Sunday, November 08, 2009

Chenoa Manor

Chenoa Manor Animal Sanctuary rescues animals, but it takes in farm animals instead of cats or dogs. Situated in Chester County, Pennsylvania -- or Pawsylvania, as Khyra calls it -- those with no other place to go are taken in.

"For the past six years, Teti has been offering shelter to all sorts of troubled individuals at this last-resort sanctuary tucked behind a development of staid McMansions in Avondale, just west of Kennett Square. Here, on 25 acres of Andrew Wyeth-worthy pastures, streams and split-rail fences, an unlikely combination of visitors reaps the benefits of a safe space: rescued farm and exotic animals get room and board, and disadvantaged teens learn compassion and care during visits spent working with and studying the animals. Teti sees each as a group that's too often overlooked." You can read the rest of the article here.

And you can get acquainted with some of the animals at the sanctuary by visiting Chenoa Manor Animal Sanctuary's website.


  1. What a great place and it's a great idea to show teens compassion and love for animals.

  2. What a neat place. Thanks for sharing. ~S,S,C & F

  3. What a wonderful sanctuary! And it sure sounds like a win win situation for both the teens and the animals.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  4. Hey Jan, thanks for the info. It sounds like a great place. I'll check it out!

  5. Ah yes, Mom knows the area well -

    The deskhription is khwite akhkhurate of the khountryside anymore -

    It is akhtually two khounties ovFUR from me!

    Tank woo fur sharing this pawesome story!


  6. Wow...Chenoa Manor is an amazing place. I read every story about each of the rescued animals. I can't wait to visit it someday soon!

  7. What a great sanctuary. The UK has a pitiful few farm animal sanctuaries, it's an area that's really lacking, yet the need is great. Thanks for sharing that Jan :)

    W. Wuudler


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