Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Very Own Modkat

Percy: Hey, we have a new box.

Cyndi: It doesn't look like cardboard. Wonder what it's for?

Percy: I don't know. It has a shovel. Maybe it's for gardening.

Sam: It has air holes. Maybe it's a jail for Buddy.

Cyndi: What did Buddy do?

Sam: He lost some weight, so the other day while Jan was vacuuming, he squeezed himself around the wooden barrier Jan built to keep us dogs out of the cat boxes.

Cyndi: Oh, I remember that. He got stuck and couldn't get back out. He started whining, so Jan caught him red-pawed.

Sam: And Buddy is still in the doghouse.

Percy: If you two had read the packing slip, you would know this isn't a jail for Buddy. It's a Modkat Litter Box for us cats. Guess Jan thinks we're going to test it.

Sam: A litter box? You mean it's just for you cats?

Percy: Yes, but look at the size of that opening and then look at the size of Rusty. Do you think he can fit through it?

Cyndi: Well, if Buddy could get past that barrier .... But we better make sure. Percy, where's the tape measurer?

Buddy: Hey, if you remember I graduated from medical school when Jan had that splinter under her fingernail. If he's too big to fit through the hole, I can always perform surgery to make him fit. Rusty, I'll just need you to sign a few pre-surgical forms ... Rusty? Hey, where did you all go?


  1. Thanks for the laugh. That's an unusual looking litter box. I hope it does keep the dogs out. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Innerestin. Seems safe. Iffen ya need that kinna thing. But we do admire that it seems it might keep the woofies out of "yer business". MOL!

  3. Wowsie, we saw that one on Moderncat! You guys have true style, cool. Happy digging!

  4. this box is very modern!

  5. Let us know if you like it, Mom has been looking at those!

  6. That is a smart looking litterbox. Mum says I could do with one like that cuz when I dig, the litter flies everywhere.
    We hope Rusty fits all right without any help from Buddy.

  7. Wow, now that is a great looking litter box! It would be great to not have the the little pieces stuck to our paws when we leave!

  8. that's one funky lookin litter box.

  9. O mai goodness. All we get are a coupla oversized dish pans...

  10. That is a fine looking litter box--but I'd hate to have to crawl in like that.

  11. LOL, we would hide from Buddy too and whatever you do don't sign anything.

    We are interested to see if you like your Modkat. ~S,S,C & F

  12. Yet another item that would have been handy on THE TOUR!

    PeeEssWoo: What a festive header!

  13. We had a chuckle at the narration.. Its sure a funny looking litter box.. Could be good to go in rpivate though.. HUgs GJ xx

  14. We wud like that kinda box, but we is finkin Troo's fat butt might not make it in or out of such a box. MOL

  15. That's an interesting looking box. We were wondering exactly how that works.

  16. I am not so sure what is that but sure I hope you have fun "using" it!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. That looks pretty neat! Did Christmas come early?

  18. That's a potty box? Do you guys like it? Did Rusty sign the medical forms...? :)


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