Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Funny Farm Key Words

We decided it is time to check on some key words folks are using to find our blog. We can understand some of them, but others ....???? We can only imagine some of these visitors were lost. And they were undoubtedly wondering how they ended up here as much as we are.

hackles and twick - What in the world are hackles and twick?

101 funny cats -- Sorry, we're about 95 funny cats short.

pet toxic blog -- We are NOT a pet toxic blog. We are pet eco friendly.

painting with all the paintballs -- What, does this mean some painters are a paintball or two short? .

rollin monty loyd georgia -- Was someone actually planning to roll Mona/Monty Loyd to Georgia?

rollin monta loyd -- See above.

fosters funny farm -- No fosters on this funny farm. We're all permanent residents..

columbus dogs shot arrow -- We'd sure like to meet these Columbus dogs. We hear shooting an arrow is hard work.

funny email addresses -- We met one guy who thought jansfunnyfarm to be a hilarious email address.Think maybe he's been a resident at a real funny farm?

cheapest store to buy world's best cat litter -- Where, where? Funny Farmer kitties want to know.

knock knock jokes farm -- There's a farm for knock knock jokes? Wonder what you feed them?

funny farm animal shower curtains -- Hang on and we'll design a funny farm animal shower curtain for you.

farm animal cruelty videos -- We only post videos that are AGAINST farm animal cruelty, in case any of you wonder about this one.

21st Century Pet Nutrition Pet Chews Plus BEST PRICE -- Sorry, we aren't even aware of the worst price. But if they're edible, Buddy and Sam will find them.

In case you've forgotten what we look like, here's a photo of our Cameron to jog your memory..

Hope you all have a good day. We plan to nap most of it.


  1. I cannot help you on any of the sayings you had questions about. I can for sure let you know that I enjoyed the sweet photo of Cameron. What a sweetie pie. Of course he isn't a pie, he is a kitty.

  2. Man, those are some strangeeee keywords...I really don't get any of them...LOL MMm but Cameron your lovely!

  3. That is so funny - how do you find that out?

    Cameron is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Sometimes things turn up oddly. I am still trying to figure out why they find my blog using Super Tocks... and "stealing food". As if I would EVER!

  5. THose are really strange key words. Cameron, you are a true beauty!

  6. We get a lot of naughty words and we are not a naughty blog. Strange.

  7. Those are some weird ones! Just this week I got someone searching for "hairy belly buttons." Gross!

  8. That's quite a list. Hackles & twick is intriguing.

  9. Cameron you are lovely.. Hugs GJ x

  10. I would add tasty to list of words fur Khameron!

    Yep, thems some strange words!


  11. HA! HA! Checking through our 'Stats' - I think we get a lot of "lost" visitors too! In particular, people searching for "big honeys" and other questionable topics regarding human mammary glands...hmmm! :-)


  12. Sure people looks for strange things!
    Pawesome picture of Cameron!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Now that's funny! Cameron is lookin' cool!


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