Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Haggis Sighting

We just checked Haggis' page and discovered some encouraging news.

Haggis was sighted inside Collington Care located at 10450 Lottsford RD, Bowie, MD on 3/1/08.

Also FOX, NBC, and ABC gave his story coverage. You can view the Fox video here.

Many of you have Find Haggis posters and link on your blogs, as we have in our sidebar. If any others would like to add it to your blog, email us at mercyandpercy at gmail dot com and we will send you the code with the link. Unfortunately, when bloggers have copied it from our site, they get the poster without the link.

We hope Haggis will be found soon. His humans have certainly searched hard for him. We're glad they at least know he is alive.


  1. It's nice to hear some good news...I hope Haggis gets back to his home soon!

  2. Oh, I sure hope haggis finds his home soon. It would be so scary out there all alone. Crossing paws for him. Thanks for your words of encouragement for my family. I am fortunate to have gotten to know my friend Gizmo and happy that I am here for him. I am hoping he is with us atleast until Springtime, so he can run like he did when he was younger.

  3. I am so glad that Haggis is still being spotted. Now if we can just find him and get him home. If I have the code for the wanted poster thingie I will put that link under my poster that I have on my blog. So glad that you are still using the poster.

    Check out my blog, there is an important invitation on it. See you soon, ha, ha, ha.

  4. Hi Mates
    We watched the Fox video and mum cried but she is so very pleased that people are helping to find Haggis and it is good the TV did not sensationalise the story. It is great that Haggis's owners are continuing to search for him. We will pray that Haggis is found very soon.
    Mum was sent a video yesterday of the huge killing of dogs in a US animal shelter. It is just too sickening to post the link on my blog. It is very wrong what is going on, and it looks like animal cruelty in the US is just as bad as Australia.
    No one should ever take a lost dog to nor try to rehome a dog in a killing animal shelter anywhere in the world. Mum wishes these institutions could be burned to the ground.
    Anyway, we will hope with all our hearts for the safe return of Haggis. He deserves to get back home to his family and they deserve to have Haggis back home with them.
    Love from Hammer

  5. We will continue to pray for Haggis's safe return. Maybe they could have an animal communications person go where Haggis was spotted and direct him to his beans. We just want him home!

    We are so sad for Pepper's family. We are glad she was home with them when she passed but hoped she would pull thru.

  6. We were just on the website last night and excited to see the news coverage and a recent sighting! Paws crossed Haggis comes home soon!

    WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

  7. I hope he'll be found soon! He must be feewing scared when he gots wost.

  8. Oh That is hopeful news!
    I pway they find him soon
    smoochie kisses

  9. Oh I do hope for a happy reunion soon for this long lost doggie. Please lord make it so...

  10. Yay!!
    This is really good news to hear!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  11. We're SO happy to hear he's been sighted and have every paw crossed that someone can help him find his way back home real soon!


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