Friday, October 23, 2015

Petsafe Breakaway Collar Giveaway

RUSTY:  What was Jan thinking when she took this picture?

MICAH:  I believe she was trying to take a picture of the dogs in their new collars.

CYNDI:  But how do you explain the fact the dogs are barely in the photo? 

PERCY:  Oh, that's easy.  Jan ... uh ... she ... I have no idea!

MERCI:  Whatever it was, I believe she missed.  But at least she caught my pretty new purple collar.  You guys are out of luck! And just about out of the picture.

MICAH:  Petsafe has launched Collar Safety Awareness Week (October 18-24)  to coincide with National Animal Safety and Protection Month.  

RUSTY:  We thought we would assist our canine siblings as they help Petsafe educate the public about the risks of strangulation and dangers of traditional collars.

PERCY:  These are the new PetSafe® KeepSafe® Break-Away Collars for the dogs.  At least Jan managed to get them in a picture. 

UPDATE:  Our friend Bailey left a question that we didn't answer adequately..  "I get the dangers of catching, my only concern is them breaking and creating an unsafe situation where the dog shouldn't be free."  Thanks for bringing this up, Bailey.

Here is a much better explanation, quoted directly from Petsafe's website:   Designed to prevent dogs from getting entangled by their collars, the KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar has a patented break-away safety buckle that releases when pressure is applied. If your dog's collar gets stuck on something and starts to choke, the buckle releases and the collar falls off harmlessly. Most collar accidents happen when multiple dogs are playing at home, at the dog park, or in doggie daycare or when the collar gets stuck on a fence, deck, crate, kennel, vent, bush, or tree.  

There is no danger of it breaking away when a leash is attached because you attach the leash to TWO metal rings, one on either side of the breakaway.  

CYNDI:  Each collar has two rings.  Jan attaches a leash to both of them to keep the collar from breaking away on a walk. But at any other time, if the collar is twisted, the collar will break apart so the dog is not choked.  This could save a life!

SAM:  Thanks for your help, guys, but we can take it from here.  These collars (mine is black) are designed for safety and are quite comfortable.  Jan had no trouble adjusting them to fit us.  

BUDDY:  The collar was invented by Tenney Mudge after the devastating loss of her beloved dog, Chinook, to a collar strangulation accident.

MERCI:  There are two videos on YouTube that can tell you more about why these collars are safer for your dog. 

BUDDY:  As usual, Marcus is oblivious to everything when he is outside, except playing with his ball, but he is wearing his new red collar.  Rusty is keeping an eye on him.

SAM:  All Sam ever wants to do is to play.  But I want to be serious for a minute.  We want to share a blogging story some of you might recognize.

MERCI:  Several years ago, there was a blogging dog named Deetz.  His family adopted a little brother for him.  I think his name was Sharkie.  (If it wasn't it is for this post.)  They got along well and were always playing together.

BUDDY:  One morning their dad was getting ready for work.  The dogs were playing outside in the pen when their dad heard terrifying screams.  He raced outside but it was already too late.

SAM:  The dogs' collars had become entangled and Sharkie was dead.  Strangled. Sharkie's family was devestated.   Deetz no longer blogs but we have never forgotten this tragedy.

MERCI:  So in memory of Sharkie and Deetz, we are pleased to be able to to give away one canine PetSafe® KeepSafe® Break-Away Collar in the winner's choice of color and size.  

SAM:  All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on this blog post between now and Monday, October 26, 11:59 PM. We apologize, but we need to limit the giveaway to those in the US.

BUDDY:  Make certain there is some way to contact you should you win - a blog url or email address.  If we can not contact you within three days, we will have to choose an alternate winner. 

Petsafe provided us with sample collars, but we were not paid for this review.  All opinions expressed are our own.


  1. I have heard so many great things about these collars, we'd love to win one! :)

  2. I get the dangers of catching, my only concern is them breaking and creating an unsafe situation where the dog shouldn't be free.

    1. In answer to your question we'd like to enter. Thanks

  3. Hari OM
    Well, of course, no need of one here, even if your offer had gone global, but I am in awe of the elegant simplicity of this solution to the collar risk! Bravo!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Those collars are pretty cool
    Lily & Edward

  5. What a great giveaway!

  6. Those look right fancy! Good luck everyone!

  7. We love the fact they "Break-A- Way"
    Each time I leave the house I make sure the cords on mini blinds are
    out of reach and no one gets their neck or paws caught.
    Cinnamon loves to look out the windows while I am gone.
    Thank You for the opportunity to win.
    XO Cinnamon and Linda

  8. I'd like to get two for my babies.

  9. Break-a- way collars are a great idea. All my cats are naked because they are inside :)

  10. Those awe sum pawsum collars. Yous look gweat in 'em.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Those would be very safe for woofies and we know the winner will be very happy. We are cats only here PLUS we don't wear anything except our own fur. Tee hee Mom tried to get us to wear collars and we wouldn't.

  12. WE have been hearing some really good reviews about these collars... Thanks fur telling us more about them...

  13. What a great idea! Long overdue. I think. Just the other day, growlmy got her ring stuck in my collar, and she was about to lose her finger cause I was trying to get away from her other prying fingers...OMD.

    Love to have a chance to win a collar, thank you so much.

  14. We too have heard good things about these collars. Safety first.

    The neighbors are trying to get some grass to grow in a few areas of their yard where the boxers have ruined it:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  15. We've heard about these collars but I always wondered about them opening when the dog was just pulling on the leash. But now I understand and it's a great idea! Thank you for posting this.


  16. Furry pawesome!

    We rekhall some of our furiends being affekhted by those nasty events -

    PeeEssWoo: Sorry we've been SO furry absent - we are doing our best to get things ready fur the big move to The we are getting khloser...

  17. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot a horribul tradjedee for deetzes familee!!! i did not no them but am verry sad to heer abowt wot happend to sharkie!!! thank yoo for posting this informayshun abowt theez kollars!!! ok bye


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