Monday, October 05, 2015

Dogsters Ice Cream Style Treats

BUDDY:  Come on, Jan.  How long are you going to make us sit here before we can eat our treat?

SAM:  I should have brought a magazine to read.

PERCY:  Hey, guys, those treats might not be for cats but at least we get some entertainment out of this.

CYNDI:  Yes, you guys whine and whine and then when Jan says it's okay you complain that you want to switch cups with Merci.  Buddy, they're all the same!

MICAH:  So Jan switched your cup with Merci's to shut you up, Buddy.  And then -

RUSTY:  And then Merci refused to eat on the same step with you guys.  This is better than a movie.  We should have made popcorn. 

MERCI:  Hey, it's safer for me to eat alone.  Those guys are piggies with no manners.

SAM:  Does anyone know what we're eating?  This tastes like peanut butter and cheese.

BUDDY:  These are Dogsters ice cream style treats for dogs.  Jan says these treats can be found in the frozen section of  U.S. grocery stores.  Even Jan, who gets lost easily, should be able to find them.

SAM:  It's taken long enough for Jan to let us taste them.  The weather has been wet and chilly so much recently, it's been hard to find a day we'd want to eat a cold treat outside.

MERCI:  Sam is a large dog and has a large tongue so when he ate as much as he could out of the cup, Jan emptied it out of the cup for him to finish.

BUDDY:  The treats are low fat with no extra sugar or added milk, or artificial flavors or colors.  I guess that doesn't mean no taste. 

MERCI:  Will you guys slow down?  I'm smaller than you and I don't want you to steal mine.

MARCUS:  Finally, it's my turn!  I'm trying the Minte Kissably Fresh flavor here.

BUDDY:  If you notice, in the above picture of Marcus, he is not looking at the treat.  His eyes are locked on something above.  Can you guess what that something is?

SAM:  All I did was say if Marcus isn't hungry, I'd be glad to eat his too. 

MARCUS:  No, sirree, Sam is not going to eat my treat!  I am perfectly capable of eating my own!

BUDDY:  We have two free coupons for Dogsters ice cream style treats to give away.  (A list of the stores that currently sell this product can be found at  If you live in the US and would like for your dog to try the Dogster treats, please leave a comment in this post telling us you would like to win the coupons.  We will use to pick a winner on Thursday, October 8.

Dogster provided us with two packages of four cups to review.  Any opinions expressed are completely our own. 


  1. These are so good! But they are so hard to find in store!!

  2. They look like they're really enjoying those snacks!

  3. Oh my how yumm they must be to have your undivided attention :) i would have chaos here if i made the boys wait hahahaha :) enjoy those treats guys :0 Loves Fozziemum xxx

  4. Hari OM
    Sitting here in battleship-grey weather and wrapped up to the nostrils for warmth, I can't imagine eating ice cream either... but sure glad you all got a treat you loved! Hugs, wags, and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Oh yea, y'all were sure enjoying that cool treat!

  6. We have never heard of these but they look good so we must search for them

  7. Oh you lucky dawgs! We love I Scream
    Lily & Edward

  8. well yu guys all sat very very well...good job.
    stella rose

  9. Lucky!!! We haven't had those in a LONG time! Thanks for reminding mom! :)

  10. Oh yummy!!!! My huskies would lovvvvvvvvvve that!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. No doggies here but we hope the winner sure enjoys them as much as you guys did! MOL

  12. Looks like everyone enjoyed them! We can't enter the giveaway because Daisy has food allergies and we have to be careful what we give her, but we know the winners will be very happy. :)

  13. Yummy sounding treats!! MJF woofs he would love to try those, too! Pawlease:))

    We do not have any of those stores here, but there are some of them where Unfurbro-the-younger lives...

    Thanks fur the chance! Woofs!!

  14. Thanks for coming to my bloggie and reminding me to post here -- mum and I thought it might be tooo late. I luvs any kind of treats

  15. The peanutbutter and cheese our the collies favorite flavor.


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