Monday, February 16, 2015

Angel Pip Magnets

SAM:  Last month we won fourth place in the 500th post drawing at Angel Pip's and Ruby's.  We won two magnets from their Zazzle store

RUSTY:  They arrived at the end of January but a few days later Jan almost knocked herself out flying in an enclosed space.

CYNDI:  The flying was okay. It was the landing that was the problem. We've been kept busy waiting on her ever since.

MICAH:  And we do mean waiting.  She is slow as molasses so very little has been getting done around here.

"Nice dogs don't always finish first (or second or third), but they do finish eventually."

SAM:  This is the magnet for us dogs.  We're sharing it with the cats, but it's really our magnet. 

"The show must go on ... even when you forget your lines and can't find the stage."

MERCI:  We'll give you one guess who this one is for! Yes, you guessed correctly.  It's for Jan.  She is getting more forgetful.  We love the magnets.  Jan is going to put hers on the metal desk.  We want ours on the fridge.  Thank you, Angel Pip and Ruby, for the lovely magnets. 

BUDDY:  Ann from Zoolatry sent Jan this Valentine card showing the bump on her head but her two black eyes are covered.  Our internet provider had an outage Saturday and this is our first chance to post this.  It made Jan smile.

PERCY:  Friday's episode with Marcus and Merci yanking her about to get at the aggressive dog that was coming after them has really aggravated the pain in her face, neck and legs.  She can barely bend her knee to step into the shower again. 

CAMERON: That made 3 aggressive dog encounters in one week.  One direct attack and two close calls. We all seem to have lost our sense of humor during these last two weeks.  Do you think Walmart might have some on sale soon?


  1. Mom says Wmart has lots and lots of stuff so maybe they do stock it there. Not sure what aisle to look in though....

  2. Just GOING INTO a Wally Mart... gets the sense of humor going.... THAT is one Funny place to shop... you can get your Oil Changed, Tires rotated, Blood Pressure taken, buy your VEGGIES and your underwear... We think the Sense of Humor is in the Lost and Found Aisle....

  3. those magnets are so cute
    Lily & Edward

  4. We love those magnets and what great, appropriate versus. Congratulations on the pawsome win.

  5. Congratulations on winning the cool magnets. Try to look somewhere else for a sense of humor. All those people at Walmart and one cashier always makes me lose my sense of humor. BOL!

  6. Sending many purrs and prayers for a fast recovery to your Jan.

  7. Fun magnets to have won!

    Hope Jan finds her sense of humor back really soon...else she might have to change your blog title...we hope not!

    Feel better, soon, Jan...we know your furryones are taking good care of you! Snuggles will help, we think:))

    1. Walmart?? Nah, that mostly our plan B...only if we see a gift card in our peep's wallet that she wins in her job meetings...

  8. Aggressive loose dogs would make lots of humans lose their temper! Why do some dog humans have to be so irresponsible?

    Love Ann's graphic!

  9. Love the magnets!! Really sorry Jan's injuries have been agravated :( She needs lots of TLC!!

  10. Those magnets are really very special!

  11. Those magnets are GREAT! And we love Ann's sweet and funny graphic for Jan, too. :)

  12. Concats on winning the magnets. We sure hope Jan finds her sense of humor bean says they don't carry it here in Walmart...though there are lots of beans to laff at sometimes

    Purrs to Jan that she heals soon.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. Concatulations on winning those cool magnets ! We hope Jan gets better soon, and we're sure her sense of humor is not far away ! Purrs

  14. Greetings Funny Farmers, another great post today ~ loving those magnets! :)

  15. Great magnets!!!!!
    We cracked up over the "waiting on Jan" line you wrote! Funny!!!!!!

  16. So cool!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  17. Oooo, great magnets! We'll look for 'some humor' at Walmart the next time we're there!

    Thank you so much for your kind words last week over our loss of Maxx. They are very much appreciated and are working magic toward healing our hearts.

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  19. Sorry we are so late stopping by …glad you like the magnets! Let me know if you find a sense of humor at Walmart. My assistant seems to have misplaced hers as well.


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