he could ever want. :-) Hope you had a great T-giving too. T.

  13. Cool header. And we love checking the keywords. Kitten crush is a favorite (beside the obvious combinations of cats and trees). And, well, it should be.

  14. Your new header is pawesome!
    Some of those keywords sure are strange!
    People is weird, right?
    Glad you had some turkey!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Your new header is beautiful, but everything the ZH does is gorgeous. She is so sweet.

    We don't even know how to look at our key words. Yours are very funny, for the Funny Farm:)

    Woos, the OP Pack

  16. How do I check my keywords? I wanna know what sends people to visit me!

  17. Love the header!! Turkey is the best ... Blackie like beef broth!!!

    Daisy Jiji


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