Friday, February 13, 2015

Vinegar and Hot Pepper

CYNDI:  We were not going to post until next week but Jan is on the warpath

CAMERON:  She sure is and we need to hide out somewhere until the storm blows over. 

RUSTY:  She's not angry with us but see that little dog in the photo?  Well, if he (or she) knows what is good for him, he'll hide out too.

MERCI:  We saw him Sunday evening on our first walk since Jan tried flying without a license and crash landed on the tv and stand.   He got confrontational, ran down the sidewalk and started across the street.  Jan kept yelling at him and he'd stop, then start.  Marcus and I turned Jan around and started back toward home before he left us alone.

MARCUS:  Today we were in the parking lot, well away from the road, when he suddenly appeared racing across the street challenging us again.  I almost made it out of my harness to chase him away but Jan got me back in it and made us keep going.  He followed us up the hill and would have kept coming if Jan hadn't kept yelling and then squirted him with water and vinegar.

PERCY:  Jan asked the woman who came out if that was her dog and she answered, "It's my friend's."  Jan told her to put the dog on the leash before she called the police.  The woman ignored her.  This was at top volume since they were on opposite sides of the street with her dog carrying on and our canine siblings straining to go after him.

BUDDY:  I'm too old for that kind of excitement any more, so I'm glad I wasn't there.  On the return trip, they cut through the parking lot again but the dog kept coming after them.  The woman was sitting on the porch step talking on a cell phone.  Jan said - okay, screamed -  there's a leash law, get the dog on a leash. The woman didn't even look up.

SAM:  So guess what Jan did?  If you guessed, she came home and called the police, you're wrong.  Even though she was in pain from being yanked around again, she came home, got her camera and hiked back.  The woman and kid were gone but the dog was sitting in the alley entrance.  Jan took a picture to show which house and to prove the dog is not leashed.

MICAH:  When she started to walk away, the dog started across the street after her.  She suddenly realized she had forgotten to bring the spray bottle with her.  But Jan can yell and that kept the dog across the street until she could pass it.

CAMERON:  That's when she really got angry!  That suicidal, aggressive little brown dog was deliberately left outside running loose where it could cause an auto accident running into the street or bite a human or animal.  It isn't the dog's fault.  It is the idiot owner's!

CYNDI:  She hates to report any animal, but when she came home, she sent the address with a photo of the house with the dog in the alley and a cropped picture of the dog to the local chief of police to pass on to animal control.

RUSTY:  And she said she had better never see that dog loose again because she is adding cayenne pepper to the vinegar and water.  Now you know why we're hiding out and being good.  We've heard cayenne pepper is HOT pepper.


  1. Poor's not his fault and he's the one who will suffer if he gets hit by a car. We hope they get this person and she keeps him on his leash.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Hi Y'all!

    That would be one nasty spray to hit you! My Human mixed red pepper with water and used a paint brush to paint it on the horses' leg bandages if they showed an inclination to tear at them. The horses tended to leave the bandages untouched.

    Y'all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. The owners need sprayed!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Oh yea, spray the owner!!!

  5. OMC Weez just hate it when peeps don't take wesponsibility fur their anipals. Cuz it weally not be da doggies fawlt, but hims/hers peeps. Glad Jan is okay.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. Boy, that poor dog has some horrible owners. We has heard there are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners. Someone needs to teach him some manners!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. My human likes the idea of spraying the owner.

  8. Spray away...and eventually dog might figure it out, but it sounds like the peeps need more than a spray, they might need a whole bucketful.
    Sorry you have to run the gauntlet as it were just to be able to get out walking.

    Stay safe!

  9. We love the idea of spraying the owner for her stupidity ! Poor dog ! We're glad Jan is safe. Purrs

  10. I agree, get a water gun and spray the owners!

  11. Spray the stupid mean owner of that woofie! Her friend's dog, huh? Oh, sure. Thank you Jan for reporting that mean owner. That woofie needs an owner who CARES! Or her "friend" needs a better one!
    Now have a Happy Valentine's Day and "fagetaboutit" for the day!

  12. We can't believe... no wait yes we can believe that PEOPLE are so ignorant!

  13. Us too - spray that owner!

  14. Agreed. That stupid, careless owner is the one who needs to be sprayed!

  15. We agree, we dont like AGGRESSIVE unleashed doggies either.

  16. Oh dear! Some people should be locked up!!

  17. Oh wow :( So horrible! That owner should be sprayed!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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