Thursday, March 06, 2008

Barkley, Chey and Misc.

Two days ago we posted that Haggis was spotted on 3/1. Last night we found an update. Haggis was last sighted at 10:00 a.m.on March 4 at Racetrack Rd and Jericho Park Rd, Bowie, MD. We hope this long search will have a happy ending shortly. A link to Haggis' site is in the sidebar.

For those of you who read Barkley's story, we thought you might like an update. We were walking Jan this morning when the Project Manager who let the trapped puppy out of the mill pulled over. She told him that Barkley has a home and he was glad to know the puppy is okay.

And then Jan had an opportunity to see Barkley this afternoon. We didn't get to go with her, but she took pictures to show us he is safe inside a large fenced enclosure and he has other dogs to run and play with. No more living inside a dangerous mill or starving for that guy. He was so glad to see her, he nipped at her sleeve and tried to leap the fence when she turned to leave. Maybe one of these days she'll take us to visit him.
During yesterday's surprise birthday party for Rusty and Samaritan, a friend of Jan's sent her this email:

Please tell me it isn't true. I can't believe that you've decided to vote for Hillery!! And only because she's a woman and you and your animal farm are hosting your party to raise funds for the Hillery campaign. I'm flabbergasted! Discompustulated! How could you do such a thing?
Giuseppi Discombustulated

We managed to intercept the message and answer it before Jan had a chance to read it.

Dear Giuseppi Discombustulated,
We have been dispelling these rumors all day and we assure you we are not voting for Hillary. This is a blatant attack by her campaign workers to discredit our candidate. We are voting for Cheysuli. We feel she is the best candidate even though she is also Prime Minister of Italy. She can do both jobs well, we assure you. You can check out her credentials here.
Chey for President Volunteers

Note: Thanks Derby and Chey for correcting us. We are sorry we called you "he," Chey. If you have been reading our journal very long, you know this is an ongoing problem with us. It's a good thing we can republish posts. On the other hand, perhaps those so mislabeled will understand how we feel when we're addressed as "Jan." This is our blog. She isn't allowed to post here!

We don't know who Jan is voting for and she isn't telling anyone, but we are loyal to our fellow furry candidate. Cheysuli for President!

Please remember Amici. Today is his 6th day and last week he had a seizure after just 6 days. (He's been having cluster seizures.)

And Momo reminded us last night to check on Tesla. Tesla had surgery today for lumps.

Deetz is going to have a great birthday party on July 1, with big tents in the front yard for a sleepover. And lots of food. Be sure to put it on your calendar, so you won't miss it. He's pretty new to blogging and he's really looking forward to giving his first party. He was a real help at our party yesterday, refilling glasses and passing out napkins. We're glad he came.

New bloggers Josh and Jessie came by too. There were a number of new faces here yesterday.

We thought it was a terrific day and we wouldn't mind having that much company every day, but Jan said she's too old for that much excitement more than once a year. We would like to thank everyone for coming by and making the day special for all of us, not just the birthday boys Rusty & Samaritan.

We'll be writing thank you notes to all of you during the next few days. As you know, the party was planned by and the food was provided by Sassy, Momo, Asta, Opus & Roscoe, and Momo & Pinot . And thank you Mr Hendrix for bringing your electric guitar and providing entertainment.

We think we covered everything. Except a special award presented to us yesterday, but we're going to make that another post.


  1. Oh we sure do hope Haggis makes his way home soon! And Barkley is just too cute. He'll have a new home in no time.

  2. I'm sending Mom to bed! She should read things right - Barkley IS in his forever home. Way to go Barkley (But we're not surprised. Cuteness counts!)

  3. Oh boy!!
    Haggis has been sighted again!! Woohoo!! We're so happy to hear this!!
    And we're so glad to know that Barkley is now in a loving home with other doggies!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  4. Just want to let you know that Cheysuli is a GIRLCAT! You can still vote for a female in Chey!

  5. Jan,

    I want to thank you for all your support. As Derby pointed out, I am a female (so this means you can still vote a woman into the White House with a vote for me).

    I am glad to know that Barkley is doing well. That was such a sad story.

  6. Deawest Fwiends
    I'm so happy the pawty made you happy..I was so vewy happy to help make it happen..I was vewy comfowtable snoozing in the cownew last night befowe I finally came home this mowning..
    Thank you fow all those updates..I love heawing good news, and I went to visit Tesla and Amici..I'll cewtainly be at Deetz's pawty in July..Thank you again fow youw hospitality..get some west
    smoochie kisses to all

  7. Thanks for thinking of Amici Jan and gang. :) Last night he made it through without any seizures. As long as he makes it through tonight we'll pass the 6th day!! Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts!

  8. I always like reading your updates especially the ones with good endings. I also hope so much that Haggis get back home. This would make so many happy.
    I have now finished cleaning up thing since the party so now I can head back to my place. I did talk to the neighbors and invited them all to visit the new Little Productions studios and they are going to take me up on that. They did tell me that they would forget about the noice and that since they have had time to think about it they didn't feel that it was so bad after all. Next party we will invite them and they will not be left out and also become part of the noise situation, but since they will be with us they will not notice. Oh yes, I did say next party, ha, ha,ha.

  9. Thank you for all the updates. We are purring that everyone will have good news.

    We had a great time at the party, thanks for having us over.

    Scylla, Charybdis & Socks

  10. That is wonderful news about Barkley....I am so glad he is not starving anymore and has friends to play with. Thank you for posting my party and hope it is as wonderful as yours was. I enjoyed every minute of it. I sure hope Haggis would just sit still long enough for his mum to find him....He is sure running around alot.

  11. Sorry guys, I thought it was your human secretary who messed up on me being a girl! You know how fallible they are... Mine makes all sorts of mistakes.

  12. Hi Friendzees! We jus stopped by to say hi, thank you fur visiting while we had our issues and golly we missed ya'll. We'll trot back by to catchup on all your past adventures soon

    Happy Day Happy Day Rusty & Samaritan we so bummed we miss ya'lls surprise celebration

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails

  13. Thanks for all the great updates. I'm especially glad to hear about Barkeley, who looks so nice in his photo. Thanks also for the update on Amici: we live two hours north of him, and even though we've never met him face-to-face, he feels like an old friend. We're keeping paws crossed!

  14. Happy Birfday Rusty & Samaritan!! Sorry we are late, but we didn't realize it was your birfdays. We just found out about your bloggy from our cousin Asta. Hoping to get to know you better.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers


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