Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roscoe and Awards

This is Roscoe. He is much smaller than any our cats but he pees more often than all of them together. He is the reason Jan is running so far behind today and hasn't already gotten this post up.

We were heading home after our morning walk today. Jan was behaving herself, for once. About 2 blocks ahead we saw a white van in front of our house. It was parked on the wrong side of the road at the corner, which is how we knew it was in front of our home. It looked familiar.

It backed up and turned onto the road we were walking and when it reached us, it pulled over. It was our friend Mr. Project Manager-for-dismantling-the-mill and he brought us a present. Well, it wasn't a present for us to keep, just to help. Like Barkley, this little dog was found in the mill.

We couldn't handle walking Jan while she was carrying this present, so Mr. P.M. drove the little guy home for us. Jan unhooked our leashes and went outside to get the little guy. He wasn't the least afraid of us jumping up and sniffing him, or when Jan put him on the floor. He immediately set to peeing - a drop here, a drop there, a stream there. It was a bit cold in here but we think he was nervous!

Jan called the shelter. She called the radio station so they could announce the found dog. And then she set off without us. Just clipped a leash to his collar and didn't come back for forever and a half. She walked him over our route, knocked on doors, questioned strangers, and even walked him up and down streets she's never walked us. Nobody recognized him.

So back they came and Jan sat down at the computer with his leash around her arm so he couldn't wander off and pee. An hour or two later, we announced the arrival of his owner before she was even out of her van. Jan grabbed him up and walked outside. His mom swooped up the steps, crying, "Roscoe!" They were very glad to see each other.

He'd slipped through the fence and wandered over into the mill. That's a very dangerous place for any dog. We're very glad he was found before anything happened to him.

Recently Gentle Annie (you met her March 5th at Rusty & Samaritan's surprise birthday party) made us a special award, which we get to pass on. She doesn't have a blog but she does have a website. We hope you will go visit her at

We would like to pass this Special Site Award on to Wildcats 3's the Cat/Dog Log. They do posts on educational subjects such as pet health and nutrition, or "Don't support animal testing," as well as fun topics.

And Felinesopher gave us the wonderful Golden Paw award, created by Ruis for: It is given to cats, dogs or any animal or human bean that have lent a special helping paw/hand to another cat, dog, animal or human bean. You may give this award to as many individuals as you want, to thank them for lending you a helping paw/hand. If you don't need it now, save it, and you can give it when needed.

We would like to hold this one for a while. We seem to have caught Jan's disease - memory loss. We can't remember any names.

As we were writing this, we popped over to see how Petey is doing and we are sorry to see he has passed away.

Smudge isn't doing well.

Amici hasn't posted since February 23rd. We sure hope his seizures have stopped!

There are so many sick kitties and doggies to remember.


  1. Good to hear a story with a happy ending. Too many sad stories these days. I am very much saddened by the plight of the cats in China.

    Please come over tomorrow and see what we have been up to.

  2. Oh boy we are glad that one had a happy ending!! Congrats on all your awards they are most deserved Love A+A

  3. It is always so good to hear a story with a happy ending!!! Congratulations on your award!
    And don't forget to check out our blog during the next 5 days - we are on a St.Patrick's Day adventure in Ireland!!!
    Karl, Emil and Mrs. OZ

  4. I am glad that Roscoe's story had such a wonderful ending.

    Congrats on your awards.

  5. Jan
    Just when I was jumping up and down with joy ovew how you helped Roscoe have a happy ending,,I got to the pawt about Petey, and Smudge and Amici, and now I'm vewy sad again..I nevew knew Petey, but I went towead about him..he suwe mae his Mom vewy happy while he was able to be with hew..I hope he's fwee of pain and his Mom gets to be comfowted
    smoochie kisses,Asta
    pee ess. Mommi got the hats fwom scanning magzazines..if you need help tell hew

  6. woofies JFF, me wuz sooo happy dat puppy found his family...u all iz so good to help kittys and doggys find their way back soo sorrwy bout petey, me will go c him and been waitin on amici to post again, hope all iz well wiff him...and congrats on u awarwds...

    b safe,

  7. So nice to hear a story with a happy ending for Roscoe. And thank you so much for the award - we'll treasure it because it's from you all.
    Abby, Rosie, Jackie, Gidget & Fritz

  8. I am so glad Roscoe found his way home, thanks to your help. He sure is a little cutie.

  9. Glad Roscoe's Mommy found him with your help.

    Scylla, Charybdis & Socks

  10. Roscoe is so cute, thanks to your help, he meet again with his owner. Congratz on your award and we've got so much updated news from your post here:)

  11. What a happy ending! We're so happy that Jan could help Roscoe find his Momma! Congratulation on all you for awards - they are very well deserved!

  12. Hi Jan:
    Thanks so much for asking about Gizmo. He is not doing well but mum took some videos of us and has posted them on my blog with an update....So sorry to hear about Petey and Smudge.

  13. What a nice change of pace from all the sad stories we've been reading lately. You should be very proud of your bean!

  14. So happy that this little peeing-everywhere guy has a Mom! Roscoe is a cute woofie, but there's no better place than your own forever home!!:)

    Purrs from Dublin,
    Karl & Ruis

  15. We love to hear good news, and hope that there is more good news ahead for more of your furry friends. Good luck and puppy love,

    stop by and wish Verdi luck, too, he's having surgery on his leg.

  16. Oh my dogness - Roscoe is as adorable as they get! We're so glad his owner found him and he was so lucky to be scooped up by someone who cared. We're worried about Amici. We'll be watching for an update.

  17. I'm o welieved..I didn't like being an outlaw..evewything else has been so pawfect..these cutie catses suwe know how to pawty, well you wemembew at youw house, hehehe smoochie kisses,Asta

  18. we're SO glad that roscoe's mommy found him. thanks to you for helping him out!!

    peace + paws,

    lucy lu

  19. Roscoe is so cute! we're glad to hear you found his family!!


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