Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good and Bad News

After all the illnesses and losses lately, there is finally some good news on two of our latest concerns.

As you undoubtedly know by now, Momo kitty is not only on the mend, but her SS did some detective work and found what poisoned her. Her vet will know after retesting her in another week or two whether she has sustained long term liver and/or kidney damage.

And the news is good on Ruis' sister Miral too. She has also rebounded.

We all have our paws crossed for a complete recovery for both of them.

Skeezix posted a very disturbing story yesterday about an "art exhibit" being canceled by the San Francisco Art Institute. How video clips about animals being bludgeoned to death can be considered art is beyond us. This is as demented as the "artist" who chained a dog to a wall so sadistic "art lovers" could watch the dog die of starvation. He has a link to the story and where you can speak your mind about this abuse posing as art.

We have been busy trying to keep one step ahead of Jan lately. She's either spring cleaning or searching for something she thinks we borrowed to play with. We'll be glad when - maybe we should say if, since she is always running behind - she finishes whatever she's doing so we can relax and hear ourselves think. That dust sucking machine is sure noisy.

If you don't hear from us for another few days, we're probably napping under the bed or in the closet. But we'll be checking on you, even if we don't get to leave a message.


  1. Thanks for telling us these,
    thank you for let me know about~!!

  2. The worst thing about the mom cleaning is when your stuff gets moved. How rude. The picking up up your things and moving your little beds to clean under. Then it takes forever for the stuff to get put back where it belongs.

  3. It's good to hear some good news about our fellow kitties.
    Abby, Rosie, Jack, Gidget & Lola

    p.s. Here's the link you were looking for for the chemical free flea control:

  4. I'm glads ever one is feeling betters. I agrees 100% about the arts thing, mommy saw some disturbing videos on UTube once by accident and doesn't understand how people can be allowed to do things like that and put them in public without being put in jail.


  5. Sometimes, a nap is the best course of action.

  6. It is nice to have some good news. Enjoy your napping!

  7. I am so happy to hear the kitties are doing better. I was a prayin.
    I wish that artist would read my wish.


  8. We're glad that Miral and Momo are on the mend also. Maw doesn't have words that aren't on the bad word list for that SF AI wack job.

    Maw is painting, so we feel your pain also.

    Luf, Us

  9. Oh we all do nots like the loud sucky machine. But most of all we do nots like beans that are mean to furrys! We can'ts believe any bean alive would actually think that is art. Sickos!!!!

  10. I'm so dismayed about that terrible human - how do the other humans put up with him? I wish we could put him on a chain and all go after him and BITE him, and see how much everyone pays to see that exhibit!

    licks & slobbers

  11. Thanks for sharing the story about the San Francisco Art Institute. We hadn't heard and we live fairly close by...our bad! We'll have to go check out the article now!

  12. That is the sort of behaviour that should be ostracized rather than be hailed as art.

    Thanks to efurrbody who prayed and purred for Miral and me. It goes to show the power of prayers.

    Happy napping!!!!

  13. It is very sad what the Art Institute considered 'art'. Just sickening. :(

  14. I am shocked and horrified by that art exhibit in San Francisco. This is truly sad. FAZ

  15. The SF art story is terrible. I guess all the purrayers for Momo and Miral have worked!

  16. Stopping in to say hey. Hope all is well at your place and everyone is behaving today, ha, ha, ha. I know there is always one that will find something to do that Jan might not appreciate.

  17. That's horrible! Whoever considers that as "art" has to be sick.


  18. thanks for all the good updates. it's very bizarre here when mum cleans. the pups look at her very oddly like they don't understand what she's doing... it's s such a rare occurrence after all

  19. We are very happy that Momo and Miral are better! And we made the maid sign and write all kinds of stuff in regard to Skeezix story!

  20. woofies and burfs, me iz shure happy dat Miral and Momo kittys r feeling better...dat shure wuz skary when dey wuz sick...

    b safe,
    rocky, bear and angel lacylulu ;)

  21. We don't know Miral and Momo but it's good to know that they are both doing better.

    The story about the SF Art Institute makes Mama really mad. How could anyone think that is "art"?

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci


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