Thursday, February 05, 2015

Beating Yourself Up

BUDDY:  We're just going to do a fast post today.  We'll show my handsome profile first, before the scary photo.

CYNDI:  Our Tuesday post Trip Fly Crash was a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to slow down when the phone rings.  Jan tends to rush because if it's someone from out of our small toll-free area, she can't afford to call them back. 

RUSTY:  But she won't be rushing any more.  People will just have to learn to leave a message and call her back if she doesn't answer.

PERCY:  Because this is Jan's face this morning, three days after the failed flight and crash landing on Monday evening. 

CAMERON:  She is so thankful because she just barely missed hitting her eyeball on the corner of the TV stand and we don't even want to think about that.

MERCI:  We dogs needed food so she had to got out in public Tuesday and then to a meeting, but she has been hiding out and resting since.

MICAH:  She's a bit excited today.  She is finally able to bend her leg enough to get her right sock off and, hopefully, raise the leg enough to get a shower. 

MARCUS:  We are totally not responsible!  We post this as a reminder that rushing can have painful consequences ... um, especially when you're old.  So slow down and let us youngsters be the ones to scurry.

SAM:  And in the theme of the post, we decided to include one of the cutest cat fights we've seen.  We wonder if this cat has figured out he's actually trying to beat up on himself.  Enjoy.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

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  1. Jan just can't catch a break, can she? That orange kitty was sure silly!

  2. Oh my gosh how painful that looks! Definitely, let them leave a message. If it's super important I always figure they'll call back eventually :) Hope you are lots better soon!

  3. OMD OMD OMD WE are SOOoooooo sorry to hear that Miss Jan had a terrible Fall... OMD OMD...
    We guess this is a case where Haste makes PAIN...

  4. Owwie! You sure had a terrible time of it. We hope that all fades very soon.

  5. OMYPUG your mom looks like she went crash 100 times ....we sure hope she is feeling better...we feel bad for her!!! Hugs a bunch from us. Stella Rose

  6. Ouch!!!
    Typical humans to always run!

    The kitty fighter video was cute :)


  7. videe oh iz awesum, thanx for sharin de linx.....N yea, next time de fone rings...tell jan her can ignore it like we due burds.....hope her haz been two de doc just ta have him say stuffs aye oh kay ♥♥♥

  8. That looks like it is very painful! If it was me, I'd make up a good story to support the damages.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Oh my! Braeden wanted to stop by and say thanks for the POTP this week. We had NO idea you had such an awful fall! We hope you are getting better and so now we pass our POTP to you for fast healing! Oh, and remember…no running in the house.

    Braeden, Seth and Riley

  10. Oh owie! I hope you are all comforting your mom!
    Loved that video!

  11. Ouch, looks so painful, we hope you feel better soon!

  12. Good grief Jan! I am so sorry for your fall. Ouch extreme!

  13. Handsome picture of you Buddy!
    My goodness Jan, you sure did a number on yourself! Hope the healing is fast!

  14. OUCH!!! So sorry to hear about your fall!

  15. OMG Jan, that must have hurt so much. I hope you get better soon and the bruising goes away. I am visiting from the Pet Parade Portraits by NC

  16. Oh Jan, you really hurt yourself badly! I'm hoping it heals quickly, but I think Buddy is more rushing for you.

    Continue to rest and get better!

  17. Thank Cod it wasn't worse! Ms. Stella sending xoxo to you!

  18. Aaaaaaw Poor Jan. Weez so sorry hers had a booboo. She shuld check into gettin' magic jack. It's one purrice fur a whole year and yous can call anywhere in da USA fur da furee. They also hav wesonable purrices fur those out of da countwy calls. Weez not buy any of those, but lots of peeps do. Weez'll be purrayin'.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  19. Oh my goodness, I sure hope you'll feel better real soon!! If someone wants to really reach you, they'll call back for sure!!
    P.S. That kitty cat footage made me laugh ~ thanks for that..MOL!

  20. OMC, we're so sorry for Jan's fall ! We send her tons of healing purrs ! Purrs

  21. Holy smokes.....glad it wasn't worse but be careful!!!

  22. OH MY GOODNESS! We have just caught up on all this after we saw something on facebook!!! We are sending lots of prayers that Jan will be better soon. It could have been sooooooo much worse, but are you sure she didn't get concussion??

    PeeEss Bill Gaither has the same affect on mum!!! ;) xx

  23. Oh Jan! My god that looks painful!
    I did enjoy the video though, thanks for sharing.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  24. What a great video! Meowmy was gioggling and giggling...and we were MOL, too!

    Your Mom looks oh so furry ouchie indeed:(
    Hope it gets all healed up soon. Sending licks and kitty kisses!

  25. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers still sweet Jan. We hope those bruises and soreness is all gone withing the next few days. Sending you lots of hugs and some nose kisses from the fur babes. Maggie

  26. Please get unpuffy and unbruised real soon!

    Noodle hugs...

    Noodle and crew

  27. That orange cat made us laugh! But not Jan's black eyes and hurty leg. That does NOT sound like fun at all. Please feel better soon, Miss Jan!

  28. Just checking in! Hope things are "looking" better for you this week, Jan!

  29. Oh my goodness! Ouch! Hope you heal very fast, Jan.

  30. Ya know, Goth people PAY to have eyes like that. Mebbe Mom could arrange it fer green papers...

  31. Wow... Rushing did my toe in too. Time to slow down and think shalom... (Peace)
    Thank goodness you didn't hit your eyes. Still, have you had your eyes checked? Make sure you are not seeing any odd flashing or a small black dot in either eye that doesn't go away. If you bruised you face up that bad... possible to tear the retina or jar your retina lose in one of your eyes... (Especially for near-sighted folks like me.) Please get your eyes checked too. Purrz and prayers, Katie.

  32. OH JAN!! I am so so so sorry this has happened. I hate to ask you this now, but did you just send me an email?


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