Friday, October 16, 2015

A Giggle of Geese

RUSTY:  The dogs have been hogging the blog for a few days, so we're taking it over for today.

MICAH:  This should be our first Mousebreath interview post under the new, supposedly easier, less work, and faster turnaround format.  However -

CYNDI:  Yes, however, we only had one response and he hasn't returned the questions with answers yet.

PERCY:  But under the new relaxed format, we aren't going to worry about it.  Less work for us if no one wants to be interviewed.

CYNDI:  Not that we don't want anyone to apply.  We just aren't going to stress about it.  Cool cats, that's us!

MICAH:  However - there's that word again - we have a fun post for you today.  We have -

PERCY:  Hey, what's Marcus doing here?  None of the dogs were invited.  Deliberately not invited.

MARCUS:  But I have a story from yesterday's walk with Jan that I just have to tell.

RUSTY: Your story from yesterday's walk is being written for Saturday's post.  That's tomorrow.

MARCUS:  But this story isn't about me.  It's about Jan.  She lost some marbles.

PERCY:  Jan lost more marbles? 

MARCUS:  A couple of guys think so.  We lost a whole giggle of geese by the mill yesterday.

CYNDI:  How did you lose a whole -?  Did you say a giggle of geese?  Do you mean a gaggle of geese?  That applies only if they were not in flight.

PERCY:  It doesn't matter what Marcus calls them - giggle, gaggle, flock - or whether or not they were in flight.  We don't have any geese to lose.

MARCUS:  When we were doing a second lap near where we sometimes see geese, we heard a whole flock of giggles ... I mean, geese honking behind us.  We turned around and there were a lot of them flying in formation .  Jan wished there was time to get the camera out to video them but they flew overhead so fast there was no time.  They circled around and come in for a landing.  As they came down, they flew right over our heads, honking away.

MICAH:  That's it?  What does that have to do with Jan's marbles?

MARCUS:  You didn't wait for me to finish.  We watched them through the tree branches as they flew low overhead.  And then they just disappeared.  We turned around to see where they'd landed and no honking, no geese.  They all just disappeared.  Jan was so shocked she walked over to the fence and walked up and down looking for some sign of the birds.  The two guys working inside the fence kept watching us.  I tried to tell them Jan was looking for geese, but they had this "she's lost her marbles?" look.  I walk Jan every day so I recognize that look.  I know they weren't close but I have excellent distance vision.  Poor Jan.  She never did find the geese.  Or any marbles.  It's a mystery how so many big birds could disappear into thin air.

PERCY:  So you have excellent eyesight and hearing but you don't know where the birds went either?

MARCUS:  Of course not!  I can't see over the back of my head!  My ears are in the way.

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  1. MOL ! Those were tricky or mischievous geese indeed ! Purrs

  2. Hari OM
    That's a halloween story in the making!!! ... unless, of course, there is a pond close by... hugs wags and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. We've got quite a few of those giggling geese here!

  4. Cat Chats sound an excellent idea!
    Momo & Pinot xo

  5. Brilliant idea! :-)

    P.S. Our blog URL is on our Google Plus page... On all of the posts, the blog URL in on there. It is also in my tagline. How else can I make my URL more easily accessible? Thanks for letting me know over on my blog.

  6. BOL!!! We have geese fly over our house every night at the same time, the goldens get a big kick out of it! Thanks so much for featuring us on the parade this week! Have a great weekend!!

  7. MOL, that was funny! Glad you let the woofie in for a moment there! We hope more people sign up for your interview!

  8. We enjoyed that very much...we would be like Jan and looking for all those giggling geese. There were some that flew over our place a couple of weeks ago and they were honking and honking. Pooh didn't pay any attention but Chancy had his ears all perked up. You all are so funny and you made us giggle. Love, hugs and nose kisses to all from all of us.

  9. No giggling geese around our house, But we do have lots of black crows and a two hawks and a whole slew of cardinals. They all squawk and make lots of noises!

  10. Weez usually have a small gaggle wound here, but they was purretty scarce this year.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Maybe they were abducted by space aliens who thought geese are a higher life form on earth. But probably not.

  12. Those geese sound pretty tricky ... we're giggling wondering where they went off to!

    Glad you're not stressing about the Mousebreath interviews. They will happen when they happen, and we know they'll be great when they do! :)

  13. Oh, Maybe they came here, we have been seeing some here...

    OMC! MOL!

  14. Love that you are continuing with Mouthbreath interviews and especially love that you won't stress over not having one. Who needs more stress? Make it disappear like geese! ~RascalandRocco


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