Monday, March 24, 2008

Merci Cat

We were recently tagged for the middle name meme and we chose Merci to represent us. Then she tagged three, including Punkin, but Punkin (being new to this) forgot to mention who tagged him. He tagged Sassy and Sassy tagged Merci. So Merci is going to do it again.

Here are the rules:
1. You have to post the rules before you give your answers.
2. You must list one fact about yourself beginning with each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name or your mother's maiden name.)
3. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag one person (or blogger of another species) for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.)

As I mentioned the other day, Jan calls me Merci Cat so I assume Cat is my middle name.

C - Chorus. I like to sing in the chorus. Whenever Buddy or Samaritan start singing, I chime in. Together, we make the neighborhood sit up and take notice. We've heard the neighbors cover their ears, but they're just missing some good harmony. (I sing soprano.)

A - Active. I make rounds to check on everyone here. Of course, the house is small, so I don't have to walk far but they are spread out - on top of the fridge, in the closet, on the bed, etc. - so I have to be careful they are all accounted for. This keeps me active.

T - Truthful. I always try to tell the truth so if the sky is ever falling and I have to announce it, everyone will believe me. (Unlike Chicken Little, if you remember that story.)

This time I think I will tag DaisyMae Mause, Juniorbabee and Josh & Jessie. Josh & Jessie can choose which one does the meme - or they can both do it.

This is a photo of me on my pillow with my little chew bone. Buddy and Samaritan each finished a large one and then they split a big baseball filled with something crunchy. Now they want mine. Can you see Samaritan's nose and paw beside me? Buddy's there too. You just can't see him.

(s) Merci Cat, the dog


  1. great meme and pic :-)

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I was tagged at the beginning of doing this, but thanks for thinking of me!

  3. We have a daily sing-along here. It's great fun. You should come over!
    Play bows.

  4. Too funny to be tagged then tagged again. You should have let me know and I could have tagged someone else. You are such a good doggie with lots of responsibilities. I bet everyone at your place is safe because you are there to check in on them. I think this also this meme has been around for awhile as I tagged Daisy but she told me she already had been tagged and if she could think of something else she would post, ha, ha, ha. Tag no more of this meme.

  5. What creative use of your middle name to describe yourself! I like it.

  6. Merci
    I would love to heaw the chowus at youw house..I loved youw Meme..smoochie kisses

  7. You can sing???? I am impressed. I shall have to make sure I check your announcement - don't want to risk the sky falling in on me.

  8. We LOVE to sing here! All 4 of us join in and sometimes even the neighborhod dogs chime in as well. We can hear the kids laughing outside in the summer when we do it.

  9. Ooooh singing now that a talent not to many kitties have! Maybe you can teach us how!!!

  10. That's a great meme!! Love A+A

  11. Soprano???? & you all singz in har-money??? Dis iz wonder-full. I sure hopes your neigh-borez appre-sheates da troubull you goez to.

  12. woofies and Burf's wants to fank u fur da tribute u gived iz havin fun up her, playin bitey face and chasing will always watch over u all, and luvs u...

    b safe,
    Rocky and ;)angel lacylulu

  13. It is very good to be truthful because you never know when the sky will fall I am scairt!

    You are good to guard your little chew bone, you deserves it! Do not let anyone steal it from you!


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