Friday, November 13, 2009

Buddy's Makeover

Merci: We hope you have noticed our sidebar has sported a beauty tip widget for a couple of months now. We think it's really neat.

Cotton: We figured Buddy could use a make-over. He's a hound and hounds have deep worry wrinkles in the face, so we decided to try our favorite beauty tip on him to see if it really works.

Buddy, before his beauty treatment by the Funny Farm.

Cyndi: We wanted to try Pond's cold cream as a facial because it supposedly gives deep moisturization. (We don't think that's actually a word, but we're furries, so we don't care.) Now Buddy sleeps very heavily, so he was an easy mark. Cotton volunteered. She quietly and gently applied a mask of cold cream to his face. Avoiding the eyes, of course. And his nose -- he has to breathe. We all watched the clock -- one minute. .... eight minutes..... finally, the ten minutes were up. Then came the hard part.

Cotton: One of us had to either use a warm washcloth or a paper towel to wipe off the cold cream.

Cyndi: Cotton, you mean tissue. A tissue, not a paper towel.

Merci: And none of us girls wanted to volunteer. Sam gulped and offered to try. His sigh of relief when we all said no nearly blew Cotton off the bed.

Cotton: None of the other guys would offer. They said it would take a gentle touch and they're man cats and dogs, so their touch, although gentler than Sam's paw of the cement block, wouldn't cut it.

Cyndi: That left only one solution. We volunteered Cotton to finish the beauty tip.

Cotton: Yeah, wimps and cowards, all of my siblings. But I'm a tortie and I've got tortitude, so I very, very gently ran a tissue over Buddy's face, hardly daring to ...

Merci: Breathe, Cotton, before you pass out.

Cotton, breathing deeply: Ahhhhhh.

Buddy, leaping to his feet: What happened? Who just poked me in the eye?

Cotton: Sorry, Buddy, it was an accident. But we have a surprise for you.

Cyndi: Yes, Buddy, go look in the mirror. We gave you a .. Ouch! Cotton you stepped on my foot.

Cotton, very quietly: I did? Fancy that. Probably because you were about to tell a guy we gave him a beauty treatment before he's even seen the results.

Merci: It's amazing, Buddy. Notice how your lines and wrinkles have softened.

Buddy after the Pond's cold cream mask.

Buddy, posing before the mirror: Yes, I can see that. I look ten years younger and ...

Cyndi: But, Buddy, you're only going to be 5 this month. How can you look ... Uh, never mind I don't think I want to go there.

Cotton: You do look handsome, Buddy. Are you pleased with what we've done?

Buddy: Pleased? I love it. What did you do? Whatever it was, we need to try it on Jan before she wakes up.

Cyndi: I don't know. Do you think one jar is enough to smooth out Jan's wrinkles so she looks as good as Buddy does?


  1. MOL & BOL, we has no comment. ~S,S,C & F

  2. Well, well...I must say Buddy, you look like a new, dog.

    Mom wants to know where she can get some of that suff!!

  3. MOL, could you come and do the beauty treatment on our mombean???

    We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


  4. You guys are WAY too funny! I better not let Ammy see this - she gets enough silly ideas on her own!
    Tail wags,

  5. MOL that is briliant... Hugs GJ x

  6. LOL!!! GREAT post... Now, where can I get some of that magic cream?

  7. You are all too funny, we loved your post.

    Woos and happy weekend, the OP Pack

  8. I love your post!
    I am going to tell my mom about Pond's cream... I think she need it too!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I'm OFF to the store!

    My mom so needs it too!


  10. That's hilarious. You look really good, Buddy. About Herman: the short of it is that I am adopting a cat named Herman from my local shelter because he was sad and lonely and really needed a home. I tell the whole story in my last three posts.

  11. AWWWWWWWWWW ... we think Buddy looked gorjuss BEFORE and AFTER his beauty treatment. maybe he was feeling a bit stressed in the BEFORE photo ~ 'cos mom said that can give yoo lines.

  12. What a great transformation!

    We had to laugh!

  13. Does that stuff taste any good? We would rather try it from the inside out altho Buddy does look a lot younger.

    love & wags,

  14. Looking gorgeous after his mask. FAZ

  15. I don't think Buddy needs any makeover, he is most handsome just the way he is> I love the lines of age, shows great wisdom.
    I like your widget, the mom put me on it. It's neat!

  16. ummm i dont see diffurnce... on hims noez. but he opened hims eyes!

    Fanks for stoppin bye... did you go to our noo linkie??

    Mom changed our linkies last nite, so we iz now katiezfurrymewz(ats)blogspot(dot)com

    Our Gotz Chutzpah page is now

    Mom is bin furry bizzy doin writin helps fur a college student and gettin sum propurrtee ready to sell fur our granmawmee...
    n hur bin sicks too wif atsthma stuffs... hur is bettur.

    and we gotsta go outside yesserday! well Mom held us but I got to smell grass n eat sum n stuffs!

    purrz n stuffoms!!
    Katie Too
    Daisy May
    Maxie Tiggur
    who gotted to go outs

    and Bootsie n Mousey who didnt wann do dat.

  17. Whoa! We're gonna sneak up on mom and try that on her!!

  18. Buddy, you look great.

    Thank you for your kind words about Bathsheba.

    ~Mr. RW Emerson

  19. We have to say excellent work. There is only one problem: he still looks like a dog.

  20. That was funny! What mischief... I love it!!


  21. This is Sammy just dropping by to thank you for coming to my birthday bash yesterday....that meant a lot to me......xxxxxxxx

  22. oh hai agin! We waz confusedid bout where da cold cream was...

    Buddy's eyes doo look softer!
    probably harder to sneek up on Jan thoh!

    Mom has enuf problems giving me my eye meds... so Daisy May n Max bettur not try that cold cream on me!

    Katie Too


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